How To View Full-Size Instagram Photos And Profile Picture On Android, iPhone, Mac, Or PC

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To view full-size Instagram photos, log into Instagram in a browser, visit the user’s profile, and open the photo that you want to see full-sized. In the address bar, append media/?size=l to the end of the URL. Hit Enter to see the picture in full size.

Did you know that the pictures uploaded to the Instagram feed are not shown in the original size? Instagram shows them in a low resolution. The same thing happens to an Instagram profile photo.

The images you see in your news feed or on your or someone else’s profile are resized. if you want to bypass these limitations, read our post about how to view full-size Instagram photos and Instagram profile pictures.

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View Full Size Instagram Post Photos (Step-By-Step Video)

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram website from any browser.
  2. Log into your Instagram account if not done already.
  3. Now, go to the profile page of the user whose photos you want to see.
    You won’t be able to click on a photo in the feed.
  4. Click on the desired photo.
View instagram photos in original size
  1. After clicking on the photo, you need to append media/?size=l to the URL.
    For instance, if the original URL is:
    then it will become:
See Full Size Instagram Photos
  1. After modifying the URL hit Enter.
  2. You will be redirected to the full-size version of the image.
  3. Save the image by right-clicking and selecting Save Image As…

You can also watch our how-to video to view and download Instagram photo in original image size:

View Medium Size And Thumbnail Versions Of Instagram Image

Apart from this, you can also view the medium size and thumbnail version of the photo as well.

In order to view the medium or thumbnail version of the Instagram photo, use these additions at the end of the URL:

  • media/?size=m
  • media/?size=t

Here m stands for Medium and t stands for Thumbnail.

See Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

You cannot view someone’s profile picture in full size on Instagram. You can only see the cropped circular version. However, after following our steps, you will be able to do it and also download the large-sized Instagram profile pictures if needed.

PC/Mac Or Smartphone Browser

If you don’t want to install an additional app on your phone or wish to use a computer, this method is for you. We will use Instagram Profile Picture Downloader from This tool works perfectly for all the accounts private included or whether you follow them or not.

  1. Open the Instagram website in a web browser. We will be using the Chrome browser.
    There is no requirement to log into your Instagram account in order to view anyone’s profile picture.
  2. Navigate to the desired Instagram profile either by using their post on your newsfeed or by searching for their name.
  3. From their profile, copy their username.
  4. Now, go to
Instagram Profile Picture Downloader online tool
  1. On the tool’s website, type or paste the username you got in step #2 in Enter Instagram Username.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. The tool will fetch the profile picture in high resolution from the username and show it to you in a couple of seconds.
  4. After that, you will have options to View and Download Instagram profile picture in full size.
Instagram Profile Photo Downloader Tool

Note: You won’t get the profile pictures in large size if it was originally uploaded in low resolution (small size). It simply means that the user has not uploaded large image size.

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Android Or iPhone/iPad

Both Android and iPhone/iPad users can download the Qeek for Instagram app to view the Instagram full-size profile picture. It’s free and does not require registration.

  1. Install the app.
  2. In the app, type in the username of the user whose Instagram profile pictures you want to see.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the desired person.
  4. Tap on the fetched profile photo or tap on Fullscreen.
  5. This will show you the profile picture in high resolution.
  6. If needed, zoom the profile picture by up to 800%.
View Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size on iPhone or iPad

The app doesn’t have any inbuilt download option to save image. However, you can always open the profile picture in full size and take a screenshot.

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Wrap Up

You have learned how to view and download Instagram pictures in full size, which is the size in which they were uploaded to the platform. Be it an Instagram photo or Instagram profile pictures, you can use it on any device: Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac.

Share it with your friends and help them to view original size photos too. If you face any issues, drop a line in the comments below!

22 thoughts on “How To View Full-Size Instagram Photos And Profile Picture On Android, iPhone, Mac, Or PC”

  1. But this only works on the very first picture in that particular feed. Lets say there are 5 pictures where you click the arrow to view the other 4. Adding “media/?size=l” always dumps you to the first picture. Been trying for months to find a way to view all pictures in full size

  2. Thank you! Trying to find the source code would not work – pesky thing! and this – just effortless!

    Amanda Thomson 🙂

  3. I don’t use Instagram frequently, but when I do, I try like 5 minutes to enlarge the images, as they are TINY on my 27″ monitor (yeah, ever try to double click an image to enlarge? Oh, of course, that means liking).
    I just can’t express how dumb this management decision by Instagram is, that images cannot be enlarged on Windows OS. Do they try to win the price for the most user un-friendly design?

    Anyway, thank you very much for this workaround!

  4. Absolutely love this trick! But is there any way to see and download the second or third photo in full size in a multiple photo set (as Instagram now allows users to share multiple photos in one post)? Instagram just shows the front/first photo’s link from a multi-photo set post. Thank you for your time and look forward to your solutions.

      • Hi Hemant, that article currently advises on downloading stories, not posts, and the one tool on that list that seems to be for posts, ThumbTube, doesn’t work; can you please advise further? I also tried getting the exact URL of a subsequent image in a series using the page source code but unfortunately it is not full-size. Any help would be much appreciated.


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