How To Do Google Reverse Image Search On iPhone: Find Images That Are Similar To Yours

Have you ever found an image online and wonder where it came from? Or maybe you’ve seen someone’s photo online and wondered if it can be found anywhere else? Perhaps under another person’s name, a la TV’s Catfish? You might be surprised to learn that just by using your cell phone, you can easily find … Read more

How To Back Up And Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive To iPhone

How To Back Up And Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive To iPhone

WhatsApp’s versatility has made it one of the most popular messaging apps in the whole world. It features voice and video calls, voice chats, and messaging and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop, making it a wonderful medium for communication for different kinds of people. Sometimes though, you might need … Read more

11 Of The Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android: Protect Your Kids From Dangerous Web

11 Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android

Worried about your kids on their phones all the time? Today, children have more access to digital technology than any other previous generation.  This is eye-opening because they can use digital information to enrich their knowledge and learn about the world. However, as a parent, you must be questioning your kids’ online safety.  This is … Read more

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

Are you familiar with virtual reality? Luckily for those interested in this technology, Google offers an easy, simple, and very affordable way to enjoy VR: Google Cardboard. All you need to use Google Cardboard is a compatible app on your smartphone and a headset that you can either create yourself or buy prebuilt.  With headset … Read more

How To Logout Of iMessage Using Two Ways And Why You May Want That

a person holding a phone

Are you planning to jump outside of Apple’s ecosystem and test another mobile platform, but you don’t have a clue about how to log out of iMessage on your Apple device? Are you being annoyed by the constant iMessage notification on your Apple device, but you don’t know how to turn it off? Don’t worry, … Read more

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Review: Quick And Easy Retrieval

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Review

iPhone has been the very best for almost a decade now in mobile devices. Sure there are other vendors who have emerged as tough competition but still, no one has been able to really impact their roots. This is mainly because of various features they provide like security, innovative specifications, premium device look, and the … Read more

How To Increase iPhone Storage: 5 Simple And Easy Ways You Will Like!

How to Increase iPhone Storage

iPhone doesn’t have any expandable card slot which is sometimes a big problem for the users who have 16 or 32GB storage iPhone. Also, it’s a problem for those who are habitual of keeping loads of data and apps. In those cases, users have to move their data to the trash in order to free … Read more

How To Transfer Contacts From iCloud To Android Using Gmail: It’s That Easy!

how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Recently, I changed my phone from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. That is when I had to transfer all the important data like music, photos/videos, contacts, etc. from my iOS device to the new Android phone. In case you have also switched from iPhone to Android and looking to get all the contacts from your iPhone … Read more

How To Go To First Home Screen On iPhone Quickly

How to Return To Main Home Screen on iPhone Quickly

With the evolution of apps, there is an app available for almost everything and anything. From apps to help you with your writing skills, learning piano or ukulele, tracking habits/goals, to treating insomnia or tinnitus, the app market has got you covered. You just name it and there is an app available for it. That’s … Read more