How To Add Or Use 3D Friendmoji Lenses On Snapchat (Video)

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In 2017 Snapchat rolled out animated 3D Bitmojis which allowed your Bitmoji to interact with the surroundings. Recently, Snapchat has stepped up its Augmented Reality game by introducing these 3D Bitmoji to your friends. Earlier, you could only add your 3D Bitmoji to snaps but now you can add your as well as your friend’s 3D Bitmoji avatar and make them interact with each other in a snap. In this guide, we explain how you can use 3D Friendmojis on Snapchat from Android or iPhone.

In order to use Friendmojis, you as well as your friend should have a Bitmoji which must be linked to their Snapchat account. You can use our tutorial to create and add Bitmoji on Snapchat. Once you spot a friend with a Bitmoji follow the steps below to add Friendmoji.

Use 3D Friendmojis On Snapchat

1. Update the app to the latest version. After that open Snapchat and go to the chat screen where all the friends are listed. You can do that by tapping on the chat icon at the bottom left.

Please note that you won’t find Friendmojis in the main Camera screen so going to the chat screen is mandatory. The reason for this is quite straightforward as the main Camera won’t know which friend’s Friendmoji to add in the snap.

Add Snapchat Friendmojis Lenses

2. In chat screen double tap on the name of the desired friend to open the Camera for their chat. Alternatively, you can open the chat by tapping on the name and use the camera icon to open the camera. Also, make sure that this friend has a Bitmoji.

3. Now, flip to the rear camera. Animated Bitmoji & Friendmojis lenses won’t be available while using the front camera.

4. Long press anywhere on the camera screen and as usual you will see the filters at the bottom. Swipe left or right on them to switch between different filters. In those lenses, you should find the augmented reality Friendmojis lenses. Select the desired one.

Use 3d Friendmojis on Snapchat

5. In a few seconds, the Friendmoji will load and appear on your screen which will be nothing but your and your friend’s animated Bitmoji. You can move it around and even resize it. Press and hold the capture icon at the bottom center to record the video with Friendmojis.

Finally, you may edit the snap as usual and send it to your friends or add it to your story.

How-To Video

Check our video showing the process live:

Final Words

If you follow these steps and keep the important points in mind that are mentioned here then using Snapchat’s 3D Friendmojis won’t be an issue for you.

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