5 Best YT2FB Alternatives for Large YouTube Thumbnails

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What happens when you just copy the link and post it on Facebook? It is quite unattractive, it is just a plain link or a link with a small thumbnail. The problem associated with this is nothing technical, but just that the viewers might not even bother to give a glimpse at it. To make someone actually watch that video, you need to have a large thumbnail of the video to make people stop at your post, whether they will watch it or not totally depends on their interests. YT2FB can do this job but people are going for the YT2FB alternatives as it has some cons.

Need for YT2FB Alternatives

People are looking for YT2FB alternative sites as they want simpler and easy-to-use tool. Also, it is not mobile optimised so this is one of the major reason people are looking for the alternatives.

1) ThumbTube

yt2fb alternative -thumbtube

I will keep ThumbTube as the first choice because it is one of the easy-to-use website for the users. In just a couple of clicks, you can convert YouTube video to large thumbnails for Facebook. Also, you can access this tool form mobile as it is completely mobile responsive. What you have to do to generate the new link is:

  1. Copy the YouTube video link and open ThumbTube.com
  2. Paste the link on this website at the text field which says:‘Paste YouTube link ‘
  3. Click on ‘Create Link’ button and you will get a page like the above picture with both the ‘Source URL’ and the ‘Converted  URL‘.
  4. Copy the ‘Converted URL’ and paste it into the status input box on Facebook.
  5. You can use the ‘Create another Link’ option if you want to convert another link.

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2) FbLinker


FbLinker is another website that permits you to generate a video thumbnail for posting on Facebook. You can either act as a ‘Guest,’ or you can log in with your Facebook account.

On the Home Page, you can find three options, of which you can access both the ‘Link Generator’ and the ‘Contact Us’ option as a Guest. The use of the ‘Manage Links’ option requires a compulsory login with your Facebook account.

However, the ‘Link Generator’ option permits you to generate the required video icon. For this, you have to do the following:

  1. Copy the necessary link from YouTube
  2. Paste the copied URL into the ‘Your Link’ text field of fblinker.com
  3. The default values of Title, Description, Picture (Thumbnail) and Play Button gets auto-filled from YouTube.
  4. Changes can be made to the title or the thumbnail or the play button.
  5. A preview with the above-mentioned details will be displayed accordingly.
  6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button once you are done.
  7. Once the Submit button is clicked, an option for ‘Share on Facebook’ will pop up.
  8. Click on ‘Share on Facebook’ to post it.

3) Y2Fb


This is another alternative that facilitates the generation of Facebook video icons from YouTube links. The website opens as a Y2FB tool. The process to be followed while generating the video icon is the same as the above-mentioned sites.

To begin with, you need to copy the YouTube link and paste it into the space provided on this website. Clicking on the ‘Create Link’ option will generate the desired link. This website is solely meant for this conversion and does not provide other features.

4) Scorphq

sites like yt2fb - scorphq

This tool helps in converting YouTube links to a video icon which can be used for posting videos in an attractive way on Facebook. All you have to do is as follows:

  1. Copy the YouTube video link.
  2. Paste it on the blank space provided for URL in this website and press the ‘ENTER key’ on your keyboard.
  3. You can edit the title and the thumbnail if you prefer doing so.
  4. Your custom URL gets generated in a box.
  5. You can share it on Facebook by clicking on the ‘Facebook Share’ button.

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5) CreateYouTube


Createyoutube is similar to YT2FB. It provides you an environment where you can convert YouTube links to big video icons. The thumbnails hence generated are larger than what you usually get from just copying the YouTube link directly. The output hence generated is more pleasing to attract more viewers.

The following has to be done for the same:

  1. Copy the link from YouTube and paste it into the blank space provided on this website.
  2. Click on ‘Create ‘ option.
  3. Copy and paste the new URL generated as your Facebook post to get the desired video icon.

As you have multiple YT2FB alternatives to convert your YouTube video to Facebook with large thumbnails, you can try all of them. But I recommend you to go with ThumbTube as it is simplest of all the tools listed above.

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