Babble vs Rosetta Stone: Choose the Best Language Learning App

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With a sudden upsurge in the number of people interested in learning new languages, language learning apps are being churned out in a great count. Two of the biggest players in this domain are Babble and Rosetta Stone. Both have a countless number of users to testify in favor of their grandiosity. Today I am going to pit these two biggies against each other and provide you a detailed Babble vs Rosetta Stone comparison to help you come to a decision regarding which one best fits the bill for you.


After opening the app, I was amazed at the high number of languages which this app can teach us! I went for learning Italian. Then it asked me my age in order to customize the lessons accordingly. After that, it enquired about my reason for learning the language which included various categories like Travel, School, Work, etc. amongst many others.


One noteworthy feature of Babbel is that you can choose to learn the language either as a Beginner or as an Advanced based on how proficient you are in that language. I obviously chose the Beginner’s level.

It starts off with the very basic words and greetings of daily usage like Hello, Thank you, Good morning etc. Also, it gives the correct pronunciation of the word very lucidly. The language learning exercises it offers are very diverse and different to one another. Point in case, it has many engaging exercises like matching the correct items, choose the right option and many more. The duration of the lessons provided by Babble is really very short which can fit easily into your schedule.

At the end of the session, it shows your scoreboard based on the number of correct answers attempted by you. This is really important for any learner as this enables one to monitor their progress.

After registering with the app, one more added feature of learning the language with speech recognition was introduced. The first few lessons were downloadable for free but the later ones were paid.

Rosetta Stone

I have to say that Rosetta, for sure, offers a much more extended list of languages available for learning. The learning exercises rely too much heavily on pictures. The “speech recognition technology” feature is something to talk about! Actually, this feature gives you an instantaneous feedback right away at your pronunciation.

rosetta stone

The chapters are smartly arranged in the form of various units. They all are covering very basic and different real-life applications like Greetings, Work & School, Shopping, Travel, Dining, Profession, Arts, etc. Also, this apps works only on landscape mode.

To further drive into the learning, you will have to go for paid version which is exorbitantly high priced.

Babble VS Rosetta Stone: Pros & Cons

Babble Pros against Rosetta:

  1. A wonderfully designed bottom-up approach to make you progress in the most effective manner.
  2. It does not rely exclusively on word/picture matching exercises and offers mixed exercises of different kinds. This makes sure you don’t get bored.
  3. You can select courses depending on your level of ease with the language as either beginner or advanced.

Rosetta Pros against Babble:

  1. Excellent voice support feature which emphasizes the correct pronunciation efficiently.
  2. The number of languages available is really high at 25. Babble surely stands nowhere with just 14 languages to teach.
  3. The interface is very high quality and regal looking which is quite engrossing.
  4. A more personalized and customized experience because of the personal tutoring facility. You will have to go for the paid version for that.


Though both the apps are wonderful tools for language learning, yet I have to say that I liked Babble more as the cost of the packages is much more affordable and economical as compared to the paid features of Rosetta. To me cost really matters, goading me to go for Babble if only I have to opt for the paid version of either of these.

Also, in Babble, you can choose your proficiency level right at the very beginning. The lessons will be customized according to that.

But I must tell you that these are my personal views. As it is said,” Each one to his own”, therefore I strongly advise you to first go for their free trial by installing their apps and then select the most relevant app for you, all by yourself. That is the reason I have covered the positive points of both the apps against each other.

Speaking of the content quality, both are amazingly excellent and you can rest assured about that.

So, do let me know which one you are going for by typing in the comments section below.

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Peeyush Bhatt

A decent and fun loving person with a keen interest in waking up early, but find it extremely hard. Also, I like deep breathing. It really helps.

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