6 Best Ludo Games Apps For Android And iOS

Best Ludo Apps

Apps and mobile games are hardly expected to bring nostalgic moments because they themselves are the current things. But what about Ludo Apps? Originated from an ancient Indian game ‘Pachisi’, Ludo is played across the world with different names. We all played it in our childhood. To bring back some memories and to experience a change from … Read more

10 Best Gallery Apps For Android

Best Gallery apps

Most of the default gallery apps on Android phones are monotonous. A good photo gallery app is a must if you are proud of your photos collection. Yes, I am proud of my photos and meme collection. On my current phone, the folders are shown in the list and then the photos inside them appear … Read more

How To Change Swipe Options On Gmail App

change swipe options on Gmail app

We receive a huge number of emails daily and they are mostly very useless, sent by companies for marketing and advertisement. The important ones are often lost among them. Also, when there is a 15 GB data limit on Gmail, you should delete all the unnecessary emails. There is a faster option to delete those … Read more

7 Best Yoga Apps For Android And iOS

Best Yoga Apps

People around the world are realizing the benefits of Yoga. Practicing meditation and yoga are the only methods which take minimum efforts with optimum results for both mental and physical health. But not everyone has the time or can afford to go to a Yoga Class. If you really want to improve your health and well … Read more

7 Best SoundCloud Alternatives For Uploading And Listening To Music

Best SoundCloud Alternatives

SoundCloud was one of my favorite apps once. So many creative artists used to release independent music and remixes on it. I still have playlists of so many trippy and melodious songs on SoundCloud. But many users and artists across the globe have so many issues with SoundCloud. People give reasons against SoundCloud like the lack … Read more

What Are The Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android, iOS, And PC

Best Offline Dictionary Apps

No matter how good or bad your English speaking skills are, a dictionary is a must. The bliss of the fact is very underrated that dictionary apps have replaced those big, heavy dictionaries. There are hundreds of dictionary apps out there. When I am reading a book I don’t want to turn on the internet … Read more

Top 7 Best Lavalier Mics For Creating Excellent Audio And Video Content In Your Creator Studio

Top 7 Best Lavalier Mics

Planning to start your own YouTube channel or make some tutorials? Having a mic with good sound recording quality is essential for creating such videos. It is pretty common that as soon as the viewers hear the poor sound, they skip the video. If you are new to recording videos/audios, it is good to start with … Read more

How To Change Telegram Phone Number Without Uninstalling App

How to change Telegram phone number

Do you want to change the Telegram phone number due to whatsoever reason? Telegram has more features than WhatsApp. So, if you didn’t make a Telegram account for chatting, there are chances that you might have used your random phone number to make one. With time, the app has introduced many features like self-destructing messages, … Read more