How to Increase Snapchat Score: Top 5 Tips

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Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t show the number of followers or friends on a profile. But they do have a Snapchat score. According to Snapchat, snap score is determined based on the number of snaps you have sent/received and snaps posted to your stories. But there are a few other factors affecting snap score as well. In order to make your account stand out or have some sort of authority, you might want to show off a high score.  After doing some tests, we came up with some best ways to increase Snapchat score.

How to View Snap score?

To view your score follow the steps below.

  • Open the Snapchat app and swipe down on the camera screen or tap on Bitmoji (if you use it) or the ghost icon (if you chose to remove your bitmoji) if you have linked one at the top left corner.
Find Your Snap score
  • Next to your username, you will see a number. It is nothing but your snap score.

To view someone else’s score you should have added each other as friends. If this condition is satisfied then proceed ahead.

  • Swipe down on the camera screen and select My Friends.
Find Others Snapchat Score
  • Tap on the desired friend’s name. A pop-up will appear with their details. You can find their snap score next to their username.

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So, now you got an idea what is snap score and how you can check it. Let us go ahead and look at the tips to increase it.

Tips to Increase Snapchat Score

Before starting please note that by snaps I mean photos and videos. You won’t get any change in snap score for exchanging text messages. At least that is what I experienced.

1. Post Stories

For every snap, you publish to your stories you get a point. So, start sending out more photos and videos to your stories but keep it interesting. I have seen users posting blank snaps which isn’t a good way to engage on social media just for getting points.

You won’t get any increase in snap score for opening and viewing your friend’s stories.

2. Send Snaps

To get more snap score send more snaps to your friends in chats privately. For every sent Snap, a point is added. I even observed an increase in the score while sending the same snap to multiple friends. This means that the score is counted on per friend basis.

So, send that snap to as many friends as you possibly can to get more points out of the same photo or video.

3. Open Received Snaps

To increase the rate of snaps you receive you will have to engage more. You can achieve this by regularly replying to other friend’s posts. This should get you more snaps from your friends in chats. But here’s the catch. Receiving them is not enough for the snap score to get a hike. You will have to open and view them.

For every opened snap you get a point. So, the next time you receive one don’t forget to open it.

4. Bonus Tip to Increase Your Score Fast

As I mentioned earlier in method 2 that sending the same snap to multiple friends contributes to your snap score. It is not possible to create a large number of snaps of your happenings in a small amount of time. But you would need them to give your score a real push. Therefore you will have to create some useless snaps to send.

So, I would recommend you to add celebrities who have a huge following as you can’t send meaningless snaps to your close friends consistently as doing this will throw them off and they might end up removing or even block you.

It is highly unlikely that celebrities will open your sent photos or videos. Which is why you can target them 😛

Send a plethora of snaps using this method and see your score rising.

5. Send Snaps to Team Snapchat

Every now and then you can share some love with Team Snapchat contact. Send them snaps and you can even add a good number of points in one snap. It is also observed that when you become inactive on Snapchat for a while and then send a snap to Team Snapchat they give a good rise to your snap score.

That’s all from my side. These were my findings after running a few tests and I am going to use a few tips to boost my Snapchat score. Which method are you going to use? Do you know any other hack to increase the score? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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