Top 8 Driving Lesson Apps To Learn A-Z Of Driving A Car

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Learning to drive a car can be pretty exhausting. You not only have to learn how to drive but also have insights about traffic rules, inside & outside of the car, and some basic tips while driving on the road. All this can be learned without going to a driving school with help of some apps. There are plenty of learning to drive apps available, but it can be difficult to decide which one is good. So here, we have mentioned the best driving lesson apps which will help you in understanding everything about your car.

Learn To Drive With These Best Apps For Android & iOS

1. Learn Driving

Learn Driving - best driving lesson apps

This car learning app will help you in learning the basics of driving regarding an automatic transmission car. It has 4 sections in which the first is Know About Cars Controls, here you can learn about the controls and features of the car.

Second, comes Start To Drive. In this, you will learn how to drive a car starting from the knowledge and need for putting the Seat Belt on till how to Park Your Car. Then in the next section of Basic Traffic Rules, you can learn what different Traffic lights and Traffic signals indicate. You can also learn about things that you should never do while driving.

At last, there are some Driving Tips & Tricks which will guide you through some of the additional knowledge. You can learn How to save petrol in various ways, how to drive at night or in fog and snow. Apart from this, you can also know why and when Flashing headlights should be used. It will also guide through the things you can do if the car Tyre blow out unexpectedly.

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2. Driving Theory Test Genie

Driving Theory Test Genie iOS app

Now you can learn all the questions and patterns of the real driving test with this app. It will improve your knowledge with mock papers from the latest 2018 Highway manual and help you be prepared for everything.

Not only this, you can have detailed explanations for any topic and hints to answer the questions. You can answer different level of questions and learn from your mistake by reviewing them later.

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3. Learn To Drive A Manual Car

Driving Lesson App for Android - Learn How To Drive Manual Car

Driving an automatic car is easy as compared with the car having a manual transmission. In automatic, the person driving just has to focus on the road and control the steering with minimum gear shifting and no clutch to worry about.

But in a manual car, one has to take care of almost everything while driving. You have to change the gear according to the speed and press the clutch simultaneously which can be hard to master, but not impossible. This app will help you in learning clutch, gear stick and the methods of using it efficiently while driving.

From the basics of manual gear shifting to easy and step by step guide for driving, it has all the information you might be looking for. This is one of the best driving lesson apps for those who are beginners in driving a manual car.

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4. Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons app

What could be the best way to learn anything than watching? It is proved that people learn and absorb more knowledge while watching rather than reading. This app will help you in learning your driving and its basics in the same way.

You can have driving lessons, learn how to drive a car on Highways and on tricky roads like Roundabouts. In addition to this, you can also learn How to park your vehicle in different ways and some additional tips for improving your driving. All the information on these topics will be provided and shown in a video which you can watch in this app itself. The videos are really very informative and they show detailed and step-by-step markings for what is to be done.

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5. Driving Rules & Traffic Signs

Driving Rules & Traffic Signs

While you learn to drive a car, you also need to know the rules and regulations for road and traffic lights. It is a very essential part of driving as you have to watch out for every possible way to avoid unseen circumstances. Knowing the rules also keeps you away from doing any illegal activities like not wearing a seat belt.

This driving lesson app will help you in learning about the rules for driving and how can you attain a license. You will get to know about the purpose and value of license in different countries like Europe, UK, Spain, Japan and a few more. Apart from this, you can learn how to read different Regulatory, warning, bridge signs, etc. All the topics are not available for free, you have to make an in-app purchase of USD 1.99 to have them.

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6. Traffic & Road Signals

Traffic & Road signals app

You can learn about the traffic and road signals for 8 European countries with the help of this app. In this app, you can either learn about different sings or take a test to see if your knowledge is up to the mark or not. The test is in two parts with a time limit, one where you will get the image and you have to mark the correct statement. Another where you will get a statement and have to mark the correct image for that. You will be able to see how many questions you answered correctly or not.

Apart from this, you will also get the link for 42 different countries traffic rules and road signals. Pretty good for those who travel to other countries frequently.

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7. Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro

Now just learning how to drive and details about the car are not enough for you to become a complete driver. You have to pass the test and attain a Driving license from a dedicated license issuing authority. Some of you might think how hard can it be to pass this test, but believe me it is not as easy as you think. Many of the people fail in their first attempt and they have to give the test again and again until they pass it.

You can learn the theory part of the test with help of this learn to drive app. It includes 960 multiple choice question regarding every aspect of driving. You can answer and see how much you can get right. And not to worry if your answer is incorrect, you will get to learn and improve your knowledge.

Apart from this, there is also a visual test with help of which you can improve your driving with respect to Hazard Perception. Hazard perception test is conducted to see how your response is toward other moving objects on the road that might come suddenly while driving. It is provided by DVSA and if you are from the UK then this app is for you and it is available for both Android and iPhone.

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8. US DMV Driving Tests

US DMV Driving Tests

This app is targeted especially for the citizens of the US and its states. If you are from the US and have a driving test coming then you can prepare for that using this app. It has multiple choice questions and is made with respect to every state in the US. Each state may or may not have different rules and regulations. This app covers almost every detail of the test conducted in each state.

Apart from this, you can have class C, class M, and CDL permit practice test also.

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Best Driving Lesson Apps For Every Aspect Of Driving

With help of these Android and iOS apps, you can gain the knowledge of driving, all the rules, regulations and traffic signs. The best part you will not have to attend any driving school or pay fees for the same.

The only thing that I would like to add is, never go by yourself while you are learning how to drive in a car. You must be with someone who either is an adult carrying a valid driving license or a person who has knowledge and experience of driving a car. If not so, you may do something illegal unwillingly or may face some bad situations. So an experienced person should always be there to guide if you feel helpless.

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