5 Of The Best Duplicate Photo Finder And Remover Apps For iPhone And Android

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These days everyone just loves to click photos with their smartphones. Also, much of the office work requires us to click and send photos or screenshots, which later on become useless. It might be numerous similar looking photos or blurred ones – to handpick them separately in order to delete them one by one, can be quite an ordeal. Also, they hog up a large space in your phone’s memory and can slacken off your phone’s performance to a great deal. Especially, if such photos are exceedingly large in number, then you definitely need an app to jettison them all at once, than to scroll through all such photos individually and tediously. Therefore, today we have come up with great duplicate photo remover apps that will help you to get rid of those purposeless photos and help you save space in your phone’s memory.

Top Duplicate Photo Remover Apps For Android And iPhone

1) Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos is a freemium app from MacPaw that aims to help iPhone users get rid of photo clutter in order to free up space.

Gemini’s software is very good at detecting duplicates – even the ones that you don’t realize are duplicates yourself. Plus, there’s no accidental deletion that could happen, as the app will simply highlight its suggestions of photos that you can safely delete. 

If you’re sure you want to keep them though, you can hide them from Gemini to prevent the app from flagging them as duplicates next time.

Price-wise, it’s rather hard to beat Gemini, thanks to its freemium model. You can try the app out for free for 3 days, after which you can choose between 4 different purchase options: free, $1.99/mo, $11.99/year, and $14.99 for a one-time fee. 

The free version obviously doesn’t have all the features as the paid version, but it’s a good start. Take note, the paid versions all have the same features, regardless of how much you pay for them.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Gemini Photos.

1. Upon downloading, click “Allow Access to All Photos” to get Gemini Photos started.

Allow Access to All Photos

2. Gemini will immediately scan your phone for all photos. It will categorize your photos into Similar, Duplicates, Videos, Screenshots, Notes, Blurred, and Other.

Gemini will immediately scan your phone for all photos

3. Click on the category that you want to browse through, such as Duplicates. The numbers to the bottom left of each photo will tell you how many duplicates there are.

Click on the category that you want to browse through, such as Duplicates.

4. Click Delete Duplicates and you’re done.

Click Delete Duplicates and you’re done.

Interested in Gemini Photos? Check it now out on MacPaw’s official website!

Link: Official Website

2) Duplicate Photos Fixer

It is an app available for free on the Android Play Store. This app lets you delete duplicate & similar photos with a simple procedure. It finds the duplicates very accurately. You can follow these easy steps to install and use the app.

  1. Download and install the app from the Play Store using the following link.
  2. When you open the app you will have options to choose if you want to scan all the images available on the phone memory or just the images of a particular folder or the images taken from your phone camera. Select whatever you prefer and tap on Scan For Duplicates. For this tutorial, I selected Full Scan.Find and delete duplicate photos on Android
  3. With this, the app will scan your phone for similar pictures and show you the same in a few seconds. The duplicate photos will be shown in groups. The app will select the photos to be deleted by default. However, you can uncheck the already selected photos if desired by tapping on them. It does not allow you to select all the images of the same group to prevent the loss of data. The size of the image is also shown which helps you decide which photo to keep and which one to delete. After making the selection, tap on the Trash icon at the bottom right.App to delete duplicate photos on Android
  4. Finally, Confirm Delete by tapping on OK.

Link: Play Store

3) Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

remo duplicate photos remover

Here is another duplicate photo finder app for both Android and iOS users. We found this app to be really fast with a very simple interface. However, we must say that the scanning time required for duplicate photos depends largely on the overall number of photos which your device is having. But even so, the app is very slick with its operations. We were pretty amazed at how fast this app performs. It sorts out the photos into two categories- the first one having all “exactly looking photos” and the second one which has “similar looking photos”( i.e. not exactly same photos). The app works great and is smooth with its functioning. Also, we can say that the user interface was very simple and a no-brainer to use.

Link: Android/iOS

4) Duplicate Photos Remover

duplicate photos remover

This is a yet another handy app designed for the purpose of duplicate photo deletion. A stunning feature of this cool app is that it provides three modes of scanning for duplicate and similar looking pictures. The first mode is the “Camera Images” in which only the pictures clicked by your camera will be checked for duplicity. The second mode is the standard “Full Scan” in which the entire gallery will be searched for duplicate photos. And then it has got the much needed “Select Folder” mode which watches out for duplicate pictures only in the selected folder, thereby making the whole operation very “to-the-point” and timesaving as well. This, for sure, makes the app stand out in the most noticeable manner. We have to tell you that even the “Full Scan” did not take too much of time, hence testifying for the stunning speed of this app.

After selecting the targeted pictures, we were really amazed at the rate this app carried out its operations. This was much better than other apps. Moreover, it supports external memory too, in case you use a memory card. You can go for this app for its selective approach to picture scanning, its snappy operations, and simple interface.

Link: Play Store

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5) Duplicates Remover

duplicates remover

This app made a cut to this list because of its very small file size. With only a few MBs in size, you just can’t ignore this one. We truly loved how it came up with duplicate photos and similar looking photos separately after the scan in a very small duration. To offer such feature-rich functionality at only a mere size of 2 MB is rather stunning. It will take a very inconsiderable space in your RAM but definitely save you a thousand time more space in your phone’s gallery. You can go for this app if you are running short of your phone’s RAM. With its ultra plain and simple interface, along with its minimalistic and basic approach, this app offers you the fundamental experience of a duplicate photo remover app. You can easily get it at Play Store.

Link: Play Store


Now, having presented before you a list of the best duplicate photo finder and remover apps, we expect that you can easily find which one works best for you. We quite liked the Duplicate Photos Remover app due to its selective approach to scanning photos to save time. It can single out a particular folder to scan only that folder, rather than looking through the complete photo gallery in your system. Also, we found it to be unbelievingly fast.

Having said that, you must check yourself from the list which app best suits your needs in order to get rid of good-for-nothing duplicate pictures on your phone.

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