How To Unblock Someone On Instagram On PC, Especially If You Can’t Find Them

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram

Have you blocked someone on Instagram because they blocked you first? Or, have you seen an unsavory post/comment on an account and want to make sure you never see another from them? The reasons for blocking someone on Instagram can be anything. And sometimes, after a while, you might want to unblock that account, but … Read more

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram In 4 Ways: Check Our Video!

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If you suspect that someone blocked you on Instagram based on the clues we outlined in our post about what happens when you block someone on Instagram or when you get blocked, this post is for you! By conducting some research, you can easily answer this question. We have tested and tried out all these … Read more

How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram: Disable Them Or Filter The Offensive Ones

Disable Comments On Instagram Photos Or Videos

As an Instagram content creator, you may want to disable comments on some uploaded photos or videos. Here, Instagram gives you a wide variety of options. You can block comments for already uploaded photos or videos and also for new posts. If you do not want to disable all the comments, you have an option … Read more

How To Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen: All You Need To Know

Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen

Want to read Instagram messages without being seen? Or you have already accidentally viewed someone’s IG message and you are looking now to delete or undo your seen action? Check our post to learn how to do it! The easiest way is to use a spy app, for example, mSpy. If you don’t know what … Read more

Top 6 Social Media Engagement Hacks

Top 6 Social Media Engagement Hacks

Social media engagement is critical to the success of any marketing campaign and should be monitored very closely. Almost all businesses today, including blogging and Instagram shopping ventures, covet to have high engagement rates for both social proof and boosting their business profitability.  The algorithm is quite simple: the more engaged your prospects and customers … Read more

6 Of The Best Instagram Apps to Generate Must-See Content For An Engaging Feed

6 Of The Best Instagram Apps to Generate Must-See Content For An Engaging Feed

Whether you’re using Instagram for business or for fun, you want to make your photos look attractive and like-worthy. There are tons of dedicated tools that promise to help you with that. Photo enhancing software, video editors, and various apps tracking audience engagement are flooding the market. But how can you decide which tool is … Read more

10 Of The Best Video Editing Tools For Instagram To Create Beautiful Videos

10 Of The Best Video Editing Tools For Instagram

Gone are the days when you could make a short video on your smartphone, download it on Instagram, and wait until new followers find it and come to you. If you have a blog or online shop on Instagram, you need to do the utmost to make it interesting, engaging, useful, and funny.   Your videos … Read more

8 Of The Best Instagram Spy Apps To Monitor Android Or iPhone

8 Of The Best Instagram Spy Apps

Worried about what your child is doing on Instagram? Who they’re talking to? What they’re watching or what they’re posting? Or do you wonder if your employees spend too much time on this addictive social media? I understand your fear. You can’t protect your child all the time and sometimes their curiosity or desire to … Read more

How To Go Live On Instagram On A Computer: Use One Of These Two Apps

How to go live on Instagram on a computer

How to go live on Instagram on your laptop or desktop: Go to Sign in with Google, grant Loola access to your camera and microphone, and go through the tutorial. Connect your Instagram account. Go to Studio, make sure Instagram is selected, and click Go Live to start streaming! Do you love live streaming … Read more

How To View Full Size Instagram Photos And Profile Picture

How to View Full Size Instagram Photos

Did you know that the pictures uploaded on Instagram profile are not shown in the original size? Yes, the pixels of the photos are reduced! That said, there’s a way to view full-size Instagram photos which we have outlined in this article. Apart from that, if you are looking to view someone’s Instagram full-size profile … Read more