Learn How To Save Snapchat Messages For 24 Hours As Well As How To Keep Them Forever

How to keep chats for 24 hours after they are viewed Snapchat

Snapchat is fun and unique because you don’t have to bother about handpicking the perfect picture or selfie to share with friends. The self-destructing nature of snaps and chats makes it instantaneous and suitable to share anything from your commute to your evening snacks. However, if you have had issues in the past with the … Read more

How To Loop Snapchat Videos: Make A Video Repeat On Snapchat On Android And iPhone

Make and send Looping Videos on Snapchat

Have you ever used Instagram’s Boomerang and wanted to use the same on Snapchat? Well, both Boomerang and looping videos are quite similar in nature. The only difference is the video direction. In Instagram’s Boomerang, video switches its direction back and forth as soon as it ends, whereas Snapchat looping video keeps moving forward until … Read more

How To See All Friends On Snapchat In Four Different Ways (Check Our Video!)

How to see your friend list on Snapchat

Snapchat introduced its disastrous new update at the starting of 2018. It made a lot of people angry and there was even a petition complaining about the redesign. After receiving huge criticism for the update, Snapchat started rolling back to the old design. Like after the rollback update, we could see the dedicated section for … Read more

How To Stop Friends From Requesting Your Location On Snapchat: That’s Why Your Snapchat Request Location’s Greyed Out

How to disable location requests on Snapchat

Snapchat makes it possible to share your live location with your friends on an individual basis. Moreover, they also have an option to request the location of a friend. In case you request the location of a friend, they will receive a request in chat. If they accept your request, you will be able to … Read more

How To Mention Or Tag Someone In Your Snapchat Story: Watch Our Video!

mention someone in your snapchat story

Snapchat is a fun app and it’s full of various features. For example, Snapchat has group video calling and voice calling. Apart from that, the app has a feature allowing you to mention friends in a Snapchat story. Read our post to find out how to use it. Tag/Mention Someone In Your Snapchat Story Mentioning … Read more

How To Get Birthday Filter On Snapchat: Enable Birthday Cake Emoji And Birthday Filters

Enable Snapchat Birthday Filter and Emoji

Facebook sends you a notification to inform you of a friend’s birthday. Similar to that, there’s a setting on Snapchat by the name of Birthday Party which if turned on will help your friends on Snapchat to remember your birthday. Enabling it makes your zodiac sign emoji appear next to your username and it also … Read more