8 Free Cleaning Apps: Must-Have for a Mac User

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Mac systems are used to perform numerous tasks effortlessly with efficient hardware and software.

These devices are the best tools available today to perform any task virtually. Despite the fact these devices are effective tools still, they also face certain performance-related issues due to cluttered and unorganized data.

To deal with the situation Cleaning apps work efficiently to perform the task and to recover some precious storage space. Let’s discuss some of these impressive free cleaning apps for Mac here.

7 Free Cleaning Apps for Mac

Free Cleaning Apps for Mac

1. CCleaner for Mac

Free Cleaning Apps for Mac

CCleaner for Mac allows you to customize various cleaning options to fit your needs. It helps you clean all junk, temporary and other unnecessary files in a simple manner. It helps you clean your hard drive space to make your system run faster and smoother.

Its default settings find and remove unnecessary files from known locations thus it averts such cleaning which can harm your important data files. It also helps you streamline your startup process by removing unnecessary programs running in the background during the startup process. It removes online cookies as well to secure your online activities.

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2. Memory Clean

Memory Clean for Mac

This Mac cleaner software can help you clean up disk space, free up RAM and speed up Mac processes. Its memory clean options lie within the Menu bar of the Mac and show live statistics of the data on your system. You can run this simple software whenever you feel like the system is facing performance problems. Once you hit on the Clean Memory option it will instantly perform the task of cleaning your disk space. You can use this simple app to clean your Mac effortlessly.

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3. Cocktail

Free Cleaning Apps

Cocktail offers a mix of useful and powerful features that can help you improve your system performance significantly. It helps you clean Spotlight indexes, Trash can, other unnecessary files and it also interacts with Time Machine and turns off all irritating Notifications. It also helps you remove unnecessary language files to recover some precious storage space. In other benefits, it offers Permissions management tools, control of online activities, cleaning of swap files, control over startup mode etc.

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4. Disk Diag

Disk Diag for Mac

You can use this nifty, smart and small utility to clean your system effortlessly. This user-friendly tool is so simple that even a novice user can clean his or her system by the simple scanning process. In scanning results, it will display all residual files, junk files, large files and other unnecessary files so that you can manage your system files in a better manner. The app UI is clean and simple to help every user. It displays results in a small list under different categories based on which you can clean up some disk space.

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5. CleanMyMac

Clean My Mac

This tool can help you clean and optimize your system in a user-friendly manner. It offers a simple one-click functionality where your entire Mac get scanned for unnecessary files. It displays all junk files, large files, temporary files and other unnecessary files. It can also help you manage your apps, widgets, plugins, preference panes and extensions.

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6. MacCleanse

MacCleanse is an effective tool to clean up your hard drive with simple UI. It helps you remove all junk and unnecessary files including cookies, logs, histories and other files. It can perform 50 various maintenance tasks in a single app. It offers advanced cleaning operations for IM Apps, torrent software and other their party applications. It also displays comprehensive information of the files you are about to remove.

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7. OnyX

OnyX for Mac

OnyX uses smart technology to clean your system effortlessly. It helps you clean all unnecessary and junk files from user and system files, fonts, Spotlight, iTunes, Expose and even from Dock. It can help you clean system cache and log files as well. You can use this nifty tool for instant and effective results.

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You can use these effective tools to deal with cluttered and unorganized data on your disk space. Using these tools, you can manage your disk space more efficiently. This way you not only manage to recover precious disk space but also improve system speed and performance.

8. Disk Drill

Disk Drill allows you to recover for free.

Disk Drill Data Recover for Mac packages

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Mac systems are efficient devices that are used to perform numerous tasks effortlessly. These systems face certain performance-related issues due to cluttered disk space. To deal with it free cleaning apps for Mac work efficiently to improve its performance.

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