LastPass Vs 1Password: Best And Safest Password Manager

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Almost everything you do online requires a password for initializing. All apps and websites at some point in time require you to keep a password so that your data is secured and only you can access it whenever you want. We all avoid keeping the same password for all the platforms because that’s a risky business but forgetting some of the passwords is obviously riskier one. LastPass and 1Password  are the most popular apps to store and protect all your passwords at 1 place. Today, we’ll provide a LastPass vs 1Password comparison to help you decide which is the top password manager app for Android, iOS or Windows.

LastPass Vs 1Password

Before comparing these apps, let’s have an overview of each.


It is a premium app initially available for 30 days free trial. After a sign up through your email account, this app lets you keep all your accounts details here. Details of not just web accounts and apps but also bank account, credit card, driver license, passport etc. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows too. All your data is saved on your device itself and only copied on cloud when you wish to sync passwords with any other device.


LastPass like 1Password is a useful password manager and it is protected with a master password like 1Password. But it does not store your account details on the local device, instead, it stores them in its remote server. Of course, that is encrypted safely. Apart from the premium version, you can switch to the free version once you complete 30 days trial of the premium version.

LastPass Vs 1Password Comparison

So, we have discussed the basics of both the apps, Now let us compare them thoroughly and see who deserves to be on top of the other.

User Base And Ratings

Currently, i.e in April 2018, both the apps have more than one million downloads on Play Store. But if we talk about the ratings, LastPass is rated 4.6, which is little higher than 4.2 ratings of 1Password. On iTunes too, LastPass is leading currently.

Winner – LastPass


Both the apps can be secured by a master password along with fingerprint sensor. But 1Password has an additional security feature i.e Secret Key. 

Secret Key is made up of 34 letters and words which is stored in just your device. You can access the app with the combination of Mater Password and Secret Key, but you don’t have to remember it. It is just to make sure that no one can access your 1Password data anywhere because the Secret Key is just stored on your phone, not even on 1Password’s server.

Give it to – 1Password

Supported Devices

Both the apps support almost all the platforms and websites. LastPass, as well as 1Password, can be installed on Android, macOS, iOS and Windows.

They both support all the websites like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, WordPress, Twitter etc. You just have to enter the details in the app and whenever you try to log in to these sites the saved username and password will pop up.

Supported devices - LastPass vs 1password - Password manager apps

It’s a draw.


Both the apps have the 30 days free trial for the premium version initially.  1Password is completely paid after that with $2.99 per month.

LastPass also has a free version if you do not wish to continue with the premium one. Also, the premium version is just $2 per month, of course with more features than the free version like 1 GB encrypted file storage, tech support, emergency access of the people you trust etc.

LastPass wins here.

Supported File Types

On both the apps you have the option to upload all your important information like bank account details, credit card, database, driver license, email accounts, ID cards, logins, membership details, passport, passwords, notes, server details, social security number, software license and Wi-fi information.

But LastPass has a slight edge over 1Password. You can attach a picture or recorded audio with the information you upload on LastPass.

Supported files - best password managers Comparison

So, we have to give it to LastPass.

Additional Features

If we look at additional features, both the apps have the option to disable the ability to take a screenshot inside the app.

LastPass has an inbuilt browser and also option to give emergency access to your friends. I did not find these features on 1Password.

Additional features of LastPass - Best password manager apps

Choosing the look of the app, I liked the interface of 1Password more.

Winner – LastPass

Final Verdict

More or less, both the apps offer the same thing and if you choose one, you are not losing much of another one.  Both the apps are capable of keeping the data encrypted and very safe. Still, I think that LastPass has a little advantage over 1Password because of some of its additional features. Also, if you are not a heavy user and do not want to pay for an app just to keep your passwords then LastPass is suited for you.

So, these were the 2 best password manager apps compared to make your decision easy. If you are using any different app or have an opinion about any of these, then tell us in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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