10 Best Educational Apps For Kids Up To 5 Or 6 Year Old

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Nowadays kids are more familiar with smartphones and they too spend time using it. It can be used to keep them quiet, busy and make them stay in one place. Usage of smartphones also may depend on the growth of the child. You need to monitor their usage so they don’t get indulge in wrong activities.

A smartphone can be a bad influence if not guided correctly. But using a smartphone to improve the kid’s mental strength is a great way to help them learn and gain knowledge. You can have a look at these best educational apps for kids for 5 to a 6-year old that will not only be fun and entertaining for them but also help them learn.

1. YouTube Kids

You Tube Kids - Best educational apps

YouTube has launched this app specially for kids and it is full of fun, learning, and entertainments. This app will make sure that the kids only watch appropriate videos and stay away from other inappropriate things.

You can create a profile for the kids according to their age and it will show all the content related to that age. It will let you control how the kids will use the app. You can set timers, or download a video for letting the kids watch them offline.

YouTube Kids for iOS | YouTube Kids for Android

2. Puzzle Kids

Puzzle Kids

Let the kids play this colorful and entertaining puzzle game with the help of which they can learn about shapes and objects. This game has four options Drag picture, Shape Puzzle, Picture Mystery and Jigsaw Puzzle to play from.

Kids can learn about different animals, incests, geometric shapes and different common objects with this game. It will also provide voice feedback to understand and speak it more clearly. This app allows adding multiple profiles to save progress, in case it is played by more than one kid.

Puzzle Kids

3. Animal Puzzle for Kids

Animal Puzzle for Kids

This is among the best educational apps for preschoolers available for iOS. Like the above app, it will teach the kids to recognize different animals with puzzles. This games will allow them to develop their matching, tactile and motor skills.

It also has voice feedback and melodic music encouraging children to learn in a fun way. This game also supports 27 languages so it makes it easy for you to make the children learn in their own language rather than just English.

Animals Puzzle for Kids

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4. Baby Puzzles

Baby Puzzles

Yet another drag and drop puzzle game where kids can learn to identify objects. There will be shadows of objects given in which they have to drop the matching figure. Though this app is basic but is one of the best educational apps for toddlers.

This will help them remember the shapes, not just shapes but alphabets, objects, persons and letters too. The app does not have voice feedback but with proper guidance, they might learn to recognize the shapes and objects in real.

Baby Puzzles for iOS | Baby Puzzles for Android

5. Coloring & Learn

Coloring & Learn

If you are looking for an engaging app for kids 5 yr old and above then this might be it. Children’s love to color and with this app, they can do it without any mess. It will allow them to use their imagination and fill color in the given drawings. They can select from different categories of drawing to fill the color from.

Apart from that, it will also help them in learning how to write alphabets, numbers and improve their tactical skills by solving maze puzzles. This app also has a dot joining game where they can complete the picture by joining dots. They will get to learn a new object every time a game is completed.

Coloring & Learn

6. Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals, Birds and more!

Animal Quiz - Educational games for kids

As the name suggests this is an animal quiz game which will help in learning about different kinds of Animals. It has categories of animals like Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, Fish and Arthropods. For each category, there are multiple game modes like multiple choice, time game, quiz etc. 

It also allows learning the names of different animals in each category under Flashcard.       There are images where it will ask to guess the name of the given animal. It can be checked to see if its right or not.

Animals Quiz for iOS | Animals Quiz for Android

7. Math Land: Math Games for Kids

Math Land

This is one of the educational apps for kids up to 10 yrs of age. It is a very interactive game where they will play in a pirate-themed story. Here, Jay, a pirate is off on the hunt of gems to save the island he lives in. Kids will have to help him to go through the island and collect the gems.

In order to proceed through different levels, they will need to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, sorting from higher to lower, division, and negative numbers. Solving the given numeric questions for completing the game will help them in improving their maths and learn it in a fun way.

Math Land for iOS | Math Land for Android

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9. PBS Kids Video

PBS Kids Video

PBS has always tried to provide education through entertainments and fun videos. Continuing this they have made an educational app for kids where they can watch different cartoons and animated video. These videos will not just entertain them but also teach them many good habits and different things in a fun way.

PBS Kids Video for iOS | PBS Kids Video for Android

10. Kids Spelling 500 Words

Kids Spelling 500 words

With this app, you can teach the kids to learn spellings of up to 500 words. There will be an image and letters provided from which they can spell the object. It has categories like 3 letter words, 4 letter words, colors, animals etc form which they can start to learn from.

In this game, there are options to learn, practice and take tests for improving spellings. It will give complete voice feedback of every word and spell them so that it becomes easy for kids to learn.

Kids Spelling for iOS | Kids Spelling for Android

Best Educational Apps For Kids: Learning In A Fun Way

These apps will not only help the children to learn new things but also improve their language, skills, and mindset. All the apps and games are fun and equally informative to play from. You cannot stop your child from engaging to smart devices, but at least you can make sure they do it correctly. This will be a win-win, kids will get to play on smartphones and also learn many things.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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