Pop Art Galore: CapCut’s Vibrant Visuals

CapCut, known predominantly for its robust video editing capabilities, conceals within its repertoire a powerful online photo editor that embodies a palette of artistic potential.  While initially overshadowed by its video editing prowess, this tool is a treasure trove for photo enthusiasts seeking to infuse their images with vibrancy and creativity.  Unlike conventional online photo … Read more

Choosing The Best Screen Recording App For iPhone: 4 Top Screen Recorders

Choosing The Best Screen Recording App For iPhone

I usually record my iPhone’s screen to make video tutorials. Guess what screen recorder I use! Most people will think of iPhone’s in-built screen recorder. But I don’t use the in-built iPhone screen recording app because of its limited features. There are many screen recorder apps available on the app store. I, too, was overwhelmed … Read more

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

Are you familiar with virtual reality? Luckily for those interested in this technology, Google offers an easy, simple, and very affordable way to enjoy VR: Google Cardboard. All you need to use Google Cardboard is a compatible app on your smartphone and a headset that you can either create yourself or buy prebuilt.  With headset … Read more

7 Best Craigslist Apps For Android And iPhone

Best Craigslist Apps for Android and iPhone

Craigslist is a solution to most of your problems. Need a car, bike or any other vehicle? No problem. Need dining table, rocking chair, antiques or any other furniture? Craigslist is there for you. Craving for laptops, phones, computers or other electronics? Go for it. Almost everything you can imagine, (obviously not heaven), can be … Read more

7 Best Apps With Spotify Integration

Music is something that can be and should be enjoyed in each and every situation. And why not? Because life without music is like a human without a soul. Completely dead. So to make your life much more musical, Spotify has joined hands with some of the most popular apps and companies. Whether you are … Read more

7 Best Day Counter Apps To Remember Events

Remembering important events like Mom’s birthday or Father’s retirement date can get a bit difficult when you’re so much busy with your own work and travel. And the guilt of forgetting about important events like these may haunt you for a long long time. But that is where day counting apps step in, to save … Read more