How To Insert Line Break In Instagram Bio, Caption, Comments – And In Facebook, Too!

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If you have been trying to switch to the next line while trying to add bio in your Instagram profile or captioning photo/video then you must have found out that there is no option. Yes, I understand it is irritating to not have such a straightforward feature that any app is expected to have. That is the reason, here in this article, I will share workarounds that will help you to add line break in Instagram bio, caption, and comments. Additionally, we have also mentioned steps to add line or paragraph breaks in Facebook comments.

It doesn’t seem nice if you are adding a bio or caption to Instagram photos without proper paragraph spacing and line breaks. It matters even more in the case of a business Instagram account which you are using to promote a brand or business. Even minor details matter, therefore you should neatly format the bio and caption in the photos/videos.

Let’s first start with adding line breaks in the caption of photos/videos.

Insert Line break In Instagram Captions

To add a line break in the caption of a photo or video, follow the steps given below.

1. Select the desired photo to upload.

2. Type the first line and after that switch to number keyboard by tapping on ABC.

3. Now you can simply select Return to go to the next line.

Line break in Instagram Caption

Similarly, you can go to the next line for other desired line breaks.

Add Paragraph Spacing In Instagram Bio And Comments

While adding a bio or commenting there is no return option even on switching to number keyboard. So, to properly format the text use the Notes app on an Android or iOS device. There you have the option to give a line break. Once you are done with the desired text, copy it and paste in Instagram Bio or comments section.

Paragraph spacing in Instagram bio
Paragraph spacing in Instagram bio

Alternatively, you can use Instagram Web to add proper spacing in between lines for Instagram Bio by simply pressing the Enter button to insert a line break. However, pressing Enter while comment will publish the comment. And even using formatted text with line breaks after copying from Word doesn’t work.

So, you will have to comment using the Instagram app if line breaks are desired in the comment. Simply format the text in Notes app and then paste it in the Comments section. Comment will be formatted with line breaks.

Add line break in Instagram comments

Add Line Break In Facebook Comments

Line breaks are important to format Facebook comments properly. Paragraphs in Facebook comments are even more vital if your comment is lengthy. Proper formatting helps readers to read it properly. Just be aware that adding line breaks may add a weird OBJ symbol in your text. You can simply delete it.

Previously, adding line breaks in a Facebook comment was done using the Enter button on the keyboard. But not anymore, as Facebook removed the comment button next to the comment box. Now, pressing the Enter key posts the comment instead of starting a new paragraph, leaving many users baffled.

So, if you too are facing this issue then the steps mentioned here will allow you to make paragraphs in Facebook comments.

Facebook Website

If you are using Facebook Web version then you have two options to add paragraphs in Facebook comments.

After getting to the end of the line you can either use –

1. Press Shift + Enter


2. Press Alt + Enter

at the same time to get to the next line.

Facebook iOS/Android App

On the app, it is a no-brainer really. You can tap on the Return/Enter button at the bottom right on the smartphone keyboard to add a line break in a Facebook comment on the app.

Final Words

So, these were simple and easy to follow steps to add a line or paragraph breaks in Facebook comments and properly format your Instagram bio and caption to make the profile look better and professional.

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