Xbox One X Vs PlayStation 4 Pro: Which One Is Better?

Android vs iOS, Messy vs Ronaldo, Windows vs Mac, Marvel vs DC, Xbox vs PlayStation, some comparisons just never ends. Let’s try to simplify one of these by comparing the current best gaming consoles; PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. There is no doubt they both are at the top and have their own following … Read more

Lightroom Vs Photoshop: Which Tool To Use First?

Lightroom vs Photoshop

When I first started photo editing, I got confused which one to choose between Lightroom and Photoshop. Both of them are the top products by Adobe. They both are literally the best image editing software out there. But for any beginner who has no experience or a mentor in these editing tools, it can be a … Read more

Facebook vs Facebook Lite: Which One To Use?

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

A while ago, Facebook introduced a new messaging app called Facebook Lite which is specifically designed for those users who face Internet connection issues. The main idea of the new app and the old one is still the same and they share similar functionality. For example, you can ignore and unignore messages in both of … Read more

Saavn Vs Gaana: Which One Is The Best Music Streaming App?

Saavn vs Gaana Comparison

These days everyone prefers listening to music online because of better and cheap internet connectivity. There are a lot of apps available on every Operating system for streaming online like Saavn, Gaana, Wynk, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and more. Apple does not let you play using until you have paid for the service whereas … Read more

Difference Between YouTube And YouTube Go: Which One Is Better?

YouTube Go vs YouTube

There is no denying the fact that YouTube is the leading platform today. I haven’t specified what kind of platform because it is so versatile. Anyone can shoot any kind of videos and upload them on this huge platform. Of course, you have to follow YouTube policies and guidelines but you get my point. But still, … Read more

LastPass Vs 1Password: Best And Safest Password Manager

LastPass vs 1Password

Almost everything you do online requires a password for initializing. All apps and websites at some point in time require you to keep a password so that your data is secured and only you can access it whenever you want. We all avoid keeping the same password for all the platforms because that’s a risky business but … Read more

Babble vs Rosetta Stone: Choose the Best Language Learning App

babble vs rosetta stone - language learning apps

With a sudden upsurge in the number of people interested in learning new languages, language learning apps are being churned out in a great count. Two of the biggest players in this domain are Babble and Rosetta Stone. Both have a countless number of users to testify in favor of their grandiosity. Today I am … Read more

MyFitnessPal vs Lose It: A Detailed Comparison of Calorie Counter Apps

myfitnesspal vs lose it

Lose it! and MyFitnessPal, both are two big stalwarts in the domain of calorie counter apps. Though both Play Store and App Store abound in such fitness watcher apps, yet these two apps are certainly domineering the scene in terms of huge followers which they boast of! Today I am going to make MyFitnessPal vs … Read more

Turo vs Getaround: Comparison of Best Car Rental Apps

turo vs getaround apps comparison

Everything we see around us is getting digital. From matchmaking to groceries, almost everything we need could be done via apps. Car rental business is no different. Online car rentals are rapidly replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar shops that once claimed a monopoly over the rental business. In fact, the customer response has been so great … Read more