10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Digital Wealth

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You all must have heard about cryptocurrency. It is digital money that has become popular among the users in no time. This form of currency is created using codes, encryption and Blockchain Technology to make safe and secure transactions. And it does not need any physical form, like the money, all of it is online. Some of the common examples of cryptocurrencies that you might have heard are Bitcoin, Ether, and LTC, but there are many others.

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred or invested further to earn profits also. If you too are looking to give a try to the digital money and are looking for apps that can help you then you have landed at the right page. We have made a list of some of the best cryptocurrency apps available for Android and iOS devices that will let you help in knowing, learning, and dealing with digital money. So let’s get started.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency

You might wonder why you should deal or take interest in cryptocurrency? Well here are a few points to consider.

  • They are universally recognized so you can transfer them without worrying about the exchange, transfers or interest rates.
  • While transferring no data or identity of the account holder is shared like in cases of credit and debit cards.
  • These kinds of currency are untraceable.
  • Some of the major companies like PayPal, Subway, Microsoft, Shopify accepts cryptocurrencies.

There are many other benefits of using cryptocurrencies like fast payments, and access to everyone who is online. Now then, let’s look at the apps that can help you out with cryptocurrency.

Best Crypto Apps To Manage And Track Digital Money

1. Cryptocurrency Secrets

best crypto currency apps - Cryptocurrency Secrets

If you or anyone else is completely new to cryptocurrency then this app can be very helpful. It will let you learn about cryptocurrency, their types, how to open accounts, investment strategy, and other aspects. Here you will get 8 chapters in which all the information is scattered accordingly.

One good thing is that the apps sync its data most of the time so you will get the latest details and information. I would say it is a really great educational app for those who are planning on starting to get into digital currencies. But the only downside here is that it is available only for Android users.


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2. Crypto App

Crypto App

Do you deal in cryptocurrencies and want to keep track of the rates and other latest news? Then you can be updated with all of that using this app. It has a list of various cryptocurrencies and their current market rates. You will have a graphical representation of how they are performing in the market. And you can even know the cryptocurrency market cap.

In addition to this, it allows getting the rate with respect to various currencies around the world or in Bitcoins and Ether. Though the list will be shown as per the rank of the currency, you can also see them according to $, cap, volume, time, or days.

You can set alerts for any cryptocurrency to know its latest changes, have market analysis read news regarding them and even convert them. It also lets you add widgets on your home screen to have a quick look at the market condition easily.

Android | iOS

3. BinanceBinance - best Cryptocurrency Exchange app

Binance is a platform that allows exchange and trades of more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, deposit and even withdraw the amount from this application at any time. This app will provide you every minute market analysis regarding the digital assets that you can consider before buying and selling. There will be graphs that will keep updating in real time so that you can have the latest info on the market trades.

You can apply various indicators or filter on the graph to study them in detail. But before all this, you will need to create an account with them in order to start buying and selling. Apart from that, you can see the value of the currencies with respect to BNB, BTC, ALTS, and USD. It also had a dedicated tab or section for buying or selling of the selected currencies with all the market analysis and their performances.


4. Coinbase

Coinbase - Buy and sell bitcoin

Coinbase is another application that lets you buy, sell or keep track of any cryptocurrency. But unlike the above app, it is easy to use and understand. As you will open the app it will show you the prices of various digital currencies, and to further use their features you will need to register an account with them. As soon as you do it, you will be guided about the usage of the app.

Here they have 5 tabs with various options. The first is the Price tab where you can buy cryptocurrencies or sell them whether its Bitcoin, ZRX, BAT, ETC etc. Another is Accounts in which you can see all the balance that you have with respect to different currencies. You can directly buy or sell them from here too.

Moving ahead comes Alerts section which will let you set a reminder for any of the given currency. Then the app will notify you whenever it reaches the desired mark or value for that particular cryptocurrency. You can also use the Invite feature of this app to join your friends and earn some digital currencies in reference. At last comes Settings where you can customize various options of your Coinbase account, even select the base currency for easy trade and set a pin for the security of the app.

Android | iOS

5. Blockfolio Blockfolio - Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Tracker

This is one of the best apps to manage and monitor cryptocurrency for both Android and iPhone users. In this app, you can create various portfolio to keep a check on different digital currencies, your investments, and their market rates. You can add multiple currencies in one portfolio and select from your desired fiat currency(paper money like $, ₹,£ etc) to show the rates according to your local currency.

It allows adding the transaction for selling, buying, transferring or just watching the market performance of the digital currency with respect to different exchange rates. By this, you can keep track and manage all your transactions. With this, it becomes easy to see how much profit or loss you are bearing in the digital currency trading. You can add a reminder for any currency with respect to other digital currency to be up to date or get informed with their exchange rates.

In Signal section you can follow their social channel and read their updates regarding these currencies. Furthermore, you can read news regarding the trading world and even change the theme of the app from dark to light mode. If you wish you can also change the language and set a passcode to keep the app secure.

Android | iOS

6. TabTrader

TabTrader - buy cryptocurrency

TabTrader can be a great app to buy, sell and have a check on Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It will let you see the exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies in pairs. This app will let you create multiple watchlists and add various pairs of currencies to know the exact value for each of them. You can either pair any two digital money or digital money with real currency(fiat currency) as per your country.

Other than the watchlist, you can add multiple trading accounts. This app allows adding Tab Trader account by scanning the QR code from their website or any other using their credentials. It supports various trading services like Binance, Bitbay, Bitfinex and many more. Once you have added the account you can start selling or buying of cryptocurrencies.

It will provide charts for market analysis and performance of any particular digital asset from this app according to which you can take the decisions to buy or sell or even set a reminder for them. You can alter or select a few other values on the charts and have the analysis according to different readings. It also has news which you can read from different trading magazines.

Android | iOS

7. CoinMarketApp


Though you will find many apps which are allowing you to trade and have the details about cryptocurrency, this particular app seems to have great feedback and response among the users. It will provide the price of every available digital coin and their market caps. You can select the base currency in which you want to see the price and the market cap values.

Moving ahead, you can mark your favorite coins and check them in the Favourite sections. This way it will be easy for you to check the price and value of your desired coins rather than browsing from the list of all coins every time. You can even read news regarding cryptocurrencies like most of the apps with an addition to the info about new cryptocurrencies.

It allows creating a portfolio for your investments with respect to various currencies to manage and keep track of your trades. Apart from all these, it will show you global data, charts that you can filter as per days, time, months or year and see which coins are ruling the trading market. Also, set alerts or convert the digital money. And it will provide YouTube channels regarding cryptocurrencies of various YouTubers which you can watch to gain additional knowledge.


8. Delta

Delta - Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Delta is an effective app to track your cryptocurrencies and their portfolios. This application is also available for Windows and macOS that you can download from their official website. Now as you will open the app you will see it has 5 options. The first tab is for entering your portfolio for the digital currencies. You can add single or multiple transactions with respect to both crypto and fiat currencies. Not only this you can connect any Exchange account, wallets and even import the data using CSV sheets(Only on desktop application).

On the second tab, you will be able to see the market performance of various cryptocurrencies and their values. In this section, you can even create a watchlist to monitor your desired digital currency and its prices. The third tab is for getting up to date with the news regarding the digital currency and its market.

Moving on to the fourth tab we have an alert option where you can set the option to get notified with changes in any cryptocurrency and their values. At last, is the settings tab where you can change the language of the app, select from various currencies and notification options. It also has passcode option like most of the apps from the list but in addition to that, you can use fingerprint authentication for more security.

Android | iOS

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9. Zebpay Zebpay Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zebpay is a cryptocurrency exchange app that will let you transfer digital currency around the world with ease. The app will automatically sense your location and accordingly show you the price of various digital currencies in your local money. In order to explore more about any of the given from the list, you will need to join them by creating an account and verifying yourself.

It will let you add PIN and fingerprint if your device has the hardware for more safety of your digital money. One thing, this cryptocurrency app is specifically for India so it may not allow other people to register its KYC process. After you are done it will show you address, receive, send and history tab in each of the listed crypto money.

For each money tab, it will have a different address. And you can receive or send money to any other person conveniently using these addresses. In history, you can check all the past tradings that you have made using this app. You can say this is a crypto trading and a perfect crypto wallet app to be used for serious digital money investment.

Android | iOS

10. Remitano


Remitano is a peer to peer exchange platform dedicated to buying and selling of Bitcoin and Etherum. As you open the app it will show the list of sellers and buyers who are willing to trade in cryptocurrencies that are around or nearby your locality. They will also show the payment methods accepted by them i.e. bank, online, etc. It allows having a chat with the buyers and sellers for more reliability.

You can use the Remitano wallet or any existing bitcoin wallet for trading. If you wish to trade in any other currency then you can select from the list of given countries in the app. The app will provide notification for traders and other market updates so you can be up to date.

And in case you have a problem either using the app or trading the coins then they have provided with a floating icon. Here you can find a bot to whom you can ask your queries and get help instantly. The bot is also monitored by one of their employees in case you have such an issue that needs human attention.

Android | iOS


So these were some of the best cryptocurrency apps that you can consider using for trading or learning of digital money. All the apps on the list are fine as they all serve the same purpose. It depends on which you feel easy to use, as some of them can be complicated with various trading options. But who already deals or know about them then it will be easy to choose. Which one are you planning to opt for your trading purposes? Drop your thoughts below.

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