Wondershare Fotophire Review: Photo Editor With All The Basic Features

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To enhance picture quality and presentation a photo editing software is used by all the professional photographers. Nowadays everyone is able to click excellent photos with their devices like any digital camera or a smartphone. Even though you took a great photo but is it up to the mark? Is the photo looking like something you want it to be?

There are many photo editing tools in the market which can help you in editing your photos like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc. These kinds of software have advanced photo editing tools. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase those at quite high prices and learn a lot before being able to use it. Moreover, they are mostly used by the professionals who have all the knowledge of the software.

Especially for beginners, no one has to spend that much money or time learning the software as we have a perfect alternative for all those, Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Toolkit.

Wondershare Fotophire Review

Wondershare Fotophire is a multipurpose photo editing software for creating, editing, cutting and making the best out of your current photos. With three toolkits to use from and 2 additional software to enhance the photo editing experience, you can create a masterpiece with your photos.

Let’s have a look at the photo editing toolkits.


Fotophire review -main screen

Toolkits are the software which will allow you to modify different aspects of your photo. In this software, there are 3 kinds of toolkits:

Photo Editor

Under this, you can add various Effects from the software library to your photo. Crop photos for keeping only that portion which you need. You can even choose the tilt angle and a different width size from the chart or create one yourself.

Fotophire - photo editor

It lets you apply multiple Adjustments for changing the temperature, hue, brightness, contrast, shadow, highlights, clarity and saturation of the image. This tool will allow you to change the Color Balance and RGB Tone Curves where you can choose which color should be highlighted more in the image. With Creative Blur you can add sharpness focusing on the selected area of the image and make the rest blurry. You can add shadow or highlight the corner of the image with Vignetting.

Apart from this add TextsFrames and different types of Texture like the bokeh mode or double exposure etc. to your photo or image. You can select different options for all the above tools and save it as a new effect. This will help you in creating that effect to any image quicker.

Photo Cutter

Photo Cutter is a tool which will help you in removing a background from the images. Cut-Out feature allows you to mark the area which you want to remove and the rest is taken care of by the software.

Fotophire - Photo cutter


You can use the red color marker to paint the area which you want to remove. To keep some of the selective areas you can paint it them with a green marker. If you wish to erase any paint mark you can use erase paint. Moving ahead, Photomontage option will allow you to use the image that has been cut-out and add a background into it.

Fotophire - photomontage

Photo Eraser

Furthermore, the software will also help you to Erase an unwanted scene or objects from the photo. You can erase the object that you want with different tools such as by selecting a Rectangle on that area. Lasso is a free hand tool with which you can draw around the image or object to be erased. You can also select the area to be erased by joining different points and making a Polygon selection. At last, erase the area from the photo by painting it with the marker. After you have selected the area click on Erase.

Fotophire - photo eraser berfore
Fotophire - photo eraser after.png

You can also use Clone to duplicate areas by selecting from one part of an image and painting it to another part of the same image. This feature will also allow you to erase some of the objects by painting or cloning something above it and making it disappear.

Additional Softwares

Moving ahead, besides these toolkits, it will also provide you with 2 additional software for a little advance photo editing. You will have to download the software from the Fotophire toolkit to use them. They are:

Fotophire Maximizer – This software will help you in zooming the photo up to 1000% without losing its quality. You can use the Maximizer tool to zoom the image.

Fotophire - Maximizer

To restore the photos quality change the contrast, brightness, etc. in Adjustment.  You can also decrease the noise in the photos taken in the dark inside Denoise. Apart from this, increase the Sharpness of the image and add Grain to the photos for an artistic look.

Fotophire Focus – In this software you will be able to fix the images or photos which are blurred or unclear.

Fotophire - FocusFotophire - photo eraser berfore

Compatibility And Usage

Fotophire is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. You will be able to use this software without any training or help. After you are done with the installation, the software will provide you with easy and quick demos showing step by step process of how to use its features. You can print or save the images that you have made in your PC or share them on Facebook with your friends.


The trial version is free to use for 7 days without any limitations except watermark. Whereas after 7 days you will have to purchase the subscription and register the software. With $49.99 subscription for a year and $79.99 for a lifetime, choose according to your requirements. It also has other offers to choose from.

With registered version, you can enjoy Free technical support, No watermark, and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Powerful tools with quick and easy editing
  • Trail version with all the premium features
  • Comparison view for original and the edited image
  • Money back in 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the software


  • Photos saved in the Trial version have too many watermarks

Wondershare Fotophire For Easy Photo Editing

Among many other tools used for editing of photos, Fotophire is definitely the one which I will use from now on. This software has tools powerful enough to edit the photos as you desire yet very easy to choose or locate them. Though this software is not really for professionals still they can use it. Any beginner trying it out will love it and be satisfied after using it. I would surely say that this is the last tool you will be using for the rest of your basic photo editing needs. Check out the free trial now.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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