Bluetooth Vs NFC: Which Wireless Connection Is Best?

Wireless transmission of data has been crucial on smartphones since the beginning. I still remember using Infrared on early bar phones to share multimedia files. But in no time, Bluetooth made its mark for sharing data. And now NFC has arrived and is being used in various devices for the same. Both Bluetooth and NFC … Read more

How To Clear Cache On Kodi For Smooth Video Playback

While playing videos or watching your favorite show on Kodi have you ever faced any issues? You might be facing buffering issue which results in videos or streams not playing online properly. Or problems in playback of any video and a message shows ‘Clear cache’? These issues can be resolved easily by clearing the cache … Read more

11 Best Websites To Compare Prices Online And Save Money

a women holding a credit card and a laptop

Are you addicted to online shopping? Well, most of us are and to be honest, it’s always fun to do shopping online. Especially when you get to save money at the same time. The best thing about online shopping is that you can compare the price of the same product from various sellers and vendors … Read more

7 Of The Best Wordle Alternatives: Check These Websites Like Wordle That Work Online

Wordle is one of the best tools for creating a word cloud. Now some of you might think, what is word cloud? It is exactly what it is called, a cloud of words and phrases creating different patterns or designs. The words will appear in the cloud in different sizes depending on their frequency in … Read more

10 Best Games Like The Sims For You

Do you love life simulation games? They allow you to create, control and experience life as a character in the game and take various decisions on behalf of them. Not only life but social simulation as well. One of the games that come to everyone mind while talking about the life simulation game is The Sims. … Read more

Set Processor Affinity For Programs On Windows

Your computer comes with multiple CPUs and cores which ranges differently on every PC. Multiple CPUs are utilized by heavy applications in order for them to run smoothly. But in some cases, the lighter applications can also take all the processors in order to execute, which can result in a lag of other applications. That … Read more

OEM Vs Retail Windows: Learn The Difference

If you are a PC enthusiast, then you must have heard of various versions of Windows available in the market. And I’m not talking about the version like Windows 7,8 etc, but the version that you find while purchasing the Windows either online or from any local store. There you might have seen or heard … Read more