How to Get More Storage Space on Your Android Phone

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When you first got your Android device, storage was something you didn’t worry a lot about. After all, you just got your Android device, and you had plenty of room. So, you started installing all kinds of app and saved every single picture your friends sent.

In time, all those video and pictures you saved begun to give you problems. For example, your phone wasn’t as fast as it used to be and you didn’t have room for updates. It looks like it’s time to get rid of some of that junk you’ve gathered throughout the months and get more storage space on your Android Phone. Similar to this we shared a unique trick to increase storage on iPhone.

4 Amazing Tips to Get More Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Erase Pictures That Are Saved to Google Photos

Since your pictures are safe on Google Photos, there’s no need to have them on your phone taking up valuable space. Google Photos has a feature that allows you to erase any pictures or videos that are backed up automatically.

how to clear more storage space on android device

Click on the hamburger icon and tap on the option that says Free Up Space. The app will then search for backed up content on your phone and then tell you how many it found. That’s when you tap on the delete button and watch how you regain that storage.

Move Content To Your SD Card

If your one of the lucky Android users who’s phone has an SD card slot, then you should be taking advantage of it. If you think that your current SD card is not going to hold as much content as you would like it to, then buy one with a bigger capacity.

This is a great option if you don’t want to move your files to the cloud. Besides moving files such as pictures and videos, you can also move certain apps as well. Before you get too excited, some apps can’t be moved, but it’s worth a try.

If your Android phone is running on Marshmallow, you can format the SD card and make it your internal storage. Once you’ve done this, your SD card will now be the central storage area. The apps that can be moved to your new storage area will be moved.

A word of caution, since your SD card is now your main storage area you can’t move the SD card to another device. Well, you can, but you will need to re-format it again before you do so.

Clean Junk Files

If your Android device storage space running out, you can always look out for the junk files. Did you know that junk files can take up at least 1GB of your phone’s storage? That’s space you could be using for something a lot more important. This is when you install a system cleaning tool that will get rid of those junk files for you.

how to get more storage space on android phone

You can try using apps such as SD Maid or Clean Master. Over at Google Play, you will find a large variety of apps that can help you get your space back. If you see that the junk files are not taking up as much space as you thought, then you can try installing a storage analyzer app.

The app will analyze your storage and tell you what is taking up so much space. Hopefully, it’s not something you need and can’t erase. A storage analyzing app that I would recommend would be DiskUsage. It’s one of the best in its field, at least in my opinion.

See Which Apps Are Using Too Much Space

Speaking of apps, before you identify the ones that are taking up too much space you can get rid of the ones you don’t need anymore. Take a look at the apps you have and if you see that you haven’t used in quite some time or you can’t even remember when you installed them, it’s time to get rid of them.

So, you’ve gotten rid of those unwanted apps but it still hasn’t made much of a difference. To identify the storage hogging apps go to your phone’s settings -> Storage and then tap on Apps. Then tap on the menu button on the top right and select sort by size.


You’ll see how with these tips you finally going get more storage space on your Android phone. I’m not assuring that the amount of space saved will be massive but you will see a difference. Try to only have content or apps you need and get rid of anything that’s not necessary.

If you ever see that you do need an app, you can always re-install it at any time. How do you save storage on your Android device? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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