7 Best Archery Games For Android To Try Right Now

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Archery games have always been among the most played games and I don’t know about everyone but to me, it is most addictive and the best way to spend futile time. Whether you are on a train or a bus these games could entertain you anywhere. Beating your own score is what makes these games more challenging. So, here we present you the best Archery games for Android.

1. Archery Black

archery black - bow and arrow game

A simple yet addictive archery shooting game and the great thing is that it’s the smallest and just uses 3MB of the space and is offline. Honestly, before installing this game, I thought it would be nothing good but once I started playing I was like I’ll play again to beat my score. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as you can within the given arrows that you have.

You must think that would be easy, but that’s where the twist is. The bow from which you will be shooting and the target both keep moving and it makes it harder to aim at the middle of the target. To earn points hit the target, the closer to the middle the more points you will get. In addition to the points, hitting the middle will also give you additional arrows with which you can increase the chance of your scoring. Beside this, you can play online or play chase target set by CPU and defeat it.

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2. Archery King

archery king - best archery game

Get ready to hit the target with the best precision. Archery King is a 3D archery game in which you have to hit the target and earn as many points as you can in order to beat your opponent. To earn great points you have to hit the center of the target or as close to it as you can.

With different competitions like Classic in which you have to score more than your opponent, Rush where you will have to score as much as you can in a limited time, Bingo where you have to strike 3 line of numbers given in a card and make a bingo by canceling the number where the arrow lands. Play with your friends online by logging in through Facebook.

Apart from this, you can also play the game offline and complete the challenges which will help in sharpening your shooting skills and win extra credit. Upgrade your bow and arrow for better and precise shots. Collect these and see where you rank among all the others globally.

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3. Dark Man 2 Apple Shooter

dark man 2 archery- shooting game

As you can guess by the name it’s an archery game but with a different target to shoot, an Apple. How hard can it be to shoot an Apple? Right, but what if the apple is on other humans head and you have to just hit the apple without killing the person. Well if you shoot a human it feels drastic because of its blood effects. Now as you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase gradually. You will also get tools in the levels as icons on the screen that you can shoot with an arrow to get them.

There are three kinds of arrow – Gold which will hit the target but go through all other objects, Silver will go through all the objects except the human and the last Fire arrow will help you in destroying the apple directly. Most importantly you will get limited numbers of arrow per level so try to complete the levels with minimum arrows. The game is convenient to play as it features a light background and shooter and the target is in dark just like Shadow fighting.

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4.  Fruit Shoot

fruit shoot - archery game

Not only apples but also shoot different fruits on the head of different animals and beings like a bear soldier or a dragon with multiple challenges. This is basically like the above archery game but with increased difficulty and cute cartoon characters. You have to shoot the fruits on the head of other creatures without killing them. The thing that makes it different is that in this game the distance keeps increasing as you eliminate a fruit.

Apart from the distance the difficulty also increases as you move ahead to higher levels. The first level will be just of shooting fruits but the next will be to shoot the fruits before they pile up on the creature’s head and reach a given point or height. Like this, the levels will keep getting harder and harder. Once you destroy all the fruits in a level you will have to eliminate the being in front of you before they take you out in a shoot off.

Complete a level and earn coins to unlock other levels. The best thing about the game is that you can switch the Blood effect on/off. This is a really good option as some users are not comfortable with that kind of bloody effect.

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5. Duck Hunting

duck hunting -archery shooting

How many of you remember the old NES Duck Hunting games? Well if you do then this game will surely be a nice one for you. This game made its place on this list of best archery games for Android because of its simple yet hard to beat gameplay. All you have to do is pull the arrow aim at the flying ducks and shoot them. You will get 3 lives and with each arrow missed you will lose one life.

You collect 10 points for the duck and you get an extra life if you hit a colored duck. Besides all this don’t forget to avoid shooting the bird that comes in between or you will lose a life.

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6. The Archers 2

the archer 2; best archery games for Android

Compete with this stickman archery game and kill your opponent before they kill you. Shoot 2 arrows anywhere on the bots or aim for the headshot to finish them in just a single arrow. You can also be killed in the same way. The opponent will also have the same weapon but as you keep killing them there will be more and m0re stickman with different and more dangerous weapons like fireball and spear. Kill as many as you can before you get killed.

Buy powerups with the coins you earned like a shield, helmet or different kind of arrows. You can also buy different weapons like Bows, Spears or Shuriken.

You can play this game offline as a single player, with your friend or multiplayer online either randomly with anyone or with your friend. All you have to do is log in through your Google Play account.

Tip: For more precise shoots don’t forget to switch on the aiming tip inside the settings menu.

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7. Tiny Archers

tiny archers Android game

Pick your bow and arrows and get ready to witness a journey full of fantasy and shooting skills. Help tiny elves to protect their kingdom by killing the goblins and other evil creatures. These creatures are here to destroy the kingdom and are planning to attack. Your job is to kill the goblins who are trying to sneak into the castle from your tower.

Adam the archer, your first character of the story is ready to lay down some goblins with his team. Just remember you have limited arrows so use them wisely. Rest of the characters will unlock as you progress through the game by leveling up. Blacksmith will help you with your weapons and buying of arrows. Unlock new upgraded weapons, traps, and magical arrows by earning coins and gems. Set trap for the goblins and make strategies to kill them. Complete missions to earn some extra gems.

You can also play online or compete for your shooting skills with others. With good quality 3D animation and challenging levels.

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Final Opinion On Best Archery Games For Android

Never get bored again with these games that we have listed above. Whether you like small games or want to play something fantastic; this list has covered everyone who wants to play archery games. The best out of all the games according to me is Archery Black. Honestly, with that size, the game is awesome and challenging. You can play it anywhere anytime plus it will take least of your storage space which is a great thing. Come and shoot away your free time with these games.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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