Facebook vs Facebook Lite: Which One To Use?

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A while ago, Facebook introduced a new messaging app called Facebook Lite which is specifically designed for those users who face Internet connection issues. The main idea of the new app and the old one is still the same and they share similar functionality. For example, you can ignore and unignore messages in both of them, and similarly, getting into Facebook Jail would prevent you from using either of the apps.

This raises a question that what are the differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

Sit back and find out which one you should use in this Facebook vs Facebook Lite comparison.

What Is The Difference Between Facebook & Facebook Lite?

1. Size

This is the obvious one. Users can download Facebook Lite for only 1.41 MB, therefore, covering a lesser part of your storage space whereas Facebook app varies accordingly with every device. For my device, it requires 71 MB of space.

Winner – Facebook Lite

2. Memory

Memory - Facebook

Not only the storage space, these apps both differ vastly in terms of total memory consumption including app size, user data, and cache memory. I tried both of these apps to show you the space they cover after a fresh start.

Facebook app covered 276 MB while Facebook Lite only covered about 14.5 MB.

Keep in mind that this size will increase along with the usage of both of these apps. Still, Facebook Lite’s memory consumption comes nowhere near to that of the Facebook app.

Coming to RAM usage, the Facebook app will occupy more of the RAM to operate because of its many features and huge app size.

Winner – Facebook Lite

3. Interface

Interface - Facebook Lite

When it comes to the better user Interface, Facebook definitely has the upper hand. Toggling among Notifications, Friends, Feeds, Profile, and Watchlist are really smooth and easy. Whereas in Facebook Lite, you may observe and experience slow loading time it takes to switch among all these components.

Even scrolling down or up and watching other posts such as images, videos, GIFs, status updates, check-ins, and many more is comparatively a lot better in Facebook than Facebook Lite. But all these features only work best when connected to a stable internet connection.

Winner – Facebook

4. Messenger

When using the Facebook app, you won’t be able to access messages and chat. For that purpose, you will need to install the Facebook Messenger app separately. Then only, you will be able to see your messages and see who others are online.

But you won’t be needing any app for accessing chats on Facebook Lite. This is personally the best feature on the Lite version according to me. No chat heads, no extra app, just tap on the messenger tab in the app and that’s it.

Winner – Facebook Lite

5. New Posts

Facebook Lite - New Post

The winner in this particular difference between Facebook & Facebook Lite totally depends on the user’s perspective. The Facebook app automatically refreshes the news feed with the latest posts whereas Facebook Lite provides an option to the users if they want to see the latest posts by tapping on the new post button.

For me, I don’t like constant refreshing of the feeds as it completely reloads the page which sometimes results in missing some of the older posts which I was looking for.

Winner – Facebook Lite

6. Watch

Facebook - Watch

This is a new feature recently introduced in the Facebook app. In this section, you can watch all the videos and clips uploaded by your friends and all the pages that you have liked.

There is no such feature yet available on Lite version. Although, you will still be able to watch all those videos in the feeds section. But no separate tab for that.

Winner – Facebook

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7. Data

Another obvious one. Facebook Lite was basically designed for those users who do not want to spend most of their data scrolling down to the Facebook wormhole. In Facebook Lite, videos don’t play automatically, instead, you will have to tap on the video in order to watch them. Although this setting can also be applied in the Facebook app also.

The Facebook Lite version will still work even when you are facing poor Internet connectivity. And good luck using Facebook with a slow Internet connection.

Winner – Facebook Lite

8. Quality

Quality - Facebook vs Facebook Lite

Coming to the quality of the images, Facebook Lite comes nowhere near the main app. Facebook displays the images in the best high definition quality as possible therefore increasing the loading time.

Winner – Facebook

9. Battery

Because of the bigger app size, more features, and high-quality images, the Facebook app drains the battery much faster than the Lite version.

Winner – Facebook Lite

10. Extra Features

The Lite version misses some features.

For example, in the regular Messenger, you can share your location with others and it allows them to track you. You can also create a room to have a video chat with someone.

Winner – Facebook

Facebook Vs Facebook Lite Verdict

After going through all these differences, it is quite obvious that Facebook Lite performs better than the Facebook app. But choosing one is dependent on what your requirements are.

If you are facing Internet connection issues then by no means, use Facebook Lite. But if you are a user like me who just do not want to compromise on the image’s quality then Facebook is the better option.

However, keep in mind that both of them can be spied on using spy apps (learn more about one of such apps, mSpy).

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