SlideModel: Best Tool To Make Online Presentations

Slidemode is the best tool to make online presentations

People from all walks of life at some point in their lives have made a PowerPoint presentation.  For years, PowerPoint has emerged as a powerful presentation tool with great features that many businesses and individuals around the world value.  Today, whether you’ll close a deal or not, is your business pitch successful or were you … Read more

7 Best Job Search Apps For Android and iPhone

best job search apps for android and iphone

The Internet has made job searching easier than ever before. You can look for the jobs posted by companies for your country or even for overseas locations right from your smartphone. There are plenty of apps available to find jobs specific to a country, domain, skills or even nearby jobs. To keep you updated with … Read more

10 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps You Must Try

best samsung smart tv apps - features

One of many things you can do with a Smart TVs is enjoy the extensive list of apps that are there to entertain us. You can choose from apps that let you watch series, play games, watch videos and more. Keep reading, and you’ll discover the apps that everyone is using and that you’re missing … Read more

7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

best screen recorder apps for android and iphone

Screen recording has always been an important feature that many people longs for. Though it is not important usually but if you are trying to make tutorial videos for your website or YouTube channel then screen recording is a must! Or if you want to save Instagram Live or videos or others, it can come … Read more

15 Best Volume Control And Booster Apps

best volume control apps for android and iphone

If you want to disable volume buttons on your Android/iOS device or if your smartphone volume keys have stopped working and you want to manage volume from the app then you can go with the volume controller apps. Or are you experiencing low volume on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone? You don’t enjoy playing games … Read more

Top 10 Apps to Add Background Music to a Video Clip

best apps to add music to video clip in android or iphone

How to add background music to a video clip remains the most searched query among the people who are either extra-creative or are social media freaks. The advancement in technology, however, solved this issue for many. Now you can easily add music to a video after a few taps on your screens. Adding music to … Read more

5 Best Podcast Apps for Android & iOS

best podcast apps

Podcasts are the perfect source of content for a distracted world. We all need something to do when we are doing something else. This has become a must. So if you are traveling in the tube or working out in the gym, you can’t just sit there simply. Are you crazy? You need to do … Read more

Top 6 Best Running Apps for Android and iPhone [Free]

Best Running apps on Android/iPhone for free

Keeping the fitness quotient at the optimum level has become a challenge in the present world owing to the fact that life has grown up to become extensively swift and human bodies relatively frail. Running is one of the exercises that can replace the incredibly complex and time taking exercising schedule for a normal working … Read more