Bluetooth Vs NFC: Which Wireless Connection Is Best?

Wireless transmission of data has been crucial on smartphones since the beginning. I still remember using Infrared on early bar phones to share multimedia files. But in no time, Bluetooth made its mark for sharing data. And now NFC has arrived and is being used in various devices for the same. Both Bluetooth and NFC … Read more

7 Games Like Homescapes You Must Try

Homescapes, a game where your aim is to help Austin change and renovate his childhood house. For that, you have to earn items and accessories by completing a series of games. The game that you get to play is a match and break where you have to match 3 or more similar items to break … Read more

10 Best Games Like The Sims For You

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7 Best Pipe Fitter Apps For Easy Plumbing

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10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Digital Wealth

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Get Strikethrough Text In Gmail With These Easy Steps

Strikethrough texts are a format of writing where all the words and phrases are struck out. To make it simple to understand strikethrough is used in writing to cross out something wrong or to checkmark things in a to-do list. But if you wish to use this kind of styling while sending emails via Gmail … Read more

7 Best Word Pronunciation Apps To Speak Correctly

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