Top 7 Games Like Rise Up To Kill Time

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If you have played Rise Up then you know the struggle. But that is what attract us gamers the most.

No offense to Rise Up but its slow pointer is so irritating. It should have been fast enough to deflect all the object trying to smash out the balloon. Plus the colors could have been better. From Objects, background and to the balloon itself, everything is so light colored that it is hard to make any difference between them.

If you want to try similar games then here’s our list of best Android and iOS games like Rise Up.

1. Knife Hit

By Ketchapp

Games Like Rise Up - Knife hit

It seems really easy when I started playing this game. But I was wrong. So wrong. Let me first tell you a bit about this game.

Basically, you have to hit knives into the rotating log to destroy it. Initially, you will be provided with 7 knives. But the quantity keeps increasing as you progress through stages. You will reach Boss Stage after every 4 rounds in which player has to destroy Boss which can be anything like cheese, tomato and so on.

You get to equip a new set of knives everytime you defeat a Boss. What’s the catch? You will lose if you accidentally hit any other knife instead of a log. And log rotates at random pace.

This is a fun game and you can get rid of ads by buying in-app purchases.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

2. Dune

By Voodoo

Dune Android and iOS game like Rise Up

This is one of the best games like Rise Up. Here you need to prevent the ball from crashing like you have to protect the balloons from exploding in Rise Up.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to do in this game. I scored 26 somehow and after that couldn’t even 10. But then I cracked the code.

Touch and hold to move forward. Leave the screen whenever you are on an upward slope. And just control your landing while in the air by tapping on the screen or holding the touch for a bit long. Land smoothly onto the downward slope.

Pro tip- Try to keep touch interactions as minimum as possible. Just keep flying as this will reward you higher points in the game.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

3. Rolly Vortex

By Voodoo

Rolly Vortex game

Another app from Voodoo. Play this game for too long and your head will start spinning. It looks so simple but you will realize how wrong you are when you start playing it.

Player has to pass the ball between the obstacles and object without any collision. These objects start moving and rotating making it difficult to carry on with the speed. You can also collect gems during this whole process but I would recommend not to because those are traps to make you move too much.

There is also a mission mode in which users can earn gems. There are 45 missions in total which can be completed with a lot of practice over and over again.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

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4. Paint Hit

By MAG Interactive

Paint hit Android and iOS game

This is one of those game which you can pick up and play anytime for a few minutes. It is a great time killer game. Paint Hit is easy as compared to other games, therefore, making it more fun.

Player has to paint rotating towers using paintball. Just like Knife Hit game, these towers keep rotating at different speed. Sometimes they even stop completely. And you can not paint that part which is already painted otherwise you will fail.

You will get new and different challenges each time you progresses with the game. And in Boss challenge, only one part is not painted. The player has to paint that part with a single touch. Don’t worry if you lose, you don’t have to start over again like you have to in Rise up and other games except for Boss stage.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

5. Rush

By Ketchapp

rush game

Coolest of them all. Visuals are so good in this game. This is also one of those games that will make your head spin. I felt dizzy just after playing 5 minutes of Rush.

Player has just to tap on the screen to switch the ball position from left to right and vice versa. The ball is moving on a super fast roller coaster which has triangle shaped objects in its tracks. You have to dodge those objects for as long as you can.

The great part about this game is its colors. Only the ball and tracks are colored and rest is pitch black. To give it a more trance-like vibe, colors keep changing automatically. And those annoying ads also don’t pop up,

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

6. Rider

By Ketchapp

Rider game

Riding a bike on a neon glowing track. This game has some awesome visuals like Rush. But this is definitely the most difficult game in this list. Yet it still sucks you in.

Player has to drive a bike on a not so easy track and has to perform stunts in the air. It’s necessary to land smoothly and safely otherwise you lose. You basically have to flip your bike in the air which is so darn difficult. I couldn’t score more than 18; just kept crashing like a noob.

There are 100 challenges in total and 40 new bikes to unlock. Mak your way to 32 levels and 10 different colored themes.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

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7 Helix Jump

By Voodoo

Games like Rise Up - Helix jump game

This one is like Rise Up with the difference being in the direction. In Rise Up the balloon goes upwards while in Helix Jump the ball is going downwards.

A small ball is constantly jumping on the top of the tower. Your objective is to make a path for this ball by rotating tower blocks. Each tower block has space in between through which the ball can pass.

But you have to make sure that ball does not bounce off the odd colored block which simply means retry. If ball skips some of the blocks while felling down then it will surely break the next block on which it lands.

It is a simple game which constantly engages you. When you start moving along the game levels you will notice that those odd colored blocks will also start rotating on their own which makes this game extremely hard.

Install it on Android (Go here) and iOS (Go here)

Games Like Rise Up You Can Play

I am more into intense gaming. And PUBG Mobile fits my style when it comes to mobile gaming but still I play all these kind of games. They make killing time fun and just provides a different taste once in a while.

Of all the Android and iOS games listed above, Rush is definitely my favorite. Have you tried any of these mobile games? If yes then share your high score in the comments.

Happy Gaming!

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