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Here is detailed information about what you will find at TechUntold.

1. 60% Of TechUntold consists of useful How to Guides and Tutorials related to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more which are helping out our readers daily to resolve their issues.

Other 40% is Latest Tech News, Software, Gadget Reviews and more.

2. We do Software reviews which allow us to recommend quality products to our users. Data Recovery software, Smartphone Spying software, Plugins/Extensions for browsers and Android/iOS Apps to name a few variety of softwares and apps we have reviewed till now.

3. We review and recommend Gadgets which can help users to solve their day to day problems. This enables users to improve productivity, lifestyle and more. Content which is practical and can be consumed by users to overcome their issues. Here are a few gadget reviews and recommendations from us which would give you a much better idea.

1. How to cure Insomnia with these Impressive Gadgets/Apps

2. Office Desk Accessories and Gadgets for Productivity

3. Gadgets for the Digital Nomad and the Working Traveller

4. Tracking Devices for Kids safety every parent should have

Now we even offer exclusive discounts to our readers(StayblCam) on really useful gadgets.

These should give a good idea about sort of Gadget Reviews we share on our website.

4. You will find Latest Technology News and trends on our site.

5. We also share Interesting Facts about Technology. Reasons and secrets behind names, logos of MNC companies and more. Apart from this, we compare businesses and analyze how are they competing with each other. Who has an upper edge? How is one outperforming other and bring out subtle differences among them under interesting facts.

6. We write about Success stories of Tech Giants and billionaires. With this content, users can imbibe from these successful personalities and try to incorporate something similar in their lives.

About Co-founders

TechUntold Co-founders

Hemant and Akshay: Left to Right

Akshay Thapliyal and Hemant Mendiratta are the minds behind TechUntold. Both of them hold Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science(Classmates actually) from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India. They are technology enthusiasts and like to help out people with tech related stuff. Hence, they founded TechUntold.

Both of them share an interest in programming and have developed Android applications which run on smartphones with Android operating system and are available in google play store for free. The following android applications are a result of their interest in Technology and passion for helping others.

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Akshay is a professional programmer and he has developed our TechUntold Android app single handedly. He loves completing Android App projects with professional touch. If you have any queries regarding Android apps you may contact him personally on email id shared below or use our Contact Us page.

On the other hand, Blogging has now become a profession from a Hobby for Hemant. He is a ProBlogger who is continuously exploring new opportunities in the blogosphere.

You can contact us on Facebook and webmail.

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