7 Best Mood Tracker Apps For Android And iPhone

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Mental health is often ignored by people as it is physically not visible to the outside world.

People have a ‘let it go’ kind of attitude about it. Sometimes, the person who is facing such issues has no idea what they should do about it. Tracking your mood is one of the helpful things if you are facing anxiety, depression, or unipolar disorder.

There are many apps where you can keep a log of your psychological condition. For example, what things make you happier, time or day of the week when you are not in a good mood, favorite habits, etc.

Here are some best mood tracker apps available on Android and iPhone to help you record your mood patterns and also give some suitable advice.

Best Apps To Track Mood For iOS And Android

1. Daylio

Daylio - best mood tracker apps for android

Daylio is a free diary as well as a mood tracking app. Here you can pick your current mood and select all the activities that you have been involved in. All your moods and activities are recorded as in a calendar and you are provided with statistics on a chart. After few weeks, you will be more familiar with the patterns of your mental state. Once you know what habits and activities lead to what kind of mood, you can surely work for your betterment.

There are 5 types of mood to start with and you can add more. Once you tap on the current mood, there will be a list of activities. You can choose more than one, delete or add more activities according to what you did. Below are the activities, you can make a note if you want. Your mood statistics will be shown using the graph, chart, and streak.

The app has an option to set a reminder so that you don’t forget to update your daily status. You can also backup your data on Google Drive and restore it on other devices. The PIN lock in the app is helpful in maintaining the privacy of your activities, moods, and personal experiences you have written in the diary.

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2. Moodpath – Depression & Anxiety Test

Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety tracker Test

Moodpath is a little different than Daylio as Daylio is more about self-improvement. This is one of the nice mood tracker apps to assess your psychological and emotional condition. On the basis of the screening period of 14-days each, a doctor’s letter is generated. It is like an assessment of your mental condition and you can show it to your therapist and even analyze yourself.

The details of your mood can be inserted into the app three times every day. You have to select your mood and then the emotion, then general experience like a good time with someone, relaxation, boredom, etc. Finally, you have the option to write what is in your mind. Writing about mood is like putting down the emotional baggage that is too heavy to carry alone inside the head.

The best thing I like about Moodpath is its ‘Knowledge’ section. Here you can learn much about your mood and depression in general. They have mentioned how to detect depression and what all factors and reasons lead to its development. The types of treatment that one should undergo are also explained here.

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3. Pacifica

Pacifica - Top mood tracker app for bipolar disorder

Pacifica is more than a mood tracker app. It can help you manage your stress, anxiety, or depression through its various tools. If your mind is unstable and you are not able to focus on tasks, you can explore the meditation library of Pacifica and find some relaxation.

When you begin the journey, you will be asked about your favorite theme like ‘Mountain Peak’, City Lights’, ‘Night Sky’ etc. Then you have to choose the motive(s) behind using this app. You can choose up to 3 and tools in the app will be presented to you accordingly.

On Pacifica, you can rate your mood in a circle as shown in the image. If you feel, stressed, depressed and anxious, there are audio lessons in the app that will surely help you. You will also find some articles written about mental health. But most of the features in this app are paid. This app also allows you to connect with people in chat groups and communities for discussion.

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4. Moodcast Diary

Moodcast Diary - mood tracking chart

Moodcast is a new app and it is almost like Daylio where you can keep a track of your habits daily by adding moods and experiences with notes. Amazingly, you can also link your Facebook(free), Twitter, and Instagram accounts to this app so that there is a full-fledged record of all your activities.

You can also enable the ‘Smart Mood Prediction’ that can predict your mood when you make notes or by collecting data from your social networks. Though the entries options are limited, you can write as much as you want from your side. The more data you enter, the more insights you get about your mood patterns.

The statistics tab shows you details about your month like percentage of your positivity, mood chart, the best day of the month, etc. If you feel particular habits are leading you nowhere, you can always build new ones and see your progress. This app also has the option to set a PIN to maintain privacy.

Get for Moodcast Diary for Android

5. eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker

eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker app iPhone

eMoods is another app to track mood for bipolar disorder. The app is simple to use, yet with some extra options than some of above the apps. eMoods can also be used for diary writing, journaling, and managing depression-related symptoms.

On this app, you can enter details about more than one kind of feeling like the range of elevation mood, irritability, anxiety, etc. Option to enter last night sleep’s hours, details of the therapies or medication you took, etc is also there. All the data can then be analyzed monthly with the help of a graph. A report is generated every month that you can send to the doctor via e-mail.

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6. Moodtrack Social Diary

Moodtrack app Social Diary

This is a pretty different app than the above ones. As the name suggests, it is more than a mood tracker. You can enter your moods with notes in this app and share them on the platform with thousands of users. There is no fixed time, or a number of days to track the moods. Give the details whenever you feel like it and also analyze it anytime. After telling about your mood and leaving a note, you can also rate it out of 5.

Remember, everything you post about your mood in this app can be seen by the users and they can comment on it. Sometimes, it’s too helpful to be motivated by unknown people. You can also help others by giving valuable suggestions. The app lets you follow other people and they too can follow you. If you want to maintain a private diary, you have to pay and a one-time fee for upgrading the app.

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7. aiMei – Personality Tests & Mood Tracking

aiMei - Personality Tests & Mood Tracking

aiMei is a good mood monitoring app especially to improve your emotional intelligence. You can sign with your Facebook account or use it as a guest. This app basically uses a bot to ask questions and help you track your mood in 4 areas like personality, work, love, and disorders. The different tests take a different amount of time.

You can choose from the assertions like how you feel, your preferences, etc. regarding the topics above. There are many questions and you just have to choose from 5 answer options. After the survey, aiMei suggests in what areas you need to improve, set goals and keep a track of your progress. If your friends use the app, you can also connect to them and know how much you people know each other.

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Best Mood Tracker Apps For Your Improvement

So, these were the best mood tracker apps that you should definitely try to fight with your anxiety, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, etc.

But please remember that mental health is very important to be taken care of like any other physical injury.

These apps can be a good way to track and control your mood but if you don’t see improvement, you should consult a therapist and also look out for proper medication. Helping others and helping yourself are also major parts of fighting mental health issues.

If you are looking for a mood tracking app for your teenager, remember to have a parental control app as well. It will give you peace of mind and will protect your kid from dangers on the internet. You can find a list of free parental apps in this blog.

If you know of any other app that is helpful in tracking mood, let us know in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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