A Guide On How To Listen In On Phone Calls In Two Ways: Check This Out!

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Do you want to be able to listen to phone calls?

Maybe you think something serious is up with your children, or that they’re getting peer-pressured or bullied by others. Or perhaps you want to listen to your employee while they take an important phone call.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of reasons why listening to mobile phones might be needed.

But exactly how do you do this?

This article will discuss how you can listen in on phone calls.

2 Ways To Listen In On Phone Calls

Whether you’re doing it for your family’s safety or for work-related reasons, there are multiple ways to listen in on cell phone conversations.

The best and easiest way is by using spy listening apps that you install on a target mobile phone.

Plus, with such apps, you also get other features besides listening to cell phone conversations.

Here are two of the best apps for your target phone: uMobix and FexiSpy.

Using uMobix AudioStream

Umobix home page

uMobix is a parental management and spy app that you need to install on a target phone in order for it to work.

Designed to help parents, uMobix has many features that allow parents to monitor their children’s devices.

These features include a keylogger, revealing SMS messages, call logs, calendars, and more.

You can also see websites that the target phone visited, and it even has features that let you track the device’s GPS location. 

The best feature, called uMobix AudioStream, allows you to listen to cell phone conversations.

With this app, you can listen to cell phone calls remotely and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary going on.

How To Listen To Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation With uMobix

In this section, I’ll teach you how you can listen to phone calls remotely with this handy app.

uMobix requires a paid subscription, so you’ll need to buy one before anything else. You can do this by visiting the uMobix website and subscribing to a plan that best suits your needs.

However, it should be mentioned that you can only reliably track calls on an Android phone.

The iOS version of the uMobix app lets you view call logs, but you can’t listen in on someone’s cell phone conversations because the app only gives you access to their iCloud account.

This is unlike on an Android device, where you will need to have the phone on hand in order to physically enable permissions on the phone and use the spy app.

It will take you about 4 minutes

Here’s how to install uMobix and start listening to the calls.

  1. Before you can listen to phone calls remotely, you first need to install the app on the target device. Log into your uMobix account with your login credentials.

    Login page of uMobix

  2. Next, follow the instructions to install the app. You will need to take the target phone and install the APK file via QR code or link.

    The on-screen instructions to install uMobix

  3. Download the app and then give the proper permissions to save the file on your phone.

    Download page of uMobix

  4. Before installing the APK, go to the Play Store and disable Play Protect.

    You can do this by tapping on your profile picture in the top-right corner and selecting Play Protect from the menu.

    Click on the blue downloand button

  5. Disable Play Protect by tapping the gear icon on the top-right and disabling all the options inside.

    Click on play protect from the menu

  6. Now you can install the app you’ve downloaded to the mobile device. Go to your downloads and install the app by tapping it.

    Once you open the installed uMobix app, you will see this screen. Tap AGREE AND CONTINUE.

    Click on the settings icon in the top right corner

  7. On the next screen, tap ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING and then give it the correct permissions until you get to the window with automatic setup.

    Click on agree and continue at the bottom

  8. uMobix will continue the installation for you until you finish the process. On your computer, you should see this screen.

    Click on setup automatically at the bottom

  9. Your uMobix platform will then load and reveal the dashboard, which also serves as your control panel.

    Click on the green done button

  10. Now that everything is fully installed, you should be able to listen to both incoming and outgoing calls with uMobix.

    You can do this by navigating to the left-hand bar in the dashboard and scrolling down to the Audio Stream function, which you can find at the very bottom.

    Dashboard of uMobix

  11. You will see this screen and the following disclaimer.

    Click on audio stream from the left side bar

  12. When you want to start listening to phone calls remotely, click Start Stream.

    Click on the green start stream button

  13. The microphone on the phone will then start, and you will be able to listen to someone’s phone calls while this appears on your screen.

    Listening to calls page

However, it’s still an experimental feature. uMobix says this right on the dashboard itself. You can watch uMobix’s video about this feature here:

YouTube player

And although it was able to record during my tests, it may be a bit spotty on your device. There’s no guarantee that it’s going to work on your phone.

uMobix is an excellent app with multiple features, so if that’s what you want, you should definitely get it now.

If you’re still undecided, a detailed installation guide and feature assessment can be found in my in-depth review of this app.

Using FlexiSpy SpyCall

Flexispy spycall feature

FlexiSpy SpyCall is another excellent option if you want to listen in to someone’s incoming and outgoing calls.

FlexiSpy is a pioneer company in the mobile spying industry, so you can expect that they have what it takes to offer a great spy app.

FlexiSpy does everything that typical parental monitoring apps can – and more. It can track location, read messages, see call logs, reveal browsing history, and log all keywords typed on your phone.

But this app’s best offering is its sheer amount of features to help secure mobile phones against all kinds of dangers. In fact, FlexiSpy perhaps has the most features among all other similar apps in the industry. Its features include listening to phone calls remotely and call recording.

How To Listen To Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation With FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy has nearly the same functions as uMobix, so it also has some of its failings, in that some features won’t work on unrooted or non-jailbroken phones. Luckily, its Audiostream feature works on my rooted Android test device.

Also, just like uMobix, you need to secure a subscription first before you can install the app and use its call recording feature.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, you can navigate to the FlexiSpy call recording function.

  1. Log into your FlexiSpy platform and follow instructions to install the main FlexiSpy app on your Android phone.

    Remember, you’ll have to provide the permissions needed.

    Allowing services access to flexispy in android
  2. Once the main app is installed, FlexiSpy still needs you to install another app to enable SpyCall.

    Spycall features article
  3. Follow the instructions on the linked page to install the SpyCall feature on your specific phone brand and model.

    Enabling spycall on Non-Rooted Samsung Phones Article
  4. Once installed, you need to enable SpyCall from your FlexiSpy portal.

    This mainly involves going to the Live Listening feature on the sidebar, tapping Enable Live Listening, turning on Live Listening, and setting a Monitor Number.

    Flexispy enable live listening feature

  5. The monitor number will be what you will use for call recording or listening, so make sure to input your number. You should then call the device to enable the call intercept feature.

    Monitor number entry field in flexispy

Here’s a video that features FlexiSpy Spycall:

YouTube player

As you can see, it can take up to an hour for the commands to go through the device, so schedule this in advance.

With this option enabled, you can now use the call listening and recording feature for the target device from your monitor number, which is your main phone.

You can call the target device when you expect they will be on a call, and you can hear what’s being said on both ends.

However, keep in mind that this process isn’t that straightforward.

You need to refer closely to FlexiSpy’s specific instructions based on your phone model.

FlexiSpy can be pretty complicated to install and operate, so check out my in-depth review of this spy app if you need more guidance on its features.

If you think it suits you, get it now!


Can You Listen To Someone's Phone Calls?

You can listen to someone’s phone calls when they make a call. The best way to do it is to use a spy app like uMobix or FlexiSpy to help you listen to the phone during calls. Some can even help you with call recording, if you want to.

Is There A Device To Listen To Cell Phone Calls?

There are devices that you can use to listen to cell phone calls. However, they can be expensive and impractical for daily use. The best way to do it is by using a spy app like uMobix or FlexiSpy. Plus, they also have other features, such as call recording.

Listening In On Phone Calls: Conclusion 

There are many reasons why you might want to remotely listen in to other people’s phone calls. You might want to do so to help protect your children, employees, or keep track of someone you’re suspicious of.

Whatever your reasons might be, you should know that the best way to do it is through mobile spy apps like uMobix and FlexiSpy. These spy apps also benefit from extra features such as location tracking or call recording.

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Tech editor and senior writer Michael Duong is passionate about technology and innovation. He codes open-source projects and plays quiz games in his free time. An expert in his field and an avid learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology. His specialization is mobile security and mobile data safety. Follow Michael on Twitter and Github.

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