How To Create Memes With White/Black Background And Words

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Memes have become most important part of the internet now. People just love to create, share or view it almost daily. Did you ever feel that you too can make a few eye-catching ones? Or maybe you have some weird pictures or videos of your friends to create a funny meme. All you need to do is to give a funny caption to an image. And that would look more amazing if the caption and picture are in a single image. So, I’ll tell you how to make memes with the background color and writing caption on it.

Create Memes With White/Black Background On Android & iPhone

There are many apps available on Play Store as well as on iTunes that can help you complete this task. But I like Photo Grid app the most, as it has many other features required to make a good meme. I am using Redmi Note 5 pro and this app will work similarly on other phones too. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download Photo Grid app for Android from this link. Or if you are an iPhone user, then get Photo Grid app for iOS from here.
  • Now, open the app and tap on Grid to select the picture which you want to use in the meme.

How to make memes in white Background

  • Once the picture opens in Photo Grid, tap on ‘Background‘ from the menu below and choose the white color. Most of the times by default the background color is white.

Meme maker for instagram and Reddit

  • Now change the position or size of the image as per the requirement with your fingers. You can make the image larger or smaller by using pinch zoom.
  • Once the image is placed properly, tap on the ‘Text‘ option. Write suitable text in the appearing box and tap on ‘tick. 

Create meme on white background with words

  • You can move the text above your image and resize with your fingers. There are options to change the font, alignment, color, border etc of the text.
  • After all adjustments, just tap on ‘NEXT‘ at the top and then on ‘Save’. Your meme is ready.

White background for memes - Photo Grid App

I personally like Photo Grid because there are lots of other things you can do with this app if you are a meme enthusiast. You can even make a video meme in it by following the same steps given above. The good part here is that everything can be created in square size so that it fits on all social media networks like Instagram, Reddit, etc.

There are other features like adding a sticker, creating and pasting sticker of your own face, making ‘before-after’ memes with two or more frames, drawing over the image etc.

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Generate Memes With Black Or White Background On PC

If you are totally into meme making, then creating it on PC is a faster way to do so. So here is the method to make a meme of your own using Kapwing. It is an online meme maker tool. Let’s have a look at the steps.

  • Click here to go to the tool.
  • Next, click on Upload button and select the desired picture from your photos.

Meme with white Background on PC

  • When the image is uploaded you can even choose the background color. Type the caption or pun of your meme.

Meme maker tool PC free

  • You can resize the fonts, change font style, color, and alignment.
  • When everything is done, click on ‘Create‘. Next, get the image by clicking on ‘download image‘.

Please remember that the processed image has a watermark of the website in it. If you want to download the image without the watermark you have to subscribe to the package by paying them $3.

So, these were some of the easiest ways to create memes with white/black background or in any other color. If you have any query or you use any other amazing app to unleash your humor, let us know in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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