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Amazing Feature Lets You Play WhatsApp Audio Messages Discreetly

With over a billion users, WhatsApp sits on the top with a handsome margin when anyone talks about instant messaging apps. WhatsApp secret to achieving success and huge acceptance from

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How to Enable WhatsApp Two Step Verification on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp recently rolled out yet another update which increases your WhatsApp account security. After the end-to-end encryption which the instant messaging behemoth released last year, it is now time for

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How to Get Latest WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Messenger, which has around 1.2 billion monthly active users, often comes up with updates having new features like new emoji’s, improvement in calling feature or others. As much as

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How to download WhatsApp latest version (Beta) in Android

You can download WhatsApp latest version using the Beta version of WhatsApp, but before that let me tell you what WhatsApp beta is and its benefits. Beta version is the

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How to Delete Only Text Messages, Photos or Videos From Specific WhatsApp Chats

Follow this WhatsApp guide to know how you can quickly delete certain message types like Photos, Videos or text messages from specific chats on WhatsApp. This method will help you

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How to Send Self-Destructing Messages on WhatsApp(iPhone/Android)

You might know of the self-destructing messages which you can send on Snapchat. But how about sending the same on the instant messaging behemoth, WhatsApp? There is no such feature in

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Send WhatsApp Messages Without Changing Last Seen on iPhone and Android

With the latest WhatsApp update for iOS, it is possible to send messages even if you don’t have an internet connection or Wi-Fi network on WhatsApp. This is exactly what

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Keep A Secret Eye On Your Valentine – Spy On Their Phone!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, couples must have already started planning to make this day a spectacular one. And that may not be the case of everyone’s love life! Some

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How to Set Empty or Blank WhatsApp Status on Android and iPhone

In one of our earlier articles, we let you know how you can prank your friends by sending blank messages on WhatsApp. To continue with it, you can use the

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How to Backup WhatsApp Photos and Messages to Dropbox

This tutorial explains how you can backup WhatsApp to dropbox on Android apart from the default option of Google Drive. Backup all the WhatsApp content including messages, photos and videos

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