7 Best Word Pronunciation Apps To Speak Correctly

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Have you ever thought that whether the words you speak are spoken correctly? Or want to learn the correct pronunciation of any word? Then you can learn them easily with the help of word pronunciation apps. They will allow you to listen to the correct way of speaking any word that you are finding difficult. And these apps are very helpful for students to learn the words in an easy way anytime they want to.

English pronunciation is what people seek to learn the most as it is a universal language and can be used in any part of the globe. But there are a few apps that will also let you have the right pronunciation in a few other languages. And if you found the desired language available then you might be in luck. So let’s have a look at some of the best apps to learn how to speak the words properly.

Best Word Pronunciation Apps – Learn To Speak The Right Way

1. English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation - perfect english pronunciation app

Just like the above app, here also you can learn the perfect English pronunciation of words in both the US and the UK language. All you have to do is, write the words and then tap on the speaker icon in order to have the audio feedback. Now unlike the above app, you can set the rate of speech and even the pitch of volume according to your comfort. This app can also be used to check the pronunciation of words to see if you are saying them correctly or not.

Download English Pronunciation

2. Sounds: The Pronunciation App

Sounds The Pronunciation App

As you open the app you can select whether you want to learn the American English or British English. Once you select the desired form of English you want to learn, it will then show you the Charts accordingly. These charts consist of various symbols each of which denotes a sound or speech in the English language that will be helpful for you to speak the words. You can tap to hear them or long press to know the words related to that speech.

Apart from this, you can also practice the words and even take the quiz to check your progress. Both Practice and Quiz can be taken in three categories i.e. Read, Write and Listen. And if you wish to change to American English or British English then it can be done from the Settings. Changing it will also change the charts and the symbols accordingly.

Download Sounds for Android | Download Sounds for iOS

3. Say It: English Pronunciation App

Say It - English Pronunciation App

This is one of the best word pronunciation apps available on this list. Here you will get to search for words that you wish to get the pronunciation for and then see the phonetic symbols and audio feedback for the same. This app offers to help you learn in a better way with the visual representation of words and their sound waves when they are spoken. This way you can speak and compare your speech to the given sound waves to match it perfectly.

You can take tests to see how much you have learned using this app and even hear sounds for various Vowels, Diphthongs and Consonants. Though it has a large database for words you can still buy the premium version to add more words and sound charts. Apart from this, it lets you select from British or American English as per your requirements.

Download Say It for Android | Download Say It for iOS

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4. Check Pronunciation Free

Check Pronunciation App

With this app, you can check the pronunciation of any word or even sentences. All you have to do is type or copy the text into the box and then hit Pronounce to get its audio feedback. This app uses the phone’s built-in Text to speech option and you can adjust the speech settings for the same. You can adjust the speech volume from the app itself. And what more this pronunciation app has to offer is that it can be used offline. Great isn’t it?

Download Check Pronunciation

5. English Dictionary Offline

English dictionary - pronunciation dictionary app

This is not only a dictionary where you can find meaning for words, but you can also use it as a pronunciation dictionary app. As you search for any word in the search tab, it will show you the meaning of it and in the same page you will be able to see a speaker icon, you can tap it in order to have the right pronunciation of the words given with its phonetic symbols. You can also use the option to play all the content on the result screen. Similar to the above app it also uses the devices in-built Text to speech option. You can also use this app offline without an active internet connection.

Download English Dictionary Offline

6. Text To Speech

Word Pronunciation App

You will get to select the language in which you want to learn the pronunciation from English(UK, US, CA) French(CA, FR), German, Italian, Korean and Japanese. Once you are done selecting the language, just type the words and tap Pronounce. This will provide the audio feedback of the words or letters that you have typed, in the language you have selected. The only thing here is that words are pronounced a little fast and can take time to get used to it.

Download Word Pronunciation

7. (How to) Pronounce

How to Pronounce - pronunciation app for iPhone

With this pronunciation app for iPhone, you can learn how to speak words and say them correctly just like the rest of the apps in this list. Just enter a word or any phrase and then hear it. What it has more to offer is that you can select whether you wish to hear the pronunciation at normal speed or slowly. Not only this, you can even get the definition of words from the dictionary of the app or even the web, record yourself speaking the words to compare them with the original pronunciation and even select the quality of recorded voice or the audio feedback.

Download Pronounce

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Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best apps that you can use to learn the right way to speak words in English. I would recommend using Say It: English Pronunciation App as it is available on both the platforms and has very great tools which will let you learn how to pronounce.

English Dictionary Offline is also a great app for Android users as it will let you know the meaning of the word that you want to learn with its proper pronunciation. While iOS users can also go for (How to) Pronounce. Which app do you prefer? If you want to share something with us then you can write it down in the comments section below.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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