Cracking The Code: A Comprehensive Guide To Snapchat Emoji Meanings

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All Snapchat emojis mean different things. This emoji πŸ”₯ means fire, this one 😊 means a smiling face, while this one 😬 is grimacing. You can use these emojis in your stories or chat with anyone from your friends list.

Have you ever wondered what your friend is trying to say when he or she sends you a Snapchat emoji? Take it from me, it can be a real challenge sometimes. I am saying this because one time, my friend sent me an emoji with two pink hearts. I had no clue why she was sending me that.

Later, I realized that the pink hearts emoji is the β€œsuper BFF” emoji. That’s when I decided to learn what Snapchat emojis mean and share my knowledge with you. So, continue reading this guide, and you too will know what each Snapchat emoji means.

Snapchat yellow screen with logo

What Are Snapchat Emojis?

According to Statista, Snapchat has 375 million active users daily, and most of my friends use it and share emojis. But all those little Snapchat emojis confused me for the longest time. What does the fire icon πŸ”₯ emoji or the smirking face 😏 Snapchat emojis mean? And why do Snapchat emojis keep changing?

Once I finally took the time to understand the Snapchat emoji meanings, it opened up a whole new world of communication on the app.

Snapchat emojis on full screen

Snapchat emojis add a lot of context to your conversations, and they represent different things. For example, I noticed that friend emojis like the fire icon are next to my friend’s name on the Snap and this is because she is on a streak with me. Likewise, there is a smiley face beside my other friend’s name.

According to Snapchat, Snapstreaks means the number of consecutive days you and your friend Snapped (not chatted) each other within 24 hours. The fire πŸ”₯ emoji appears after sending and receiving for three consecutive days, and the number beside the emoji tells you the number of days for which you are on the streak now.

For me, Snapchat emojis are a fun way to keep track of my Snap relationships with friends! Each emoji on Snapchat corresponds to a certain level of interaction. For example, if you see a lot of yellow hearts emoji next to the name of your Snapchat friend, you know you’re pretty close to them.

Understanding Snapchat emoji meanings can make your experience on the app more fun. So take the time to learn what Snapchat emojis mean and be among the few Snapchat users who know about them.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Snapchat emojis are a fun way to show your Snapchat friends how you feel without using words! From hearts to fire, each emoji on Snapchat has its meaning. Want to know all the Snapchat emoji meanings? Check out this quick rundown of Snapchat emojis.

Snapchat Friends List Emoji Meanings

Different emojis for various types of friends

Sending snaps continuously, every day, will mean that you will start to see Snapchat friend emojis next to your friend’s name. This also helps increase your Snapchat score. These are the meanings of these friends’ emojis:

Smiling Face 😊

This emoji on Snapchat appears next to your best friend’s name. When you see a smiley face emoji, you send many snaps to this person.

Smiling face emoji for the best friend

Yellow Heart πŸ’›

If you see a yellow heart emoji next to someone’s name on your friend list, it means that person is your best friend and vice versa. This means that you both send snaps to each other frequently.

Yellow heart emoji for the mutual best friend

Red Heart ❀️

If you see a red heart emoji next to someone’s name on your friend list, it means you have been each other’s #1 best friend for at least two weeks. This indicates that you and your Snapchat friend consistently send snaps to each other.

Pink Hearts πŸ’•

This Snapchat emoji appears when you have been each other’s #1 best friend for two months in a row. It shows you and your Snapchat friend have a strong, long-standing friendship.

Baby πŸ‘Ά

This baby emoji appears when a user recently adds you as a friend on Snapchat. The baby emoji indicates that they are a new friend, and you haven’t sent a lot of snaps to each other yet.

Face With Sunglasses 😎

This sunglasses emoji appears next to a friend’s name when you share mutual besties. To put it another way, the sunglasses emoji shows that one of your friend’s best friends is also your best friend on Snapchat.

Sunglasses emoji in front of a Snapchat contact

Smirking Face 😏

The smirk emoji appears when someone is one of your best friends, but you are not one of their best friends. In other words, they send you a lot of snaps, but you don’t send them as many.

Grimacing 😬

This grimacing face emoji shows up next to a friend’s name when you share a mutual best friend but are not each other’s best friend. It indicates that you both send a lot of snaps to the same person.

Snapchat Special Emojis Meanings

Snapchat also has some β€œspecial” emojis. Here are these Snapchat emojis explained:

Fire πŸ”₯

The πŸ”₯ fire emoji on Snapchat may seem small, but to my best friend and me, it symbolizes our strong bond. It appears when you and a friend repeatedly Snap for several days and it’s a way to show that your friendship is on fire and going strong. When my friend and I first saw the fire emoji, we made it our mission to keep the flame burning by sending funny snaps and staying connected despite our busy schedules. 

Fire Snapchat emoji in front of a friend contact

Hourglass βŒ›

I remember one time when I saw hourglass emoji showing up on Snapchat while I was on a streak with a friend. I had no idea what the hourglass emoji meant and why it appeared. 

Later, I learned that the hourglass emoji was a warning that your Snapstreak was about to end, and you had to send a Snap to your friend to keep it alive. This was a helpful lesson for me, and now I know what this emoji means when I see it on Snapchat.

Hourglass emoji in front of some Snapchat contacts

The Hundred πŸ’―

The πŸ’― emoji on Snapchat represents a streak, which indicates how many consecutive days two users have been sending snaps to each other. I have learned that when the πŸ’― emoji appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, you and that friend have been on a “Snapstreak” for 100 days in a row.

Birthday Cake πŸŽ‚

The birthday cake emoji has been my lifesaver. Being bad with dates, the birthday cake emoji reminds me of my Snapchat friends’ and family members’ birthdays. It’s a universal and simple way to show that I care and make people feel special about their birthday.

Cake emoji showing today is your friend's birthday

Broken Heart πŸ’”

This emoji appears when you and your friend’s Snapstreak has ended. It’s a sad way to show that your streak has been broken, indicating that a broken friendship needs to be restored.

Gold Star 🌟

This Snapchat emoji pops up next to your friend’s name when someone replays your Snap more than once in the last 24 hours. It’s like a gold star that demonstrates when your friends have enjoyed your snap.

Snapchat Story Emojis Meanings

Snapchat emojis for stories are an amusing way to add character and style to your Stories. Using story Snapchat emojis means you can express different emotions or sentiments. My friends usually share the clapboard emoji 🎬 with me, as it represents some creative work, and being a content writer, I am usually flaunting my creativity. Here are the most common Snapchat emojis for stories and the possible intent behind them:

Bicep Emoji πŸ’ͺ

Is your friend a gym freak? If so, you may have seen this Snapchat emoji next to their name. If you also feel strong and motivated, feel free to show off your gains with this emoji.

Bicep emoji on a snap

Clapboard Emoji 🎬

Are you working on a creative project, like a film or video? Use this emoji to show what you’re up to. I personally use this one a lot whenever working on some content. I simply click an image of my laptop and a few words from the content I am working on and upload it to my story with this emoji.

Clapping Hands Emoji πŸ‘

If you want to show your support for someone or something, this Snapchat emoji can help you do it! For example, if someone shares a story of some act of kindness, you can use this emoji to show support. Snapchat is also taking such β€œActs of Kindness” initiatives to show support for those who share stories of some kindness.

Crown Emoji πŸ‘‘

I love using the Crown Emoji on Snapchat! Whenever I post a Snap where I feel confident and accomplished, I add the Crown Emoji to let my Snapchat friends know I’m the boss. Showing off my pride and self-assuredness without being too serious is fun.

Snapchat crown emoji

Pizza Emoji πŸ•

I love using the πŸ• Pizza emoji on Snapchat! Not only does it show my love for one of my favorite foods, but it’s also a great way to tease my Snapchat friends. Whenever we plan to grab a pizza slice, I’ll send them this emoji to get them excited. Or if someone mentions they’re hungry, I’ll send them the pizza emoji to make them crave it even more.

Pizza emoji used in a chat

Poo Emoji πŸ’©

Okay, maybe not all of our posts are glamorous or highbrow. Use this emoji to add a touch of humor to your post.

Praying Hands Emoji πŸ™

If you want to show appreciation or gratitude for something, this Snapchat emoji can help you.

Tiger Emoji πŸ…

The πŸ… Tiger emoji on Snapchat is my secret weapon for expressing confidence and empowerment. I love to use it to show off my excitement and determination or when I need a boost of courage.

Tiger emoji used in a chat

Up Arrow Emoji ⬆️

Use this emoji to urge people to swipe up or take action on your post. It can be an excellent way to promote a product or service or create interactions with your content.

And that’s all there is to it! Story Snapchat emojis mean expressing your playful, loving, or goofy side. And when you know all the Snapchat emoji meanings, it becomes even more fun. So don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your Stories!

Snapchat Quick Icons Emoji Meanings

Here are the meanings of quick icons on Snapchat:

  • Purple Arrow Emoji: A purple arrow appears when you send your friend a video or audio snap.
  • Red Arrow Emoji: A red arrow means you have sent your friend an image or audio-less snap.
  • Blue Arrow Emoji: A blue arrow means you have texted your friend.
  • Purple Square Emoji: A purple square appears when you receive a video or audio Snap from your friend.
Purple new snap text showing you have sent this friend a video or audio snap
  • Red Square Emoji: A red square appears when you receive an image or audio-less Snap from your friend.
Pink new snap text showing received snaps
  • Blue Square Emoji: A blue square means your friend has sent you a text message.
Blue new chat text showing a new received text message

You can also check out this YouTube video that runs you through all the Snapchat emoji meanings.

YouTube player

How To Customize Friend Emojis on Snapchat

Snapchat will add emojis to your friends list based on the number of snaps you send or receive from them. But you might want to change the emojis appearing on the list.

For instance, the grimacing 😬 emoji shows up against mutual besties. But I didn’t want it to appear like that. I mean, why a grimacing face should represent something about besties? That’s why I changed it to a smiling face with an open-mouth πŸ˜€ emoji.

It will take you aboutΒ 2 minutes.

Here’s how to easily customize your friends’ Snapchat emojis by following these steps.

  1. Open Snapchat on your device.

    Snapchat logo inside the app drawer

  2. Tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji icon in the top left corner of the screen.

    Your profile icon in the top left corner

  3. Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your settings.

    Settings icon in the top right corner

  4. Scroll to the “Privacy Control” section.

    Privacy control option in settings

  5. Tap “Customize Emojis.”

    Customize emojis option in settings

  6. You will see a list of all the emojis assigned to your Snapchat friends. To customize friend emojis, simply tap on them.

    Different emojis assigned to different friend types

  7. You will then be presented with a list of Snapchat emojis, from the fire emoji to the sunglasses emoji. Select the one you want to assign to that friend.

    A list of emojis to assign according to friend types

  8. Once you’ve finished customizing your friends’ Snapchat emojis, tap on the “Back” arrow in the top left corner of the screen.

    Back button on emoji assigning page

Congratulations! You have successfully customized your friend emojis on Snapchat. Now, whenever you see those Snapchat emojis next to your friends’ names, you’ll know they represent something special between you and that friend.


What Does The 😬😊 Mean On Snapchat?

The 😬 and 😊 emoji on Snapchat means that you and your friend share a mutual best friend and that you and your friend are best friends on Snapchat, respectively. Both these Snapchat emoji meanings indicate that you and your friend have sent many snaps to each other.

Is 😊 On Snapchat Mutual?

The 😊 emoji on Snapchat indicates mutual friendship. It means you and your friend send each other snaps frequently and strongly connect on the platform.

What Comes After πŸ’• On Snapchat?

The ❀️ (red heart) emoji comes after πŸ’• on Snapchat. It indicates that you and the other person have been each other’s #1 best friend for two weeks straight. It’s a sign of a close friendship.

What Does The πŸ˜ŽπŸ’› Mean On Snapchat?

The 😎 Snapchat emoji indicates that you and your friend have a mutual best friend. The πŸ’› emoji tells that you and your friend are best friends on Snapchat, which means you share snaps frequently!

Final Thoughts

Now you know the Snapchat emoji meanings and no longer do you need to scratch your head whenever those endearing little icons appear on your screen. There will be no misunderstandings or confusion with other Snapchat users!

Just snap, snap, and have fun with these Snapchat emojis to make your snaps stand out. If you have any other questions or want to know what other Snapchat emojis mean, comment below, and I will help you with the meaning of the Snapchat emoji you are confused about.

Have fun snapping! πŸ“Έ

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