How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram In 3 Ways

How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram In 3 Ways

Here’s how to disable comments on Instagram – tap the three horizontal dots at the top of the post with the comments you want disabled. In the pop-up menu, select Turn off comments, and it’ll disable the comments section. You can also turn off the comments for new Instagram posts. Do you want to disable … Read more

8 Of The Best Instagram Spy Apps To Monitor Android Or iPhone

8 Of The Best Instagram Spy Apps

Worried about what your child is doing on Instagram? Who they’re talking to? What they’re watching or what they’re posting? Or do you wonder if your employees spend too much time on this addictive social media? I understand your fear. You can’t protect your child all the time and sometimes their curiosity or desire to … Read more

How To Do Google Reverse Image Search On iPhone: Find Images That Are Similar To Yours

Have you ever found an image online and wonder where it came from? Or maybe you’ve seen someone’s photo online and wondered if it can be found anywhere else? Perhaps under another person’s name, a la TV’s Catfish? You might be surprised to learn that just by using your cell phone, you can easily find … Read more

How To Post On Instagram From A Computer: Use These Five Free Methods

How To Post On Instagram From PC And Laptop For Free

Are you wondering how to post on Instagram from a computer for free? It’s easy to upload photos on mobile, but this isn’t really the case on PC. Obviously, this is a big drawback for a lot of people. After all, who wouldn’t like to be able to upload high-quality photos from their computer straight … Read more

Why Am I Following Random Accounts On Instagram? Two Reasons And How To Fix It

Why Am I Following Random Accounts On Instagram? 2 Reasons & How To Fix It

As great and innovative Instagram is, it’s not without its issues. For every pro that Instagram has to offer, there are cons that users must live with – like the app’s vulnerability to scammers, hackers, and bots. Did you notice that you’re following someone you’ve never seen before in your life. If you’re wondering, “Why … Read more

Netflix Audio And Video Out Of Sync: How To Fix It In 5 Different Ways

Watching movies and web series on Netflix is always a pleasure. And Netflix is designed in a way that you will hardly face a problem using it. But sometimes out of the blue when you are watching your favorite series or movie, you notice Netflix audio and video out of sync. This can be really … Read more

What Is Instagram Reel Videos (Reels) And How To Get It

What Is Instagram Reel Videos (Reels) And How To Get It

Instagram Reels is a new feature that allows you to post fun snippets on IG. You can use editing tools to combine multiple clips and add original audio that you can feature on your own highlight reel on Instagram. Are you interested in adding multiple clips to your Instagram page’s highlight reel? TikTok fans will … Read more

How To Post Vimeo Video To Instagram? It’s Easy To Do With These Tools

Who doesn’t love using Vimeo? It’s a great video streaming platform with amazing content under its sleeves. It has many alternatives but still stays one of the best video platforms. If you use Vimeo daily, you must know how sometimes you find excellent videos that you love to keep with yourself and share with others … Read more

What’s My WhatsApp Number And Username? How To Find It On Android And iPhone

WhatsApp is used by more the 1.5 billion users every month. From a child to a geezer, WhatsApp is used by almost every cell phone user today. Unlike Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, WhatsApp is not a luxury but a necessity, and there are plenty of reasons for that. For example, we can talk about WhatsApp … Read more