16 Best Telegram Channels To Join

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps in many ways. Making a group of thousands of people, send large files, chat with stickers, seek help from bots etc. are some features where Telegram is better than other messaging apps like WhatsApp. But one the most amazing things on Telegram is ‘Channels. There are a huge number and variety of channels on Telegram. So, here are some of the best Telegram channels that will be useful for you depending on your interest.

Top Telegram Channels Worth Joining

1. Science

This channel is heaven for anyone who is interested in science. You can read very interesting articles and see videos related to latest findings and achievements in all fields of science. Even if you are not a science student you will find the content here very captivating.


2. Programmer Jokes

telegram channel for daily memes - Programmer JokesI am not sure but I assume that programmers really have a tiring day after all coding and sitting in front of the system. If you are a programmer, you will relate to their hilarious content for sure. You will find relatable jokes and memes for your daily dose of laughter.

Programmer Jokes

3. Memes

Best telegram channel for daily memes

If you check out internet mostly because of memes and witty puns then this is the channel you are looking for. This is one of the best telegram channels for seeing memes. They post regularly and the posts are totally worth it. You should scroll up and see all funny things that you missed before joining the channel.


4. “Quotery”

Want to fuel your day with a good motivational quote? This channels post quotes from famous writers and philosophers. You can find more quotes on another fantastic channel — Daily Quotes.


5. Curiosity Tea™

On this channel, you will find answers to some science questions that might have occurred to you at least once. You can grow your mental muscles by reading their posts daily. They also post videos if it is needed for explaining any question. So, join this channel and grow smarter each day.

Curiosity Tea™

6. Just Wallpapers

best telegram channel for HD wallpapers - Just Wallpapers

This is the top telegram channel for downloading amazing HD wallpapers. You will find wallpapers for your phone and PC from all categories like forest, sea, sky, mountains, nature, rain, buildings, roads etc. The preview image is small in size but you can clearly see how the image will look on your phone’s home screen and then you can download the original quality image from there only.

Just Wallpapers

7. Google Facts™

If you like to read mind-blowing and unknown facts, this is the place for you. Here, you will find unique facts related to health, countries, technology, animals, phobia, space, love and what not. They post daily with the hashtags and you can find facts related to the similar topic by taping on the hashtag.

Google Facts™

8. GIF Channel

GIFs are shared daily on the internet in a huge amount. Everyone likes cats, dogs, sports GIFs and now reaction GIFs are way too popular for expressing your feelings about any post anywhere on the internet. On this channel, you will find GIFs of all categories from animals to nature and from epic stunts to epic fails. Save them and share with your friends.

GIF Channel

9. Viola English

Best telegram channel for learning english - Viola English

This is the best telegram channel to improve your English and learn in a fun way. They upload definitions and usage of words, idioms, phrases etc. You can know lots of new things here with the help of pictures, funny images and YouTube links. ‘English of the Day‘ is another good channel to learn slang, idioms and phrases of modern as well as traditional English.

Viola English

10. Beautiful land

Best telegram channel for pictures - Beautiful Land


Are you fascinated by pictures of famous places around the globe? You will find pictures of some unseen or famous and amazing places of the earth. Pictures here are too candy for your eyes and they will definitely make you feel like leaving your nest and fly around the world. Another good channel to look for very well captured and minimalistic pictures is ‘minimalism‘.

Beautiful land

11. Planet Earth

Planet earth pictures - Telegram channel

Talking about the land, here is another nice channel with similar content. This is not a big channel but they post really beautiful HD pictures of cities, mountains, waterfalls, animals, Adventures etc. You can even find some good GIFs of nature. They post a picture preview and with that the downloadable picture with original quality.

Planet Earth


Best channel for space and science - Telegram

Why just stay on planet Earth? You can join this channel for your love of science and space. You will get to know about everything related to space like NASA missions, rockets, galaxies, exoplanets etc. Pictures, GIFs, videos, expedition history, discoveries etc. are posted here regularly.


13. Critical thinking

best philosophy telegram channel - Critical Thinking

If you are a thinker and often go deep while thinking about events, the behavior of people, psychology, logic etc. then this is the place for you to enhance your reasoning and line of thought. They post small articles or definitions along with the reading time and source of the article.

Critical thinking

14. Squareoff

Squareoff is the best channel for getting insights on stock market activities in India. They post the list of market gainers, stocks to watch out and other pieces of information daily. Squareoff is an investment adviser website registered with Securities And Exchange Board of India (SEBI).


15. The Washington Post

This is probably the only channel on Telegram where you will find news from an authentic website. Remember you will find mostly political news here that too just 2-4 news per day. Though they post the link to the news, Telegram is wonderful and you just have to tap the ‘instant view’ below the news and you can read that right there.

The Washington Post

16. Art planet

Art Planet - Best telegram channel for Paintings and drawings

Inspire the artist inside you with this awesome channel ‘Art Planet’. They post images of beautiful paintings and illustrations from the web. You can learn a lot as you will find art of all categories here.

Art planet

Best Telegram Channels To Follow

Telegram is getting popular in every country day by day. Though WhatsApp and Messenger have acquired the instant messaging market already, the very useful features of Telegram including the “channels” will make you fall for it. So, these were some best telegram channels list with links that you will like for sure. Share this list with your friends and if there is any other channel that has impressed you with the content, let us know in the comments.

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