7 Of The Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Heart

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Smartphones have made our life so easy in many aspects. Connecting to our loved ones, capturing moments, even helping us to keep track of our health and fitness.

Nowadays smartphones allow us to keep a check on our activities and our body.

Similarly, Heart rate monitor apps for Android and iPhone will let you have a check on your heart rate to ensure you are well. Monitoring heart rate on regular basis helps in keeping track of our body conditions.

Our heart beats every second of the day and keeps us energizing throughout the day. Sometimes while running, exercising, doing some heavy activity or not being well our heart beats fast or slow depending on the activities.

With these best heart rate monitor apps, you can see how your heart rate is to make sure that everything is normal.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps For Android And iPhone

1. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

Accurate Heart Rate Monitor - best heart rate monitor apps

Monitoring heart rate with apps is really easy, like in this one. Once the app is installed, all you have to do is give it the required permission that it asks. Then to check your heart rate just keep your index finger on the camera of the device. The flash will lighten up and then the app will track your blood flow from the camera.

It’s quick but if you want you can change the measuring time for more accurate results. You can save the rate of your pulse and also check the stats of your previous made records. If you have Google Fit then this app can also be connected to share the stats of your heart.

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2. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate - heart ryhtm monitor apps

The way of measuring and saving the heart rate data is similar to the above app by keeping a finger on the camera of your device. But here you have to tap the measure button before doing so. What it has extra is that you can also keep track of your workouts, food habits and look for healthy recipes. And it can also be connected to Google Fit to sync the data more efficiently.

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3. Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter

One of the best heart rhythm monitor app for iPhone and Android. The method of measuring the pulse is similar to rest of the above apps, but it also has some more ways to do so. If you have any sensor in your device for tracking the pulse, you can use that from this app itself. You can measure the pulse by tapping start and keep your finger on the camera or the sensors. Not only the back camera, front too.

Though from the front, the result is not always accurate and is hard to position the finger correctly sometimes. The results will be shown in a colored indicator so that you can easily distinguish if it is good or bad. You can save your pulse data and add the activity you were doing at that time to have more detailed records. You can add multiple profiles to keep the heart rate data of more than one person.

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4. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Runtastic Heart Monitor - blood pressure app for android iphone

Unlike the above apps, in this one, you not only have to keep your finger on your camera buy also cover the flash to have more accurate and instant heart rate measurements. You will get a tutorial on how to do that at the starting of the app. It also allows saving the measurements with the kind of activity and mood you are having which can later be checked in history. These measurements can be shared with friends via multiple social media platforms.

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5. Heart Rate Monitor – Measure Your Heartbeat

Heart Rate Monitor - Measure Your Heartbeat

Another instant heart rate app that you can download for free. Just like every other app you can measure your heart rate but with much better data representation. Once the scanning is done, you can add notes and mood to the result and save it. You can check all the previous history of the heart rate measured. This app will also show a graphical representation of your pulse rate which you can check as per day or month.
It will let you see how frequently you heart rate differs for the desired period so you can work accordingly to keep it in control.
One amazing thing that I found out while using this app, for making it more easy to use, the app orients to any position of your devices. Whether portrait, landscape or upside down.

6. iHeart Rate Pulse Tracker

iHeart Rate Pulse Tracker - heart rate app accurate

The perfect alternative for the Cardiograph heart rate monitor app for iPhone users. The way of measuring and all the details that you can input is similar to Cardiograph. Here you will also get color based meter making it easy to see whether the heartbeat is average, high or low. You can save the output of your heart rate and see every other measurement made in the history. The data can also be shared via various social media and messaging platforms.

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7. Cardiac Diagnosis

Cardiac diagnosis

This app will show your heart rate in a mountain graph and with some diagnosis below. It shows Arrhythmia, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Condition with their status. You can figure out if your heart rate is up to the mark by looking at them. We cannot guarantee that it is true for all those, but the heart rate measurement is fair.

Apart from this it also has the option to measure the heart beat more precisely. This app works as a continuous heart rate monitor app and measures the heart rate in real time. You can use this feature by reward points. To get reward points you can watch videos and ads as guided in the app. Like every other app, it can also save the data of your heart rate which you can check later to analyze the progress.

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Whether you call them heart rhythm monitor apps or instant heart rate apps, they all are same. You can use them on your smartphone or along with your smartwatch.

The main thing is that they help you to keep a check on your heart beats and the flow of blood in your body. All these apps provide almost exact measurements for the heart rates and its stats. You can use these to have a note of your heart in various conditions and activities.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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