10 Best Drum Apps To Try Right Now

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If you are a committed Hard Rock, Jazz, and Metal fan then you must know how important is drumming for a song of these genres. It serves as a backbone for the entire band and its songs. People who admire some of the great drummers like Chris Adler and Mike Portnoy etc. know that it isn’t a child’s play. It needs a lot of hard work and stamina to get into drumming.

A basic drum set usually cost starting around 300$ to 400$, and also takes up a lot of space. Which makes it quite troublesome to keep at home. An electric drum would solve this problem but it cost around 700$ to 800$ and you also need an amplifier for sounds which adds another 100$ to it.

So, how would you as a drummer work on without a drum? How will you practice that specific beat that your song needs? Or how can you start practicing it without them if you are willing to learn? Well, the answer is very simple. Your smartphone has much more things to offer other than just messaging and calls. Here is the list of some of the best drum apps that you can get on your smartphone.

Best Drumming Apps For Android, iPhone/iPad

1. Real Drum

Real Drum

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will like this app either way. It offers all the pieces of equipment of a professional drumming kit. You get 2 Double bass Kickdrums, 2 Crash cymbals one big and one small, a Splash and Ride cymbal, a Close hit and Open hit cymbal as well. Other than that you have 3 Tom-Toms, a Snare and a Floor. These equipment are enough to cover any particular music or practice with your fingertips.

This app has 60 different rhythm beats for multiple genres ranging from basic to advanced levels with the tutorial. You also get 32 loops of instrumental tracks with which you can play along with.

Once you get a hold and get to know how to play in this app you can record your own beats and later use them in compositions. It also allows you to export these recordings to your phone memory in an mp3 format which you can share as well. The app is free to use but the ads are quite troublesome. You will need in-app purchase to remove those annoying ads.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

2. WeDrum


A great drum learning app for beginners as it gives you a wide range of tracks to play with the drum set. Each song is arranged according to level, from beginner to advance. Select a track and follow the beat, as the song plays you will be notified with the beat and its color representation. As the track is being played, color dots representing the specific components will pass by at the top. You can hit those components in a specific time as mentioned to match with the song timings.

This app also has a dedicated solo mode. It allows you to play on your own, in case you want to create a new composition or just practice freely. You get 3 dedicated cymbals and 2 Tom-Toms, 1 Snare, 1 Floor, and a Bass kickdrum. It doesn’t give you any in-app mode of recording, unlike Real Drum. But it has an equalizer which gives you control over the sound of all components.

Beside the equalizer, there is a settings option, which lets you choose different kit of drums based on your genre like Rock, Jazz, Dance etc. Here, rock and jazz come preloaded with the app, while you have to download the others. The tracks you get to play along with also gets updated every day and you get a daily bonus of 1 track every day as you open the app.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

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3. Easy Drum

best drum apps - Easy Drum

This app gives its users a gradual learning process. You can select your level at the beginning, it comprises of 3 levels, Beginner, Amateur, and Master. In Beginner, you will be taught to hit the Snare only, with different patterns. These patterns will be useful when you get to a higher level.

In the Amature, you get a full set of drums or can choose for pads instead. The tutorial gets a little complex here as you have to play with different patterns and components of drums. Within a little time, you will adjust and these moves will come in handy when you will be playing a real drum.

In the Master section, you won’t get any tutorial. The app has 4 instrumental solos to which you can to play the drum. You can choose whether you want a pad or a whole drum kit. The master feature also allows you to add your favorite songs from your local memory into the app and you can play with your song. This is a very good learning app, the step by step learning process is very influential for a person who wants to learn the art of drumming.

Android: Download

4. Simple Drums Basic

Simple Drums Basic

You get 6 different drum kits based on 6 genres that are Rock, Rock DB, Metal, Metal DB, Jazz, and Electro. It lets you choose any of the drumming kits and gets ready to play. To select any desired drum kit, tap the settings button in the bottom left corner. This drum simulation app does not give you any tutorial. Therefore it’s of no use to a beginner.

This app also has some instrumental solos loaded into it, you can play them in a loop or import any other songs from your phone to practice drumming. Here you can also select the equalizer button, it will take you to the sound settings of the app. You will get a record option and different effects in there. Other than that you have a volume mixer as well, you can control the master volume and other components of the drum set from here.

Android: Download

5. Drum Kit

Drum Kit

This app has 4 different modes of drum kit based on genre. They are Classic, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Metal. You only get the classic mode, for the other three you need to download them separately from Play Store. Selecting the classic mode gives a full-fledged interface of a professional drum kit, with 7 cymbals and 2 Tom-Toms, a Snare, a Floor, and a Double Bass kickdrum.

Other features of this app include a recorder, a button to play the recording in a loop, save, load, and move are also available. A dedicated equalizer is also there, you can set it according to your preference though it is already pre-arranged. Like the other apps, it also has the functionality to export mp3 files from your phone to play them in the app.

Android: Download

6. Drums

Drums - Real Drum Set Games

With the help of this app, you can become a pro drummer within a couple of weeks. You will get multiple tracks in the app’s songbook. But I could only select a handful of them as you need to get a subscription to unlock all the features.

Once you have selected a file that is available, each component of the drum will represent a different color. Along with the song, colored bars will be falling from the top and as they reach the end tap the specific component of the drum to create the beat. This app is quite good but it only allows you to use the app for 7 days for free and after that, it requires a weekly or yearly subscription.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

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7. Classic Drum

Classic Drum

This app is the same as Real Drum, as they are created by the same developer. There isn’t a major difference between the apps, just a few more add-ons on the components. Now here we have a Single Bass kickdrum, 2 Tom-Toms,  a Floor, Snare, Ride, Open and Close Hit, 3 crash and some new upgrades like Tambourine and Cowbell.

All the rhythm, beats and tutorials are the same and you get the same recording option. The best thing about this app is, you don’t get that many ads, unlike the above-mentioned applications.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

8. Drum Kit For iOS

Drum Kit For iOS

The interface of this app doesn’t have many options to explore. The only available components of the drum are a Single Bass Kickdrum, a Tom-Tom, Snare, Floor, Single Open Close Hit cymbal, Crash and Ride.

You can tap on them accordingly to get the desired sound. Other options that are available in the app are a recorder and an edit option. The editor lets you move the components of drums to your favorite location on the screen as it suits you.

iOS: Download

9. Finger Drums!

Finger Drums!

One of the best application in the App Store for the drums categories and the app size is just 6.3 MB. In this app, you get 2 Tom-Tom, Snare, Floor, Bass kickdrums and 2 cymbals.

The interface is very clean and does not have many features. Though the app requirement is iOS 3.1.3 or later but the last update was in 2010. So in some cases, it may not support your phone. The app is decent enough for the job of a classic drum and also supports multi-touch for better performance.

iOS: Download

10. Electro Music Drum Pads

Electro Music Drum Pads

Unlike the above-mentioned apps, here you don’t get any virtual drum kits but rather you get pads. There are 8 different pads with unique sound effects in each of them. The sounds resemble a Crash, Ride, Tom-Tom, Floor, Snare, Cowbell, and Open Close Hits. It hasn’t added a kick drum sound effect, which is a little annoying, but other than that it does a fine job.

You will not get different instrumental solos or options to add a song from your phone memory. There is an equalizer with which you can manage the sounds of the pads. The most annoying part is that it shows too many ads which is the main drawback here.

Android: Download

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 Wrap up

I’m a hardcore metal fan, and I think these apps can really help you out if you are truly seeking to learn to drum. Some of the greatest metal bands like Dream Theatre and Lamb of God, and Tool etc, has got some real badass drummers. To become someone like them you need to start from today and right now.

Most importantly these apps can give you an upper hand even if you don’t have a real drum set. From the tutorials, you will learn different types of beats and get an idea of timing for the beats in a song. You can download and try out these apps and do let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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