How To Change Telegram Phone Number Without Uninstalling App

Do you want to change Telegram phone number due to whatsoever reason? Telegram has more features than WhatsApp. So, if you didn’t make a Telegram account for chatting, there are chances that you might have used your any random phone number to make one. With time, the app has introduced many features like self-destructing messages, cool stickers, voice calling etc. Now, if you feel like switching the number, it is possible to change Telegram phone number without uninstalling the app on Android, iOS or desktop.

Remember that the new number you want to use should not be already registered as an account on Telegram. And when you change your number, people who had your old number will get this one in their contacts list. Also, all your data will be safe and you will find it in the new account.

Steps To Change Telegram Phone Number On Phone And PC/Mac

The process is pretty much the same for Android, iPhone, and desktop. For this tutorial, I have used an Android phone.

1. Open Telegram and go to the menu by tapping on the menu ☰ button at the top left.

2. Then tap on ‘Settings‘ at the bottom.

change Telegram phone number without uninstalling the app

3. Tap on your phone number below the profile picture.

Change Telegram number android

4. You can read the what happens after changing the number and then tap on ‘CHANGE NUMBER‘ and then on ‘OK’.

Change Telegram number ios

5. Insert your new phone number and tap on the okay icon (tick) at the top right corner.

Change phone number on Telegram without uninstalling app

6. Insert the activation code that you will receive as a text message on that number and again tap on the okay icon.

Change phone number on Telegram Android iOS

Now you can use the new number as your Telegram contact number and account from the old number will be deleted. You will be able to use your account just as before without any loss of data. In case you want the same for WhatsApp then you can also change WhatsApp number without losing data.

Telegram is best enjoyed with the amazing channels it has. We have also written about using Telegram on your PC and Mac as you can download big files on your computer. If you face any issue with this app, let us know in the comments.


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