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How to Get Latest WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Messenger, which has around 1.2 billion monthly active users, often comes up with updates having new features like new emoji’s, improvement in calling feature or others. As much as

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How to Personalize/Change Font on Android Device without Root

This Android tutorial gives you information on how to change font on Android without root. Change your device font style/settings and bring life to your smartphone screen by following the

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How to block Candy Crush requests on Facebook

Well if you are reading this, it is but obvious that  you are irritated by Candy Crush invites on Facebook. It may also be because of some other game requests

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5 Best Android Battery Saving Apps

These Android battery saving apps will make your Android phone battery last longer. All the battery saving apps that are shown here is free. With these 5 best battery saving apps

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High-End Upcoming Phones of 2015

On New Year eve, we are sharing with you the upcoming phones that are going to launch in 2015. There will be a tough competition for Smartphone vendors as big

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Tips to Boost Android Phone Battery Life

The Android phones are coming with huge amount of battery life (generally around 3000 mAh), but people still face the problem of Android phone’s battery backup. There could be many

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