Top 6 Best Running Apps for Android and iPhone [Free]

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Keeping the fitness quotient at the optimum level has become a challenge in the present world owing to the fact that life has grown up to become extensively swift and human bodies relatively frail. Running is one of the exercises that can replace the incredibly complex and time taking exercising schedule for a normal working class person. The simple reason that it allows almost all the muscles and limbs to get a sincere degree of strain says a lot in its favor.

Best Running apps on Android/iPhone for free

Tracking the distance, speed and steps metrics is very important for anyone who is willing to generate an optimum routine. The advent of Smartphones has made it an easier task. There is a whole range of apps that can assist the user largely in this regard. Here is the list of the best apps for running that can be used in order to track and map these metrics.

Best Running Apps

1. Runkeeper

This free app is available both for Android and iOS users. This app allows the user to keep track of the metrics like distance traveled, speed and calories consumed.

Best Running apps

It uses the inbuilt GPS system of the smartphone to allow the user to choose from the popular running routes and distances according to the user’s preference.

Runkeeper for Android| Runkeeper for iOS

2. Strava Running and Cycling

While this app tracks and records all the useful metrics from running pace to the distance traveled, the striking feature is that it challenges the user.

Free Running Apps

It displays the leaderboard data to the user in order to challenge and help in pushing harder towards improvement.

Strava for Android| Strava for iOS

3. Garmin Connect

This free app makes sure that the user even without having the flagship devices ends up having access to high end and quality tracking to the running metrics.

best running apps for android

It helps the runner to sketch target running routes and building training programs.

Garmin Connect for Android| Garmin Connect for iOS

4. Runtastic

This running app is available for both Android and iOS devices. While it helps largely in tracking the running metrics, it’s one of the most salient features is the weather forecast module in the premium version which allows the runner to be prepared for the turnaround even from nature’s side.

Best Free Running Apps

Runtastic for Android| Runtastic for iOS

5. Endomondo

This is a free app available both on Android and iOS app stores. It tracks all the relevant metrics during any of the sporting activity involving running.

Free Best Running Apps

It can be used to schedule exercise complimented with detailed feedback and audio coach. Another feature allowing the comparison of the running metrics can become the driving factor for many people.

Endomondo for Android| Endomondo for iOS

6. Nike+ Run Club

Coming from the esteemed sports giant, Nike, this app packs a mighty punch when it comes to features. Along with reliable metrics tracking, the leaderboard feature challenging the runner against family and friend as well as the snapshot feature go a long way when it comes to pumping in motivation.

Best Running apps iPhone/iOS

The host of motivating and thumping songs in the playlist also helps in relishing the desire to achieve and regularly beat the previous high points.

Nike Run Club for Android| Nike Run Club for iOS

There are a lot of good running apps in circulation, above is the list of best running apps in business. Any app suiting to the custom requirements of the runner can do the needful in improving the running fitness of the user.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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