Top 6 Social Media Engagement Hacks

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Social media engagement is critical to the success of any marketing campaign and should be monitored very closely. Almost all businesses today, including blogging and Instagram shopping ventures, covet to have high engagement rates for both social proof and boosting their business profitability. 

The algorithm is quite simple: the more engaged your prospects and customers are with your content, the more likely they are to spread the word about your brand, product, or your great posts. Plus, the more engagements your content receives, the more organic reach it will get in the long run.  

Ideally, your posts should get an average of at least 1 percent of engagement but, of course, the more the better. So, if 100 people see your content, at least one user is expected to engage with it. 

Still, if your engagement rate is consistently lower, your marketing campaign or ultimate success of your brand can be under threat. To mend the situation, you want to employ some useful techniques and take advantage of easy hacks you can find below. 

Check These Useful Hacks

Use The Right Social Media Networks

Different social media platforms have been designed to attract different types of audience and serve different needs

For example, Pinterest is more geared towards attracting female audiences interested in arts and crafts, whereas Linked is intended to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and skilled professionals. 

Instagram, in its turn, tends to satisfy a much wider audience’s tastes and needs. This platform is great for both business promotion and entertainment. Check our tips and tricks to see how you can take the most from this platform.

Social Media Apps On A Mobile Phone

With this in mind, you need to decide on the right platform to be able to appropriately build your marketing strategy and reach the users that will eventually convert into paid customers. 

Entertain And Incentivize 

Social media has come a long way since its inception. 

At the beginning, we just shared our status updates, liked our friends’ photos, and occasionally texted former classmates from time to time. 

Today, though, social media platforms serve as marketing giants that provide millions of users with the tools necessary to promote and grow their entrepreneurial ventures

To make your potential customers not merely draw their attention to your posts, but also encourage them to engage with your brand in a meaningful way, you can take advantage of mini-games, interactive videos, and playable advertisements.

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Lots of dedicated software development companies like provide their clients with custom apps that help create engaging interactive content, which encourages followers to spend more time on a platform solving your brand puzzles or searching for hidden brand gems. 

Moreover, it’s always exciting to participate in and win promotional giveaways organized by the companies you follow. Such giveaways and contests are great ways to boost your customer experience and lead generation. 

So, you may also want to use giveaways to incentivize your customers even more. 

Establish Rapport With Your Followers 

It’s not a secret that subscribers and followers want to feel like they have a relationship with your business. 

You can tap into this desire to get the maximum benefit. 

Try to dilute your marketing content with heartwarming behind-the-scenes posts every now and then. Show your followers how your team perseveres to create quality products or deliver services to clients. 

This can go a long way towards helping your customers feel connected to your brand. What’s more, such types of posts can be a creative way of filling the gaps in your content. Thus, you will be able to create engaging posts consistently and regularly share them with customers on favorite social media platforms. 

Use Brand Hashtags

 Hashtagging has been around for a while as a vital part of virtually any digital marketing strategy, and for good reason. It is widely used by businesses across different social media websites due to its simplicity and effectiveness. 

All you need to do is craft your company or product hashtag and encourage your audience to share it. 

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There is no need to ask your subscribers to showcase the products they are currently using or complete any challenges. Just ask them to tell your other prospects about their meaningful encounters with your brand. This way, you can get an impressive collection of photos and videos posted by your loyal customers and share them with a wider audience. 

This can be a highly effective free advertising tool whereby you can increase your reach and build tons of social proof on social media. 


It’s a rare entrepreneur who has never heard of collaborating as an effective marketing strategy on social media. 

The only reason why lots of beginner business owners and budding brands shy away from collaboration is that they regard influencer campaigns as an unaffordable luxury. But in reality, lots of brands take advantage of collaboration strategies without paying hefty sums to celebrity influencers. 

As a matter of fact, you can collaborate with your current customers, associate companies, and complementary companies (for example, if your makeup company can team up with a brand selling nail tools and equipment). 

If you’re into marketing experiments, you can even ask your loyal customers to run your social media brand account over a specified period of time. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results of such a bold experiment. 

Use Augmented Reality

Make no mistake, augmented reality isn’t something futuristic or confined strictly to games. 

Currently, social media users are successfully tapping into its potential to impress their followers and create a sense of additional excitement for your subscribers. 

You can use AR as a major trend for Facebook Ads

SnapChat users can avail themselves of the new AR features that allow designing visually attractive brand logos and representations that won’t go unnoticed!

AR Rendering On Ipad

Lots of young influencers, artists, and digital marketers are employing AR lens creation tools to boost their social media engagement rates and stand out from the crowd. 

If you also want to benefit from AR, start simple: select the AR effects that appeal to you in your Instagram Story editor, and play around with them. Once you get a feel of them, you may want to employ more sophisticated AR solutions, like those designed by, to take your social media marketing campaign to the next level.    

Final Words

There is no universal recipe for building your brand awareness and increasing engagement on social media websites. 

You should continue exploring and testing different strategies and employ other effective tools to build a strong social media presence and win over slews of new fans of your brand. 

And, hopefully, the six simple hacks mentioned in today’s article will help you in your marketing endeavors and inspire you to reach new business heights. 

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