How to Share Instagram Photos or Videos on WhatsApp Status or With Contacts

Instagram being the most popular photo sharing app has plenty of interesting content shared on it every single day. And if you use other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp then why not give it more eye balls by sharing it there. For Facebook, we have already mentioned how you can share your own Instagram posts or someone else’s photos or videos on Facebook. If you wish to share Instagram photos or videos on WhatsApp Status or with individual contacts then you can follow this tutorial to do that on Android and iPhone/iPad.

Because of the fact that Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook, there has been a lot of integration done between the two apps. Stories like status on WhatsApp was mirrored from Instagram stories. To bring the two apps even closer, the Instagram app supports WhatsApp sharing. Here’s how.

Share Instagram Photos or Videos on WhatsApp

Currently, Instagram on Android allows you to do it directly so you don’t need any third party app. iOS users can skip to the iPhone method later in this article which requires a bit more work.


1. Launch the Instagram app and go the desired post you wish to share on WhatsApp.

2. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the photo or video and select Share on WhatsApp.

Share Videos from Instagram to WhatsApp status or Contacts on Android

3. WhatsApp will open and now you can select My status to post it as your WhatsApp Story. Or select the desired contacts/groups to send it to them in chat.

Before sending the Instagram photos you can add caption, text, draw if desired as you would do while sending other images.

Apart from WhatsApp, you will also find an option to share on Facebook Messenger(only for photos) as well. The Messenger sharing feature is also there on iOS app for both photos and videos.

The photos from Instagram are shared to WhatsApp similar to other photos so you don’t have to go away from WhatsApp to view them. But for videos only the link is shared, the users will still have to navigate to Instagram to view the actual video.

To overcome this, you can download the video and then send it on WhatsApp.

Send Videos From Instagram on WhatsApp Status or Contacts

  • Install Easy Downloader for Instagram app. I recommend you to use the following link to go to the correct app on the Play Store.
  • After installing the app all you need is the link to the Instagram video. For that, open the Easy Downloader app and tap on the Instagram icon at the top.

Send Videos from Instagram to WhatsApp

  • This will take you to the Instagram app where you can tap on the 3 dots menu at the top right of the desired video and select Copy Share URL.

That’s all you need to do. Easy Downloader app will take care of the rest. Bring up the notification tray and you will see the Instagram video downloading. Once it is downloaded it should be a piece of cake for you now to send the video or photo from Gallery to your WhatsApp Status or contacts.


For iOS, currently there is no Share to WhatsApp option but that doesn’t mean it is not possible. You will need to download the photo or video from Instagram and then send it on WhatsApp. There are many third party apps available on the App Store but most of them either require coins or are paid. However, I found one that is absolutely free of cost and works like a charm.

  • Download Regrammer from the App Store.
  • Next, open Instagram app and tap on the 3 dots above the desired photo or video and select Copy Link.

Share Instagram videos on WhatsApp Status

  • Now, launch Regrammer app and the copied link will be pasted automatically into the text field from the clipboard. Tap on Preview.
  • The app will fetch the photo or video from Instagram. Tap on Share icon just below where the post is loaded and select Save Video or Save Image.

Share Instagram photos or videos on WhatsApp from iPhone

The Instagram photo or video will be saved to the Camera Roll.  You can now easily send the Instagram post on WhatsApp.

We hope that you were able to share Instagram photos or videos on WhatsApp status or with contacts. If you face any issues then feel free to drop a comment below.

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