mLite App Review: Trusted Parental Control App

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I help to take care of my younger brother, and like many parents and guardians, I can’t help but worry about what awaits him when he leaves the house. The world isn’t as sweet as we’d like, and so we have to do what we can to protect our children.

A parental control app, such as mLite, can allow you to track your child’s movements to keep an eye on them even when they’re out of your sight. 

I’ve gone ahead and tested mLite and done a detailed review of the app. Read on to learn more about it.

Benefits Of mLite

mLite app homepage

Imagine it’s after school and your child doesn’t come home at their usual time. You call, but there’s no answer. You start to feel anger bubble up inside you. You ask yourself, “What could they possibly be doing and why don’t they answer the phone?

As time passes, that anger quickly turns to fear. You start to panic. You’d call their friends if you had their numbers, but you don’t. Many parents don’t even know their children’s friends, let alone have their numbers. Time passes, it’s getting dark and you hear the doorknob turn. It’s your baby. They’ve made it home in one piece. 

All those dark thoughts were just that: thoughts. But how can you stop them from happening again? The solution is a parental control app like mLite.

You can use mLite to view your child’s real-time GPS location. In addition, you can create safe and forbidden virtual zones so you can know when your child is somewhere they shouldn’t be. 

If they’re in trouble, they can use mLite’s panic button to signal you. mLite also shows you their contact list so you can call their friends in case of an emergency until you get there. mLite allows you to monitor your child and know where they are so you don’t have those dark thoughts.

mLite Review

mLite is a mobile limited version of the renowned spy app, mSpy. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. As far as parental control apps go, mLite has a limited set of features, but that’s because it is built to promote trust and open communication between you and your child and it’s built for monitoring, not spying. 

That’s why mLite is not hidden on your child’s phone and cannot function without your child’s knowledge. 

Notification that mLite app is running on this device

Unlike most monitoring apps, it doesn’t invade too much of your child’s personal space. You cannot use it to view your children’s social media apps, call logs, or other private details. It allows you to monitor your child and develop a better relationship with them in the process.

mLite’s Features

Surrounding Recording

One of the most useful features of mLite is the ability to record your child’s surroundings with their microphone.

However, this feature is only available on Android devices and won’t work if your child has an iPhone. It won’t allow you to listen in on phone calls but it’s still a handy feature to have to help protect your child. 

Track Up To 10 Devices At Once

Tracking up to 10 devices at once

Unlike many parental control apps with the ability to connect a small number of devices, you can track up to 10 devices on mLite. This means that you can link all your family members with one subscription. 

GPS Location Tracking

GPS location tracking feature

Knowing where your child is at all times can give you peace of mind unlike any other. mLite is an easy phone location tracker and offers real-time location monitoring. Therefore you can view your child’s current location and location history with the date and time stamps too. 


Geo fencing feature in mLite app

Geo-fencing allows you to set up virtual location safety zones, as well as forbidden zones. You’ll receive a notification each time your child leaves the virtual safety zone.

Panic Button

Panic button in mSpy Lite

mLite offers a Panic Button feature that your child can press in case of an emergency. This is an easy way for your child to send you an SOS message without struggling to send a text or make a call. They can place the panic button on their home screen so they can access it with ease.  


Choosing the contact to reach out when panic button is pressed

Knowing who your child is talking to can help save you a lot of heartache. While mLite doesn’t allow spying, like other apps, you can view your child’s contacts. As I mentioned before, this can come in handy, especially in the case of an emergency. 

Installed Apps

Installed app on a device

mLite allows you to view the apps installed on your child’s phone. With this feature, you can see which apps your child is using and know if they’re consuming any dangerous or forbidden content.


mLite is available for $14.99 per month or an annual subscription for $84.99 per year. This price is quite affordable compared to other parental control software on the market.  

What We Liked

With mLite’s features, it’s clear that the app offers a host of benefits for both children and their parents alike. Here are the pros to using mLite:

  • Real-time GPS tracking with virtual safe and dangerous zones.
  • Allows you to view the apps installed on your child’s device.
  • Children can view the app monitoring them, which helps facilitate an open and honest relationship between you and them.
  • The panic button is placed on the home screen for easy access in case of emergencies.
  • Affordable with nice features.
  • Grants access to your child’s contact list.
  • Easy to navigate for both children and their parents.
  • One subscription can track up to 10 devices.

What We Didn’t Like

No app is perfect, and the mLite parental app is no exception. Here are the cons to mLite:

  • Limited monitoring abilities compared to other apps
  • Children can easily uninstall the app 

With everything considered, mLite is an impressive remote monitoring software that allows parents to protect their kids and give them their space too. 

Download mLite and see how it works for you and your family. 

How To Set Up Your mLite Parent Profile 

One of the benefits of mLite is that it is easy to set up on both your phone as well as your child’s device. Once you’ve downloaded it and logged in, you can link both devices in minutes. 

For this tutorial, I used an iPhone for my device and my younger brother’s device is an Android. 

Here’s how to set up mLite on your phone:

  1. Download and install mLite on your iPhone from the App Store. 
Download and install mSpy in iPhone
  1. Open mLite on your phone then tap continue to proceed with setup. 
Tapping continue button to process set up
  1. Once you’re finished, tap Continue on the next three screens showing you some of mLite’s features. 
Showing more mLite features by tapping continue on the next three screens
  1. On the home page, you’ll see mLite’s features. Tap the three vertical lines in the top right corner to access additional options. 
Tapping three vertical lines on the top right corner for more additional options
  1. Next, tap Sign in to log into your mLite account.
Tapping sign in to login to mLite account
  1. Enter your login credentials and then tap Sign in. 
Entering login credential and tapping sign in
  1. mLite allows you to link and track up to 10 devices. Tap one of the Mobile options to begin linking a device. I chose Mobile #0 to link the tracked phone. 
Tapping one of the linking options to begin linking mobile numbers
  1. On the next page, tap Link Device.
Tapping link device button
  1. There are two options to link your child’s device to your phone. I recommend using the text option because it’s easier.
Using the text option and shows a QR code in the screen which is easier
  1. Once you’ve completed the device linking, the linked mobile will appear blue in your mLite application. 
Linked mobile number in color blue

How To Set Up Your Child’s mLite Profile

Similar to setting it up on your phone, setting up mLite on your child’s cell phone is a relatively easy process.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Download and install mLite from the Google Play Store.
Download and install mLite app in Google Playstore
  1. You’ll be asked to select the Parent or Child profile, and tap Child to begin setting up the Child’s profile.
Choosing a profile for parent or a child
  1. Since this is the tracked phone, it’ll require access to multiple features. First, it’ll ask you for permission to record audio, and enable location tracking. Tap Allow for both. 
Allowing mLite app to record audio
  1. Afterward, mLite will ask you for permission to access Contacts and to provide access to Apps. Tap Allow for both of these options, as well. 
Access contacts and provide access to apps
  1. In addition, you also need to grant mLite access to usage data. In the Usage Data Access menu, tap mLite.
Tap mLite app in the usage data access menu
  1. Next, you’ll see that mLite doesn’t have access to the usage tracking on your child’s smartphone. Tap the toggle to allow usage tracking
Tapping toggle to allow usage tracking
  1. Once you’re finished, you’ll see the two options to link your child’s phone to yours. As mentioned in the previous section, it is easier to use the Text Code than the QR code so tap USE TEXT CODE.
Tapping use text code
  1. Next, enter the text code from your cell phone to link both devices. 
Enter the text code to link devices
  1. There you have it, your child’s smartphone is linked to yours via mLite. 
mLite app notification


Is there an app to track another phone?

There is an app to track another phone, many, in fact. The mLite app allows you to easily track and monitor the location of another device. Besides mLite, you can use free options such as Google Find My Device or The Find My app for Apple

Can someone track your location from a text?

Someone can track your location from a text. While they cannot do it from a text you sent, they can do it from a text they sent you. One of the most common ways to do this is by including a suspicious link in the text that you open.

mLite Review – Wrapping Up

What’d you think of this review?

mLite is more than a GPS tracker app. Its features are a great way to monitor your child without invading too much of their personal space or betraying their trust. 

mLite acts as a cell phone tracker with geo-fencing. In addition to this, it also offers a panic button, the ability to link up to 10 devices, view contacts, and the apps installed on the phone. 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Be sure to share this article with your friends, family, and followers too.





Ease Of Use




Value for Money





  • It allows you to track up to 10 mobile devices for an affordable price and without any additional cost per device.
  • Offers real-time GPS tracking in addition to location history with a date and time stamp to help you keep better track of your child.
  • Allows you to view your child's contacts and installed apps so you know who they're talking to and the content they're consuming.
  • It lets your child know that their phone is being tracked so that there's a more open relationship between you both.
  • Offers a panic button that your child can place on their home screen for easy access in case of emergency.


  • Offers limited access to your child's device in comparison to the other parental monitoring apps that are on the market.

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