7 Best Spam Blocker Android Apps

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a social or an asocial person on the internet, the likelihood of you being annoyed with any kind of spam will always remain high. Spams come in different forms – they could be in your email, Facebook inbox, push alert notifications, advertisements or it could be just any spammer calling or texting you. Rest assured, there is really an app for everything. So in this article, I have listed the 5 Best Apps to block Spam on your Android smartphone.

Best Spam Fighting Apps

1) Truecaller

best spam blocker Android apps - truecaller

Unwanted calls and messages are probably one of the worst things about technology. It is deeply frustrating and can exhaust you out too if you do not have an idea to deal with these situations properly. Truecaller is an application made for blocking unwanted calls as well as texts. All you have to do is install it, and it will then allow you to manually block any caller that you want. You can create your own block list, and unblock them later if you wish.

An amazing feature that makes this application worth it is the fact that it has its very own database of numbers. Once a person calls you, it begins to automatically search for the person or business that the number belongs to, and shows you the name if it belongs in the database. This way nobody can lie about their identity to you. It will also tell you which country or state the call is coming from and also save your history with the number, so in case you forget you’ll have a timeline showing you your activity with the suspicious number before. It will also block telemarketers and all types of spam messages, you can check all updated activity in the notification log.

2) Hookt

best spam blocker Android apps - hookt

AirG has come up with an app that does not let you become a spam victim due to your information that may be publically available. It gives its users a chance to talk to real people instead of fake ones that are not surprisingly very common. This application allows you to block any contact at any given time. Hookt tries to give its users a space where they can share their media and communicate with no worries because it gives very special attention towards the security of the private data of the individuals. Hookt is developed by AirG Company and have consecutive positive review by its users.

3) Mailwasher

best spam blocker Android apps - mailwasher

An abundance of spam emails can be found in almost all spam folders on different email platforms. The odds of you not receiving a spam filled email are probably non-existent. However, Mailwasher is a spectacular application for ‘washing’ out spam mail. It not only detects suspicious spam emails but also allows you to view your emails on the server, this helps you to delete the spam emails before even downloading them on your computer.

Once the spam mails have been removed, you can then download the fresh important mails to your computer. In this way, your computer does not come in contact with any nasty harmful spam emails. Other than this, you can create a friend list of emails which will automatically hide your friend’s emails so that you can see the spam clearly. To give the spammers a taste of their own medicine you can ‘bounce’ back the spam mail which will make the sender think that this email address is no longer valid. 

4) Hiya


Hiya is a free spam blocker app which contains no ads. Isn’t that great? This app supports caller Id by which you can easily identify the person who is calling you. Rest depends on you if you want to pick that call or not. It also offers SMS caller Id which works the same way as caller Id works for calls.

Users can also block unnecessary contacts which automatically blocks all incoming calls and texts from them. It will also notify you about spam calls every time you receive one, via popup.

And you can also search numbers of any business if you don’t have their number. The app is available for Android as well as for iPhone.

5) Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

best spam blocker Android apps - avast
Avast Mobile Security

With the added benefit of an antivirus, Avast secures your tablet or phone from unwanted privacy phishing, spyware, and infected files. It includes a malware scanner in which you can schedule scans accordingly and your device will be fully scanned for any suspicious content.

It includes security tools such as Call Blocker and App locking which makes this application a complete package. Not only does it check files, but also threats to your device which might come from Wi-Fi connections or system vulnerabilities. If you want an all-in-one app, this one’s it.

6) Whoscall


There are many apps available on play store which supports Caller Ids but they all need internet connectivity. This is where Whoscall comes into the picture.

This app lets you detect caller’s identity even when you don’t have an internet connection. What’s better than an offline caller id right?

Apart from caller Id, it also lets you add unwanted contacts to the blacklist. You won’t be disturbed by spam calls and text messages. Users can even easily search unknown numbers in WhosCall databases.

7) CallApp Called ID, Blocker & Phone call Recorder

CallApp spam blocker app android

This app is a complete calling package. It has all the features like other spam blocker apps.

  • It supports caller id.
  • You can look up for unknown numbers.
  • Blacklist.

Apart from these features, it is also a dialer app. That means you can use this app as a dialer. It will manage your contacts and call logs. Additional it also supports automatic call recording which might come in handy anytime.

I hope you liked these best spam blocker Android apps listed above and these met your need to block spam. You can share any good spam blocker app you came across.


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