How to Disable Guided Access If You Forgot Password on iPhone or iPad

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Guided access is a great way to lock apps on an iOS device without jailbreaking it. It not only keeps your iPhone in the same app when you hand it to someone else but also gives you control to choose which features inside the app should be enabled or disabled. Talking about Guided access, we have received quite a few comments from readers who are stuck in Guided access. They are asking about coming out of it or turning it off if they have forgotten the password they set for Guided Access. To help you out, we will mention an easy and quick way with which you can disable Guided Access if you forgot password on iPhone or iPad.

Well, forgetting passwords happens to all of us. With so many accounts an individual owns there are high chances of them slipping from your mind. As you might know, to end Guided access you have to enter the passcode you set for it in the Settings which makes sense. But what if you forgot it. Don’t panic. Here’s an easy to turn it off and get out of it without entering the password.

Disable Guided Access If You Forgot Password on iPhone

In order to disable Guided access without entering the password, you need to soft reset the iOS device. If you don’t already know what soft reset is, then press the Home Button and Lock/Power button together for 10 seconds.

With this, your iPhone or iPad will be forced to restart. Don’t bother switching off the iPhone as it won’t work when Guided access is enabled. However, the soft reset will work like a charm.

Once your iOS device restarts enter your iPhone passcode or use TouchID to unlock it. After unlocking it, follow the steps below to reset Guided Access password.

Set New or Change Guided Access Password

You don’t need to remember the current or previous Guided Access password in order to reset it. Following the steps below you can change it without any hassle.

1. Launch Settings app and select General.

2. Under General tap on Accessibility.

Accessibility Settings on iPhone or iPad

3. Next, select Guided Access in Learning section at the bottom.

4. Now, in Guided Access options tap on Passcode Settings.

Stuck in Guided Access Create new passcode on iPhone

5. On the next screen select Set Guided Access Passcode.

Can't come out of Guided access change guided access passcode on iOS

6. Enter the new desired Guided Access passcode and verify it in the next step.

With this, you have changed and created a new Guided Access password. The next time you wish to disable or end Guide Access the passcode set above will work perfectly.

We hope that you were able to disable Guided access even if you have forgotten the passcode. If you found the tips mentioned here useful then please share it with others on social media.

If you face any issues then you can let us know about them in the comments. We would be happy to help you.

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  1. I accidentally started guided access on my brothers iPhone 5 c and we don’t have a password for it and we are stuck and we’ve tried everything this website has said but we don’t have a computer either to fix it and we don’t know the iCloud info so what do we do


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