Top 15 Smallest Apps In Play Store

Google Play Store has a huge variety of apps. If you are are searching for apps that will help you save some storage, then this is the perfect place. Also if you are an Android fan, keeping these apps just for fun won’t affect your storage much. There are hundreds of apps that are below 1 MB. But these low storage apps are much smaller than that and some of them are really useful. Here is a unique list of amazingly smallest apps on Google Play Store. We have tried to include only one app if we found more than one app with same functions.

Smallest Apps On Android

1. b.a.M: Tiniest Smallest App APK ever (2.4 KB)

b.a.M Tiniest Smallest App APK ever

This is the smallest app on this list. It is just 2.4 KB  and sorry to say that it has no function. The developer has just written ‘Hallo Welt’ (‘Hello World’ in German) with the name of the company. This app is just an experiment to show that such apps can exist.

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2. Info (2.8 KB)

Smallest Android app - Info

This is the 2nd smallest app ever with just 2.8 KB of APK size. This app shows all the information regarding your SIM cards and phone like IMEI number, phone number, current network, signal strength etc.

There are other categories as well. In the ‘Battery Info’, you will know about battery health, battery level, temperature and voltage. It also calculates the time since you switched off your phone last time. The ‘Usage statistics’ section is the best to track your children’s activities. You can see how long any app was used this month and what was the last time it was used.

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3. Screen Torch (4.7 KB)

Smallest app - Screen Torch

The flashlight torch is too bright at times as per the requirement. So this is the best, smallest and brightest white screen torch you will get for your Android phone. There is no unnecessary button. Just open the app in need and tap on the cross to exit.

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4. Micro Torch LED (7.1 KB)

Smallest tiny size Micro Torch LED

This is the torch app with smallest APK size you will ever find. This app also has no other function, just tap on the icon to open the torch and exit to close.

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When I used this app, this didn’t function a few times. So here is another tiny size torch app. It is also very small (11 KB) in size. In many phones, the phone’s flash is switched off automatically when you press the power button. This app is best for you if you want the torch to stay on while using the power button.

5. Equalizer (7.1 KB)

Smallest Music Equalizer - Android Play Store

Now you don’t have to use those heavy apps for music equalization. This small app is very efficient music equalizer and even in this size, it has everything you will find in other equalizers. You can choose the volume to be set as per the place like small, medium, large rooms and halls.  Set the ‘Bass boost’ and different equalizer functions like Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Rock etc.

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6. Battery Percentage Charge – iBateria (7.4 KB)

smallest app download - iBateria Battery Percentage

If your phone doesn’t have a battery percentage indicator than this app is the smallest one you can get. Just tap on the app icon and the battery percentage will appear on your home screen. The percentage doesn’t stay there forever. When you press back to exit the app, the percentage will also disappear.

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7. Screen Touch Test (7.4 KB)

Smallest Android App

You experience lags and other problems on your phone screens at times. To know if all parts of the screen are working properly, this is the smallest size Android app to download for testing your touchscreen.

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8. Black Background (9.3 KB)

Smallest Android app for Black Background

If your phone’s battery is draining too soon then the brightness of your home screen wallpaper might be one reason. Save battery by downloading this simple app. The app is so small that it does not comes to home screen too. It just starts functioning as soon as you download the app.

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9. Screen Filter (11 KB)

Screen Filter - Smallest app for decreasing brightness

Sometimes we need to save our battery badly due to various reasons. Also, my phone’s lowest brightness is more than I need. This is a very good app with more than 100 thousand downloads on Play Store. Tap on the icon and it directly gives you the option to set the brightness. When you want the app to stop functioning, tap on the app again and then on ‘Clear’. What a small, easy and useful app.

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10. Apk Manager (22 KB)

Smallest Apk Manager

Apk Manager is the smallest app to see your apps even if not installed. There are two separate sections for ‘installed’ and ‘uninstalled’ apps. You can see and install or uninstall the apps directly from there.

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11. Apk Extractor Lite (44 KB)

Best Apk Extractor Lite - send share and save APK

Currently, this app has 4.6-star ratings with more than 100 thousand users on Play Store. This is the best APK manager and extractor I have ever found. This app extracts the APK and stores on your phone in just 1-2 seconds by just taping on the app.

This is not just an APK extractor app. You can sort the app list by size to see if there is a big app you can uninstall to save storage. Also, it is possible to uninstall the app from there only. Long press on the app in the list and you will find options like, Send APK, App Info, Open in Google Play, Share app link etc.

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12. FASTER App Search (43 KB)

Smallest Android launcher - FASTER App Search

I have more than 200 apps on my phone. There is no option that I can sort them Alphabetically to find them quickly. This app can save your time as you can sort the apps in whatever way you want, like alphabetically, by usage or by installation time.

You can also search any app from the search bar when you open this app or you can set this app as your launcher. Then it will be on your homepage and you can set different themes like dark, light or transparent. It lets you change the icon size too.

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13. Open In WhatsApp (55 KB)

Smallest app to send whatsapp messages - Open in Whatsapp

Ever happened that you don’t want to save a contact but still have to send a WhatsApp message to someone?  There are many apps available for that, but why would you waste a large storage for a person whose number you don’t want to save? This is the smallest app from which you can send a WhatsApp message without saving the number and more than 1 million people are using it currently.

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14. Notification Stopwatch (66 KB)

Smallest stopwatch app - Notification Stopwatch

This is the best smallest app on Android for a sportsperson who frequently checks their performance. It has just 2 functions — start/stop the stopwatch and reset it. Once you start the stopwatch, you can see it in the notification bar too.

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15. RGB Color Wallpaper (80 KB)

Smallest app to set background - RGB Color Wallpaper

Select wallpaper from thousands of different colors with the help of this small app. You can make a color yourself by mixing different shades of Red, Green and Blue. I would keep this app to learn the names of the colors I really liked. Example: Alice Blue, Blue Haze, Botticelli, Celeste, French Grey etc.

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Many of you might not be knowing that such smallest apps exist. All these apps are smaller than 100 KB.  We have also made the lists of smallest gadgets like smallest laptops, smallest speakers etc. and we’ll keep on making such amazing lists. Share this article with your friends and do tell us if we missed any wonderful app.

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