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How to Download Netflix Movies For Offline Viewing on iOS/Android App

If you are one of those Netflix users who would like to watch TV shows and Movies on Netflix offline then you will get a quick solution here. Learn how

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How to Watch Netflix From Other Countries Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

This tutorial will let you know how you can watch Netflix TV shows and Movies in another country from your location. So, let’s say that you are in Sweden and

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How to Add and View IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes Ratings on Netflix

This tutorial is for all the Netflix users who do not depend on their friend’s recommendation to watch a TV show or Movie rather they go with IMDB ratings or

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How to Change Netflix Video Quality To Control Data Usage

It is very annoying when you are at a climax of a TV show or a movie and all you see is Netflix buffering logo. In spite of having a

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How to See Netflix Hidden Categories With Secret Codes

Do you know that there are a lot of categories on Netflix apart from the one’s that are shown on clicking the Browse button while looking for TV shows or

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How to kick someone off Netflix account immediately so you can watch

In this Netflix tutorial, you will get to know how to kick someone off Netflix immediately so you can watch. Moreover, the procedure to sign out of all devices and change

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How to see who is using your Netflix account?

Netflix users who are suspicious of unwanted activity on their Netflix account can go through this article. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to see who is

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How to delete Continue Watching on Netflix App and Website

This tutorial is for all those Netflix users who would like to remove TV shows or Movies from Continue Watching queue in their Netflix dashboard. Delete Continue Watching on Netflix using

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Is Netflix chilling in India? Here is the review of the service

After around a month use of the service since its release in the country, Netflix has already started to impress the population with its smooth delivery of a myriad of

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CES 2016: Netflix now in India along with 130 new countries

The worldwide provider of on-demand internet streaming media, Netflix, is finally in India. This can be the most awaited CES news for a lot of us people who are crazy

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