Spybubble Review: All You Need To Know

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Are you looking for a parental control app to monitor and guide your kids’ online activity? Spybubble is one of the many spy apps you can use to keep a watchful eye on what your kids do online. 

I’ve gone ahead and tested out the Spybubble app to monitor my younger brother’s phone to see how well its features operate. Read this Spybubble Review to see if it’s right for you. 

Spybubble Quick Review

Homepage of Spybubble

The Spybubble app is a worthy investment as its features allow you to keep a watchful eye on the digital activities of your child or loved one even while you’re away. When it comes to spy apps, many people have reservations due to the access that it gives you to someone’s device and the fact that that access can sometimes be abused.  

However, this access can make a huge difference in monitoring your child and putting online safety measures in place. Spy apps such as Spybubble give you a range of features to do this. 

You can monitor your child’s GPS location thanks to GPS tracking. If your child has ever snuck out of the house or gone missing for even an hour, then you know the worry you feel when you can’t find them and the relief you feel when you do. 

Apps such as Spybubble that offer location tracking can help you feel more of the latter and less of the former.

In addition to monitoring your child’s location, you can also use Spybubble to block adult websites. This will preserve their innocence for that much longer and make sure they don’t accidentally encounter these websites as popups.  

Read my Spybubble review below to learn more about Spybubble’s features and the way it can help you better protect your children. 

Free DemoYes
Free TrialNo
Price $49.99/month
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Operating SystemAndroid and iOS
Works Without Jailbreak or RootingYes
My Rating9/10

What I Liked About Spybubble

  • Easy to navigate UI.
  • Monitors an extensive number of social media apps.
  • Offers GPS location monitoring.
  • View media files on the target phone.
  • Allows you to block websites.
  • Monitors app usage and allows you to block or uninstall apps
  • You can monitor calls, and texts, and even block numbers.
  • Automatic setup streamlines the installation process. 
  • Monitors internet activity such as browser history, bookmarks, emails, and WiFi connection.
  • Use the target device to record video, audio, or snap photos of the surrounding area.

What I Didn’t Like About This Spy App

  • No geofencing features are available.
  • Limited features for iOS devices.
  • No ongoing call recording.

Spybubble Full Review

Dashboard of Spybubble

When you think of spy apps, loads of names come to mind such as mSpy, uMobix, and more. However, Spybubble isn’t a well-known spy app, despite the company being founded in 2013. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad, quite the contrary. From my testing, Spybubble seems to be on par with some of the better-known spy apps on the market.

As with most spy apps, Spybubble can work discreetly or you can make it visible on the target phone. I personally allow parental control apps to be visible and I think it’s a good practice. It allows your child to know you’re watching, which can make way for better communication and hopefully better choices. 

Spybubble is primarily marketed as an app to catch an unfaithful spouse, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for child safety as well. 

Spybubble Features

When it comes to features, Spybubble offers quite a few. Many of them are available on other spy apps, however, the Spybubble app also offers features that you’re unlikely to find on other monitoring software.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media accounts page

Social media is a big part of every day for both adults and children. It’s where we make friends, consume content, and even read the news. Many use social media platforms such as Facebook to play games or to earn rewards for the games they play off social media. 

That being said, having the ability to monitor your child’s social media account can help you protect them. Many parents don’t approve of their children having social media as it exposes the children to too much too early in their lives. However, not all kids follow the rules and sometimes giving them what they want with conditions is the best compromise. 

The Spybubble app offers coverage of a wide array of social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, and more. There’s also a separate section that covers dating apps including Hinge, BLOOM, and Zoosk.

Based on my tests, you can even track secret Messenger messages.

This list of social media apps is the largest I’ve seen thus far as many monitoring apps don’t cover TikTok or Telegram. I really liked this. 

Social Media PlatformSupported?
Facebook MessengerYes
Dating AppsSupported?

Media Monitoring

Photo capture page

The Spybubble app doesn’t only monitor social media. Another handy feature is media monitoring. This feature allows you to view photos and videos on the target phone. In addition to this, you can also use the target device and take photos, videos, and audio recordings of the surrounding area.

The recording features are experimental, meaning they’re not perfect, however, they worked pretty well from my experience. I personally believe these are best saved for necessary emergencies as they can allow you to get information about your child’s surroundings if they’re in danger but you can’t reach them. 

Given how much access the recording features give you to your child’s device, I suggest talking to them about it so they know it’s an option and don’t feel violated if you end up having to use it. 

Media Monitoring FeaturesDescription
Photo ViewingAllows you to view photos on the target phone.
Video ViewingAllows you to view videos on the target phone.
Photo CaptureEnables you to use the target device to take photos of the surrounding area.
Video RecordingEnables you to use the target device to record videos of the surrounding area.
Audio RecordingExperimental, but worked decently. Best for emergencies to gain insight into a child’s surroundings.
Recording FeaturesExperimental, but worked decently. Best for emergencies to gain insight into child’s surroundings.

Internet Monitoring

Browser tracking page with browsing history

The internet is a wonderful place to learn and play, however, it’s shared by everyone and that can present dangers for your children. Spybubble’s internet monitoring feature grants you access to the browsers, browser history, bookmarks, emails, and even Wi-Fi on the target device. 

What’s even better is that Spybubble covers a long list of browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and more.  So if you’re worried about your child using some obscure browser that you wouldn’t be able to monitor, there’s no need to be. 

Spybubble also allows you to block websites that you see on the browser history list.  This means you can prevent them from accessing adult content that they’ve possibly come across before via a recommendation or a popup. You can not only block websites with Sybubble but you can also block the WiFi that the target phone is connected to. 

Internet Monitoring FeaturesDescription
Browser AccessGrants access to the browsers on the target device.
Browser HistoryAllows you to view the browsing history on the target device.
BookmarksGrants access to the bookmarks on the target device.
EmailsAllows you to monitor the emails on the target device.
Wi-Fi AccessGives you insight into the Wi-Fi connections on the target device.
Supported BrowsersCovers Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and more.
Website BlockingEnables you to block specific websites from the browser history list.
WiFi BlockingAllows you to block the WiFi connection the target phone is connected to.

General Monitoring 

Call log page with calls record

When it comes to all of the other information on the target device, Spybubble groups them under the general Monitoring section. This section covers location, text messages, phone calls, app usage, and more. 

I wish these were better organized under different headings but the General section still works as it doesn’t interfere with navigation. 

You can use the Spybubble app to monitor call logs, contacts, and text messages on your target device.

With the call logs monitoring feature, you can view the number that calls, the time the call took place, and the duration of the call. it allows you to see even deleted call logs and this is something I really liked.

The one feature I found lacking in SpyBubble’s call monitoring is its inability to record phone calls. If call recording is essential for you, I’d suggest considering FlexiSPY as an alternative to SpyBubble. With FlexiSPY, you can go a step further and intercept ongoing calls made by your partner.

Text message monitoring shows you the full message as well as the number of the contact the message was received from. I deleted some of the text messages and I saw that it can also capture deleted text messages, which is the feature that sets it apart as the top cheating detection app available. Thumbs up!

Both options allow you to block the contact/number. This means you can stop people from harassing your child from your Spybubble dashboard.

Spybubble also has a keylogger feature that allows you to view everything typed on the device. Personally, I find this feature handy for helping my child keep track of throwaway passwords or things they may have forgotten. 

The location tracking feature for the Spybubble app is limited in comparison to other apps.  It shows you the device’s current GPS location as well as its location history. However, it lacks a geofencing feature, which, many other monitoring apps have. That said, Spybubble’s GPS tracking was fairly accurate.

Page with details about app activity of your child

Under the General section, Spybubble also allows you to view the apps on the target device as well as the app activity. This is a handy feature for viewing the apps your child is using as well as gathering information about how long they use those respective apps. 

You can also block or delete these apps from the target device from your Spybubble dashboard. 

Speaking of blocking apps, Spybubble also has a spyware scanner that you can use to find any other spy app that’s installed on your child’s devices.

General Monitoring FeaturesDescription
Location MonitoringShows current GPS location and location history. Lacks geofencing.
Text Message MonitoringDisplays full-text messages and contact numbers, and captures even deleted messages.
Call Log MonitoringDisplays full-text messages and contact numbers, captures even deleted messages.
App Activity MonitoringProvides insights into apps on the target device and their usage duration. Allows app blocking/deleting from Spybubble dashboard.
Contacts MonitoringMonitor contacts on the target device. Offers option to block contacts/numbers.
KeyloggerCaptures everything typed on the device. Useful for tracking passwords and other information.
Spyware ScannerScans and identifies other spy apps installed on the target device.


Spybubble is Compatibe with various brands

Spybubble is compatible with Android devices running Android OS 4 and above and iOS devices. But while there is a limit to which Android devices it’s compatible with, it’s compatible with all iOS devices.

I tested this spy app on Galaxy Xcover Pro with Android 11.

It’s important to note, though, that not all of Spybubble’s features are accessible on iOS devices. This is usually the case with monitoring apps, as an iPhone has a different set of security features than an Android phone.  

Most times, you’d need a jailbroken iPhone to be able to access the full features of a parental monitoring app. However, there are apps available that don’t require any jailbreaking, check out this list to find the spy app for your non-jailbroken iPhone

This means if you want to get access to all of the features mentioned above, you’d need to install Spybubble app on an Android phone.  

To install SpyBubble on an Android or on an iPhone you need physical access to the target device. Additionally, for iOS, you also need the iCloud login credentials for that iOS device to link it to your Spybubble account.

Here’s my chat with SpyBubble Customer Support. According to them, their software does not need JailBreak, Root, or the Same Wifi.

Here’s a table I created for you to easily compare the compatibility of Spybubble for both Android and iOS.

OSAndroid OS 4 and aboveAll iOS devices
AccessibilityAll features accessibleLimited features due to iOS security
Works Without Root or JailbreakYesYes
RequirementPhysical access to the device requiredPhysical Access, Apple ID and Password



Pricing page of Spybubble

After I’ve covered all of Spybubble’s features, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself, “How much does Spybubble cost?”

Spybubble currently offers three subscription plans:

1-month – $42.49 per month

3-month – $25.49 per month

12-month – $10.62 per month

Each subscription plan grants you access to SpyBubble Full Pack, which is all of Spybubble’s features. 

If you’re interested in giving Spybubble a test drive but don’t want to spend any money, Spybubble has a One Day Free Trial!

DurationPrice Per MonthTotal Cost
1 month$42.49$42.49
3 months$25.49$76.47
12 months$10.62$127.44

How To Install Spybubble On Android

Now that I’ve covered all of Spybubble’s features, here’s how to install the app on your child’s phone. I’ll be demonstrating how to do it on Android for this tutorial. Installation on iPhone is covered in the next section.

I wrote this tutorial with the assumption that you’ve already purchased your Spybubble subscription or the free trial.


Before you start downloading the app on the target phone, you need to disable the Google Play Store protection on the target phone (the phone you want to monitor). Otherwise, it won’t let you download Spybubble. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner and select Play Protect.
  3. Next, click on the gear icon in the top right corner to open Play Protect settings.
  4. Under General, turn off the switch next to Scan apps with Play Protect.
  5. When prompted, select Off to confirm.

Download And Installation

Now, let’s proceed with the installation.

  1. Log into your Spybubble account.
Spybubble login page
  1. Next, select the type of device that you’re going to install Spybubble. As mentioned before, I’ll be using an Android device for this tutorial. 
Target device selection page
  1. Afterward, you’ll see a page that asks you to have everything ready for installation. This includes an active internet connection and physical access to the target device.
  1. A spy app like Spybubble isn’t available on the Play Store, therefore you have to download it from the Spy Bubble website.
    Take the target phone and scan the QR code that’s shown on your screen. 
QR code to download page
  1. Once the browser on your target phone tries to download the file, it will give you a warning that the APK might be harmful to your device.
    Tap Ok.
Chrome APK download warning with OK and Cancel button
  1. The Chrome browser will try to block the installation.
    Tap Settings to fix that.
APK installation pop up to allow install from unknown sources
  1. On the next screen, tap Allow from this source. This will let the software install.
Allow APK installation from Chrome toggle
  1. After that, follow the instructions on the screen until the installation and setup are done. 
Setup process completion screen
  1. Now navigate to your dashboard to begin using Spybubble to observe the monitored device. 
Dashboard of Spybubble

How To Install SpyBubble On iPhone

With iPhone and iOS in general, there’s no need for app installation on the target device like on Android devices. SpyBubble Pro operates by using iCloud backup to monitor iOS devices, eliminating the necessity for direct installation.

All that’s required are the iCloud credentials of the person you wish to track. Having this info allows you to discreetly monitor their iPhone from a distance. Additionally, there’s no need to jailbreak the iPhone, which makes the installation even easier.


How does SpyBubble work?

Spybubble is a monitoring app that works in the background of the target phone to record and share everything that’s done on the phone. This allows you to view what your child is doing and curate their online experience. Spybubble is great for monitoring your child’s digital activity and location.

Does SpyBubble require rooting?

Spybubble does not require rooting of an Android phone to access all of its features. Android devices can take full advantage of Spybubble’s features without any rooting whatsoever. iOS devices, on the other hand, are limited in the Spybubble features they can access due to their security settings.

Spybubble Review – Wrapping Up

What’d you think about my Spybubble review?

Spybubble delivers straightforward installation and great monitoring features. It does the standard location tracking and monitoring of text messages and call logs. 

However, where it shines is its ability to monitor a large number of social platforms as well as dating apps. The ability to block websites and apps perfect for being proactive in protecting your child. 

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this review too!





Ease Of Use




Value for Money





  • The installation process is made easy with automatic setup and easy-to-navigate UI
  • Monitors an extensive number of social media and dating apps.
  • Offers GPS location monitoring
  • Allows you to track internet activity such as browsing history, bookmarks, emails, and WiFi connection and block websites.
  • Monitors app activity and allows you to block or uninstall apps
  • Allows monitoring of phone calls and text messages as well as the ability to block numbers.
  • You’re able to view the photos and videos as well as remote control the monitored device to record video, and audio, and take photos.


  • Features accessible by iOS devices are limited when compared to Android devices
  • No geofencing features

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