7 Best Flashlight Apps For Android and iPhone

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We all have flashlights in our phones for taking pictures in low light and torch purposes. But sometimes you need a little extra work from your flashlight. Like for call alerts, creating disco effects with music and at times even just for playing with the different colors of the light. So, here is the list of some useful and free Torch/Flashlight apps available for Android and iOS.

Best Flashlight Apps

1. Brightest Flashlight LED

Brightest Flashlight LED - Super Bright Torch

This flashlight app is rated highly on Google Play Store. Apart from working as a torchlight, it can be used as a blinking light. All the modes like – a  normal torch, SOS (emergency) mode and blinking frequency can be changed from the home screen itself.

It has the feature to change your incoming call experience. As you can see in the picture, It allows you to try different themes for notifications when someone calls you.

There are other features in the app like enabling ‘shake to turn on’, LED flash for calls and LED flash for notifications. You can add a shortcut to the app on your phone’s home screen for launching the light quickly when needed. You can also apply different skins on the torch by taping on the t-shirt icon in the middle.

App link: Android

2. Disco Light™ LED Flashlight

Flashlight app - Disco Light™ LED Flashlight

You are definitely going to like this if you are searching for a flashlight app for Disco feature. This has 3 features related to disco lights other than the basic torch feature. First one is the microphone sensor by which the phone flashes with the beat of the music. Microphone sensitivity can be changed from settings. Then, the strobe light for which you can fasten or slow the speed. And lastly ‘Shake it’ feature which lights the torch when you shake the phone, best for dancing.

Other features in the app are Police light and the Morse code feature. You can also change the text from the settings if you want to convey something in the Morse language.

App link: Android

3.Flashlight – Torch LED Light

Flashlight - Torch LED Light

This is one of the best flashlight apps as it is loaded with many features and available on both Google Play store as well as iTunes. All the features are on the home screen only and very easy to use.

You can turn it into emergency flashing or a disco light with just one tap. It is possible to minimize or maximize the flash frequency of the disco light. There is an option to minimize the intensity of the light which will turn off the flashlight and make the screen white.

The ‘Clap to light’ feature is also there which works by listening any tap sound through the microphone. It also has a magnifier in which photos can be clicked too. By taping on the ‘i’ button on the home screen you can access the option to set a timer for the flashlight, change the language and switching the app sounds.

App link: Android/iOS

4. Music Strobe – light show

Best Flashlight apps - Music Strobe - light show

Music Strobe – light show app is just for playing with the light of different colors on the sound of the music played on your phone or any other device. The screen emits different colors and the flash blinks.

When you’re using the app, the controls are placed in notification bar for easy access.

You can choose screen lights color and blink frequency. All colors can also be flashed at once by choosing from the dedicated colors icons.

App link: Android

5. Flashlight for iPhone, iPod And iPad

Flashlight app for iPhone , iPod and iPad

It is one of the best flashlight apps for iPhone with a cool interface. You can change the color of the screen lights and the frequency of SOS. Surprisingly the intensity of the flashlight can be changed, which I didn’t find in any other app.

It also has a ‘Fire’ feature which lights a candle on the screen with the camera in the background. So, that would be a complete candlelight dinner experience.

Apart from that, it also can blink on music beats by tapping on the dedicated button on the home screen. In settings, you can change the themes and also access compass within the app directly etc.

App link: iOS

6. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Flashlight app download - Tiny Flashlight + LED

This is the most downloaded flashlight app on Google Play store with 100 million users. It does not have any unique feature. You can choose between the simple features like the torch, screen lights, Strobe lights, color and mood lights.

All these features have additional settings which can be explored by tapping on the three-dot icons on the top.

The frequency of ‘On/Off’, and color of the light can be changed in the “Strobe Light” settings.

Also, you can access “Colour & Mood Lights” and set the desired screen color by swiping left or right. Personalization of your phone is also possible by applying the live wallpaper from this app settings.

App link: Android

7. High-Powered FlashLight

Simple flashlight app - High-Powered Torch

High powered Flashlight named as Torch on iTunes is a minimal yet useful torch app and this is also available on both the platforms. If you want a flashlight app just for the blinking feature than this is the one. Additionally, it also has a compass in it which makes it best-suited app just for camping purposes.

App link: Android/iOS

Now, you know what a Flashlight on your phone is capable of. With the help of these apps, you can change your phone’s flashlight experience completely. If you have used any of these or any other flashlight apps, you can share your experience in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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