5 Best Podcast Apps for Android & iOS

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Podcasts are the perfect source of content for a distracted world. We all need something to do when we are doing something else. This has become a must. So if you are traveling in the tube or working out in the gym, you can’t just sit there simply. Are you crazy? You need to do something. And podcasts offer you that best something.

best podcast apps

Taking potshots at this generation aside, Podcasts are value, value and value. Podcasts are in your ear, they are intimate and you don’t have to worry about people staring at your phone. They are the kind of content that works your ear and doesn’t dry your eyes with the constant screen watching that comes from Feed drifting or the finger pain that comes from the same Feed scrolling.

Podcasts cover a variety of topics, that can make you laugh, that can make you smart, that can put you to tears and basically give you the range of emotion that will make you feel like a human. I think I should get paid for pitching podcasts so well.

So if I’ve convinced you about podcasts, let me convince you with best podcast apps that you can use that’ll help you fill your ear with beautiful content.

Android Podcast Apps

1. Podcast & Radio Addict 


best podcast apps - radio addict

For an app that has close to 10 Million downloads, this app has a rating of 4.6. These are pretty staggering numbers. This is the most premier Podcast app for Android hands down.

There are close to 400,000 podcasts that you can find. There are options to browse by categories like ‘New’, ‘Trending’ etc.

There’s also a simple recommendation engine, which is pretty neat. It doesn’t have a great looking UI, but the developers are going for functionality more than aesthetics. This is an app which does not have unnecessary features built-in.  It just works.

2. Pocket Casts – Paid 

best podcast apps - pocket casts

From the house of shifty jelly, comes Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts is a $2 podcast app that will seal the deal. It’s designed well, with features of material design imbibed into the app.

Some solid features include the ‘Trim Silence’. Trim Silence cuts all silences from the episodes you are listening to. This makes your listening more efficient. You can play around with speeds, and go up to 3x.

This also works with Android Wear, where you can control the app directly from a smart watch.

You can also choose a dark or light theme.

3. SoundCloud 

best podcast apps - soundcloud

The Sound Cloud app is generally seen as a music app, but considering a lot of podcasters are directly uploading their content to Soundcloud, it has become a premier podcast destination.

It has a dual benefit because you can use it for music and listen to podcasts. It’s also free.

Here is a link to check out all Self-Improvement podcasts on Soundcloud

iOS Podcast Apps

4. Overcast – Free 

best podcast apps - overcast

Overcast is the only podcast player, you’ll need. In fact I should stop writing anymore, but for the sake of choice, I’ll list a few more down.

Overcast has Smart Speed which basically cuts silences and has Voice Boost which enables you to boost the volume for certain episodes. They claim, you can listen to your podcasts in noisy places.

You can download for offline listening pleasure and you can also get recommendations from Twitter. You can choose to receive push notifications when a new episode is out.

The interface is clean and works like a charm. For iOS users, this is a no-brainer.

Podcasts by Apple

5. Supertop Castro 

best podcast apps - supertop castro

The most expensive Podcast app might also become your favorite. It’s priced at $3.99 and it boasts a few features.

Episode Triage is a concept created by Supertop Castro and it lets you scan new episodes and decide whether you’re interested or not. It’s basically aimed at letting you discover the best of episodes.

Inbox is a section where you can find all the latest episodes.  You can choose to ‘Queue’ your episodes. Queue is a central playlist to play your listening. Queued episodes are downloaded automatically to be ready for listening.

Castro’s ‘Tentacles’ server automatically scans new episodes and pushes it to your phone hence saving a lot of data and battery life.

If there’s one strength that Supercastro has, it’s the power of Podcast management. There’s no app which comes close to managing your episodes. And this is why it’s rated high.

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There you go. A list of best Podcast apps for iOS and Android. I hope one of these apps make your podcasting life easy!


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Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.

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