9 Of The Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android And iPhone: It’s Easy To Change A Size Of Photos

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It is a fairly common practical experience that there is hardly any picture which is of the apt size and dimensions we need it to be. Therefore “image-resizing” comes into play.

Whenever you want to upload an image on the internet or for any presentation or even combine multiple pictures together, image-resizing is a necessity these days. Even uploading photos while filling out various online forms requires image-resizing.

Though resizing sounds like really simple, yet to choose the best app for this purpose can be quite a headache. There are a plenty of image-resizing apps available, but most of them compromise with the image quality and are thus a disappointing trade-off between image size and its quality.

Here we have personally picked best photo resizer apps for Android and iOS platforms for serving the same. Have a look over these.

List of Best Photo Resizer Apps

Image Size

image size app

This app is really wonderful. You can either click the picture on the spot or pick from the gallery. The most astounding feature of this app is that you get to choose from four options while resizing: Pixel, mm, cm and inch. We really loved this feature. These days resizing an image can be quite an ordeal, given the fact that some of us might not be very comfortable with the resizing options given in pixels. For instance, if you require an image measuring “3 cm by 4 cm”, then going by the complicated pixels options (eg. 1024* 576) is simply a waste of time and energy both alike. In that case, this app indeed comes as a savior. We were really impressed by the simplicity and dexterity of this handy app.

Link: Android/iOS

Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture resizer

Available in the play store, this app offers a very simplistic but sufficiently-detailed interface when opened. As soon as we opened the app, it took us through a brief and lucid tutorial on how to use this app which we really did not need as this app in itself is very simple to use. After selecting the desired photo, you can resize the image using the options. There is a multitude of resizing options to pick from which includes customizing option as well.

Post resizing, the app even offers you with an option if you want to replace the original picture or whether you want it to be saved in a new folder of “resized photos”. But we must tell you that once the original picture gets replaced by the resized one, the operation cannot be reversed. So better watch this feature if you don’t want to lose the original image. You can also choose multiple photos simultaneously.

There is another option too which offers cropping feature. The ease of sharing the resized image is very simple in this app as you can share the resized image with nearly every app in your smartphone like Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, Flipboard, Skype etc. Also, the quality of the resized photo was amazing which further goads us to enlist this app.

There is also a premium version of this app available which gives an ad-free experience along with the exclusion of added default subject and footer while you email or share the resized photos.

Link: Android

Reduce Photo Size

reduce photo size

This app comes with a very basic and plain interface, but surprisingly offers much more features than what meets the eye at the first sight. After taking a photo or selecting from the gallery, you can resize the image in a fast manner. It is not exactly having a “resize” option but rather a “reduce” option. This “reduce” tab provides you nearly tens of options to choose the preferred size. You can also customize the size. One point to note is that the number of resizing options depends on image to image. That is what we experienced while trying out this app.  It might be that if the image quality is already too low, then obviously you are not left with too many resizing options.

After resizing the app you can share, rotate, save or do a lot more stuff. This app will serve you regarding your very basic requirements.

Link: Android

Resize Photo (Photo Scaler)

resize photo ( aka photo scaler)

After opening the app you can literally tap anywhere in the blank screen to select the photo to be resized. This app gives you a good number of resolutions for the resizing purpose, including the custom resolution too. After choosing the option for resolution, you can tap onto the photo to get the details regarding the new size of the resized image.

Sharing the photos was also a cakewalk. But, this app doesn’t give any option to replace the original picture. That means more and more similar looking images in your gallery even when you don’t want to have so. But barring that, the results after resizing were amazing and satisfactory. To top it off, it even allows for remotely located files to be resized and you can easily resize photos from your Google Drive account.

Link: Android

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Resize Image

resize image ( iOS)

This app is available for iPhone users and offers a smooth and quick experience. You can share the resized image on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. According to the official website of the app, it requires iOS 8.0 or later. Do try out this free app which only weighs a mere 5.7 MB, given the fact that iOS apps are generally bigger in size.

Link: iOS



PicsArt is one of the best photo resizer apps. Though it is a photo editor and unassumingly numero uno picture collage maker, yet the resizing option which it provides is impeccable. Using PicsArt is a velvety experience. To resize the photo, after clicking on the “plus” shaped icon, select EDIT. After selecting the image, you can click on the “Tools” button and it will provide you with the “Resize” option. It only accepts custom values and there are no values by default.

The experience was great and as was the result too!

Link: Android/iOS

Photo Resizer HD

photo resizer hd

We have included this in the list because along with the numerous image-size options, it also provides an additional “SHARPENING” option which can be adjusted from the options of Low, Medium, and High. We went for high sharpening option since we wanted to know how exactly did it work. The result was fast and quick. Also, for saving the resized photo, you just need to click only once on the floppy-like icon at the top right corner of the screen and the resized image gets saved instantaneously without any unnecessary hassles. You also get to choose the aspect ratio of the image.

Link: Android

Photo Resizer

Photo resizer

This is a great app for resizing many photos at a single time using Batch Resize feature. The user interface is great and does not lag when editing multiple photos at once. Users also have the option of cropping the image and resizing separately and can compare with the original image at the same time.

The resized images are saved without any trouble automatically and in the best quality possible. Even if you are compressing and resizing the same image, again and again, it still preserves the original image quality. You can either select built-in resolution or create your own image resolution using custom image resolution. And after you are done, share them easily on your favorites social media platforms.

Link: Android

Best Photo Resizer

Best Photo Resizer

Another great app for resizing photos easily. Working is quite similar to the others apps, After launching the app, either select a photo from the gallery or simply click a snap using Camera. Then you again have the option to make a choice between Size and Social Media.

In Size drop-down, users can compress the image to a specific amount or percentage mentioned over there. And in Social Accounts, the user can resize their image according to crop size and the aspect ratio of various social media accounts. For example, the 4*5 aspect ratio for Instagram Feed and 1*1 square ratio for Facebook Profile Picture.

Link: Android

Final Words

So, here was the complete list of the best photo resizer apps available.

Many of them are available on both, Apple App Store as well as the Play Store. Personally, we liked “Image Size” the most due to its highly simplified interface and exceptional ease-of-use, which provides a pleasant experience to the user.

Otherwise, each one of them does its job pretty well. You can choose, install, use and then share your experiences with us.

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